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COTW – The joy of meat.

Comment of the week comes from regular contributor Brandon on the Hawt chicks & links thread:

In the wake of Mad Cows Desease scare and under the influence of a testosterone inducing hunt-sabbing vegetarian girl friend (oh the wonders of undoing a hippie girls Doc Martin boots in hurry) I decided to give up meat (I kept fish obviously) no ideology, no lecturers, just stopped. Fast forward 25 years: My wife of 9 years, works her way through a chicken a week. She was delighted two years ago, when I said I was going to eat meat again. If I’d known about Soy I might have moved quicker. I intuitively knew abstaining from red meat might be linked to passivity. I now enjoy a well done steak when I’m not fasting. I can not see the point of eating steak unless it maximises my hegemonic masculinity!

If I was a young man dating, (and I’m thankful that I am not), then a girl being vegetarian would be an automatic negative and worthy of a swipe in whatever direction that keeps your search moving. I wouldn’t care if she was the hawttest chick of all time; if you’re a vegetarian then you have serious issues that you still need to work through, at best. The more likely diagnosis is that you are criminally insane.

But a woman who tucks in to an entire chicken a week? That’s a very good sign. When I first met my wife she would eat all of her veggies first and then push the meat around the plate. But it didn’t take me long to get her to reverse that order. No lectures or discussions of any kind. Just a constant stream of wonderfully cooked and delicious dishes of meat.

Earlier this week my next door neighbor knocked on my door and inquired if I was interested in going for a trip to a local farm with him. The farmers had slaughtered a couple of cows and 175 euros would get you a 15kg tray of various delights. I wasn’t able to make the journey with him but I handed over the cash without hesitation and told him to pick up one of the trays for me.

It turns out that 15kg is rather a lot of meat. There were all kinds of cuts, roasts, and other preparations such as mince. The cows are grass fed and looked after extremely well. It came already frozen so I redistributed the freezer, (I threw out everything except a single tray of ice.)

Yesterday the good wife and I spent the day far away from home looking at houses to buy. On the way out the door I grabbed what I thought were two fillets and put them in the sink so they would be defrosted and ready to cook when we got home later that afternoon. But in my haste I grabbed a couple of rump steaks by mistake. Now, rump is good for stews and that is about it, but I was pretty worn out by the time we arrived back home and I didn’t have the energy to spend a couple of hours making a stew.

But the meat looked amazing. So fresh and clean with a wonderful rich burgundy color to it. So I made a snap decision and decided to sear both pieces as I would a fillet. I salted and lightly brushed oil over the steaks and then they went straight onto my hot griddle pan. 2 minutes on each side, then flip them every 15 seconds for another few minutes. Cover with foil and rest for 10 minutes, and then on the plate with a drizzle of top quality balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Fillet steaks they most certainly were not.

But they were close. My Lord, were they close. The fat on a piece of rump is wonderful cooked in a stew and perfectly inedible otherwise. But this fat melted in the mouth like fairy floss from a Christmas market. Absolutely stupendous.

My neighbor said that he expected the 15kg to last them for 6 months. I doubt that there will be any left after 6 weeks in our house. 6 weeks of Lent? How about 6 weeks of meat?

All hail the steak, and all hail the best quality that you can get. And all hail a good wife who finishes before you and asks if there is any more.


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  1. Adam T

    But, the global warming and the cancer and the patriarchy! You’ll doom us all!

  2. MPH

    More anecdotal evidence that it wasn’t women who got humans to the top of the food chain… It was men – and alpha men at that.

    • Except in Canada where the Grizzly Bear is at the top of the food chain. Woe betide any cyclist out for a ride on a mountain road right after ice out. The game wardens refer to these idiots as “meals on wheels” for the local bruins.

  3. I picked up an electric pressure cooker. A few vegetables, some spices, a quick saute in the bottom of the cooker pan (all part of the controls) and then 20 to 30 minutes later I have a fully cooked roast. Instant Pot is the brand that I picked up (for $US80 here in the USofA) if I can mention them, although there are many other brands. This one cam highly recommended to me and so far I love it.

  4. JohnR

    “The cows are grain fed” is not a good sign. Cows were never meant to be fed on grains.
    Grain is not natural for cows:

    ” Left to their own devices, cows would never consume corn and soybeans— their natural diet is grasses and other forage— but that is exactly what they are fed on industrial farms. The lectins in corn and soy are far more effective than grass in making the cow heavier and giving them more fat. Both soy and corn are laden with lectins foreign to cows, causing them to develop such severe heartburn and pain in swallowing that they actually stop eating. Yes, cows develop heartburn. To keep their beasts eating more of this fattening food, farmers dose them with calcium carbonate, the active ingredient in Tums.

    In fact, half of the world’s production of this compound is added to cattle feed to stop the heartburn, ensuring that cows continue to eat their unnatural diet of corn and soybeans.

    Gundry M.D., Steven R.. The Plant Paradox”

    Okay. It makes Rump steak seem more tender, but that’s just a higher marbled fat content. Americans love it. It’s all they get to buy. But in Australia and Europe, you can buy the real thing.

    A good cut of “boeuf nourri de vraie herbe” or even “rundvlees gevoed met echt gras” is what you want.

    Not only will it taste good, but it will be good.

    Smakelijk eetlust

    • Adam

      John, after writing your comment, which is entirely correct, you’re going to hate me – they were actually grass fed. I don’t know why I wrote grain. But I do have a nasty head cold and a case of the irritables so that may have something to do with it.

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