Podcast #69 – The connection episode.

The one where I discuss the importance of social connections and a sense of place.

Also, I mock Star Wars fans and their belated realisation that their beloved series legacy has been trashed. You got the movie that you deserve.

5 thoughts on “Podcast #69 – The connection episode.

  1. Star Wars: #1 and #3 were great
    Jar Jar Binks ruined the entire franchise.

    Rouge One is THE BEST Star Wars because Lucas didn’t touch it.

    CGI generally ruins movies because directors rely on trying to dazzle viewers instead of having a better story.


  2. David Moore

    Some of the Jordan Peterson deconstructions of stories really applies to what they have done with Star Wars, no one gives a crap about a ‘hero’ who has had no struggle. All these SJW types are never shown to be weak or flawed in any way, they just win. Where is the interest in that?!

    Star Wars is now beyond saving, it just needs to be taken out back and shot.


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  4. TechieDude

    Star Wars was pretty much ruined before Disney got hold of it.

    Two things strike me about the movie/TV business. First, can anyone come up with decent stories anymore? They make one good movie, then franchise the shit out of it. Do we really need a dozen iterations of avengers and star wars? There are very few original, decent movies that are worth an iTunes or Amazon purchase, let alone suffering in a theater.

    Second, I’m sick to death of “The Narrative”. It infects everything in the entertainment business. White males (who in the real world are mostly the doers) are seen as villains, or idiots. Every other color of the rainbow are the heroes. I’m sorry, the spin-kick-chick-hero would get mauled by nearly any male.

    My wife and Daughter are into those crime shows – NCIS, Criminal minds. I’m sorry, the geek heroes aren’t quirky white chicks. They are nearly always male, white, Asian, or Indian. And each criminal scenario is a current “Narrative” – In one week of them watching I saw – Hayseed white inbred dude killing, campus rape silliness, parents trying to fix their gay kids. I’m sure a tranny was in there. I have no attention span for it. Basically, If I see a faulty premise, I wander.


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