It’s the end of the year and none of us have got nothing. Double negative, bitches. I haven’t done any reading this week and I don’t have any links. All I have is a Darth Vadar recruitment poster. Did you all know that vader is Dutch for father? He was one subtle dude that George Lucas.

This week I’ve been to numerous family gatherings and sociable occasions where I did my best to come off as worldly and wise but probably just came off as surly and opinionated. So, no difference there.

Without links what can this possibly be? Why would you have any reason to click below the line? Because, dear readers, I have decided to dedicate this edition to the best of the hawt chicks of this year, in my own very humble opinion. So in no particularly order, I give you the best hawt chicks of the Friday hawt chicks & links for 2017. Yeah, baby. You know you want it.

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