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Friday links & hawt chicks – The hawt chicks edition.


It’s the end of the year and none of us have got nothing. Double negative, bitches. I haven’t done any reading this week and I don’t have any links. All I have is a Darth Vadar recruitment poster. Did you all know that vader is Dutch for father? He was one subtle dude that George Lucas.

This week I’ve been to numerous family gatherings and sociable occasions where I did my best to come off as worldly and wise but probably just came off as surly and opinionated. So, no difference there.

Without links what can this possibly be? Why would you have any reason to click below the line? Because, dear readers, I have decided to dedicate this edition to the best of the hawt chicks of this year, in my own very humble opinion. So in no particularly order, I give you the best hawt chicks of the Friday hawt chicks & links for 2017. Yeah, baby. You know you want it.


Podcast #69 – The connection episode.


I have never liked New Year’s Eve.


  1. You like the white meat, don’t you?
    I’m in Italy at the moment and I must say, I’m coming around. They’re not all hairy legged kiwi bulldikes eh. I’m a little drunk so pardon me if any of my comment doesn’t make sense. I’m struggling to lie in bed without holding on right now.

    • David Moore

      “They’re not all hairy legged kiwi bulldikes eh”

      I know it goes without saying, but the words ‘fat-arsed’ seem to be missing here.

    • Adam

      You like the white meat, don’t you?

      European beauty. I am of European descent, and thus I am attracted to Europeans. Each to their own – literally.

      • Heath J

        In group preference is a thing, and not a bad thing.

  2. didact117


    At least you made up for it with that picture of the chick in the IRON MAIDEN shirt on a motorcycle. Any girl who looks that good, likes bikes, and listens to the greatest band of all time, is one that I’ll happily pay attention to.

  3. Oh golly how wymen in pants suits turn me on!

  4. Jimmy the Fish

    Thank you, just thank you. . . .

  5. David Hiscox

    The girl in the red bikini holding a glass of white has stayed with me from the moment I saw her earlier this year. She has my vote.

  6. Heath J

    Motherfucker… The Hildebeast.

    The girl in red is lovely.

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