Bachelor cooking – Chicken stock.

Last week I gave you my preferred recipe for roasting a chicken. The chicken carcass should not be discarded. One of the things that you will need to adjust to when cooking for the first time is that you don’t simply throw everything away that you don’t immediately use. This is not because of high-mindedness regarding waste and “recycling”. Rather it’s because stuff that you have already spent time with can be used to save time elsewhere. Plus it also tastes good.

Chicken stock is one of my key ingredients. I always have it on hand, whether fresh in the fridge or frozen, and I always make my own. Forget about instant stock that comes in horrible cubes, and any good stock that you can purchase will cost you far more than if you simply made some yourself. There are many ways to make stock but I like to have a clear broth that doesn’t overpower dishes. That way it is much more versatile.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The man-flu edition.

It’s been a tough old week for yours truly. A dreadful bout of man-flu has laid me waste for the past seven days. Thus my vastly reduced output. I had the time but I simply didn’t have the cognitive ability to string a few sentences together.  It’s also been a tough week because the good wife and I put in our first ever offer for a house. We thought it was a competitive bid but it turns out that we were never in the running. The agent was simply using us to drive up the price with another buyer.

Lesson learned and from now on we are going to be absolutely ruthless in this regard. Every trick that is open to us through the law will be utilised, no matter how underhanded. We’re not out there to be nice and make friends.

Anyway, I have had time this week to read, so here is a nice little package of links that should be more than enough to see you through the next few days.

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Since when did dying become passing?

Some former celebrity died the other day. Don’t ask me who as I’ve already forgotten. But his death was enough to bring out the Facebook funeral whores, wailing that it was so unjust and that he gave so much and that the world would not be the same with his passing.

He passed. He has passed. His passing was peaceful. I hope when I pass that I pass just as well as he passed. Pass me the salt.

So many words, so many ways to avoid the verb ‘to die’.

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Bachelor cooking – Roast chicken.

As I discussed on this week’s podcast episode, Sunday on the blog will now be dedicated to cooking for bachelors. This was prompted by Aaron Clarey asking me if I had any easy and quick recipes as he wants to start cooking more at home.

Cooking has been an interest of mine since I was a boy. I love to eat good food, and the best way to guarantee a supply of excellent food is to become a good cook yourself. Cooking is work, but like everything worth doing it becomes easier and more satisfying the more that you do it. I remember back in early 2001 I was spending a period in Australia between rafting seasons in Italy. I invited my father and brother around for lunch. I can’t remember exactly what I cooked but I know that there was a soup and some sort of pork dish. The soup came off well, but the pork was overcooked. Back then I still hadn’t grasped the intricacies and subtleties of cooking meat and fish, nor had I completely escaped from my mother’s habit of always cooking meat for an hour so as to “kill the germs”. Some things stay with you a long time when they are part of your formative years.

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