The sins of the fathers.

A common feature of underdeveloped and clannish societies are feuds that can go on for hundreds of years across many generations, with nobody still living really understanding what they are fighting about. Western civilization, and particularly English cannon law, put a stop to this destructive practice by ennobling the radical idea that sons should not be responsible for the sins of their fathers.

This core tenet of the success of our civilization has become endangered in recent years with the systematic rise of identity politics through cultural Marxism, socialism, and progressivism. Because you are white you are supposedly guilty of having ‘privilege’ and thus you must atone, not for your sins, but for the unproven and undocumented sins of your fathers.

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The power of memes.

Memes are the propaganda of modern times. But more than that, memes are propaganda that the ordinary citizen is able to employ without even leaving their home. Memes were used by patriots in the run up to the American revolution, but they had to print the posters and then travel around the country putting them up while running the very real risk of being strung up.

The most effective meme of the last few years has been ‘cuck’ which is short for ‘cuckservative’, a cuckservative being a supposedly conservative individual who  supports progressive values such as immigration or feminism.

The term cuck has become so effective at enraging the left that they are now attempting to make it an epithet of pride. From CNN comes the article, Cuckholding can be positive for some couples, study says.

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The physical manifestation of the hot/crazy matrix.

Readers of this humble blog are probably familiar with the famous and scientifically verified “Hot/Crazy Matrix”. For those who haven’t seen it I’ll re-post it for you here. And for those who have seen it, you probably need to watch it again because us guys tend to forget important stuff like this.

Courtesy of David Thompson I discovered a Twitter feed that puts faces to this hypothesis. It’s called “Mugshot Baes”, and before you all ask what the hell baes means, apparently it’s one of those new fandangled words that the kids are using these days which translates roughly to babe but the kids nowadays are too exhausted to be bothered using entire words.

My choicest picks after the cut.

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