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Podcast #70 – The chasing women episode.

The one where I argue the case for chasing women. It’s not wasted time, energy or resources; it’s critical in order to learn by doing.

Also, the best headline of 2017, a new American football league, and beautiful actresses versus actresses who can actually act.


An Australian republic, the country be damned.


Australia’s regulation nightmare in two photos.


  1. TechieDude

    Couple thoughts:

    1. Headphones are not a prop. I record all day long. They are used to modulate or control your voice so it doesn’t fade in and out. Since you are using a USB mic, you don’t have it setup where you can hear yourself and control your voice.

    2. Owning a dog is anything but racist. Many “minorities” have dogs. I’ve never been a fan, and got my first dog a year ago (I’m mid 50s). If anything, it made me more patient and forgiving. It softened my son from a sullen millennial to a normal dude.

    3. You have to get out and get your game chops. It’s only sales. You’re selling yourself. Lot of those manosphere sites are entertaining – the complicated lists of what guys want crack me up. Those women do not exist, and really never did. The one thing I wish I learned before I got married was the amount of really good looking women that most the guys you mention don’t ask out. I’ve seen some muttly augie doggy dudes with hot women because they bothered to ask them out.

    4. That 50s dude is driving that Porsche or M5 beemer because he either didn’t wife up, and thus has disposable income, or he’s done with shit tests. Guys I knew in my 20s that thought the car made the man were the saddest lot. It is a reflection of your status. A sap in his 20s that is car poor (Because he borrowed more than he should) or the 40 year old in a gaudy z28 high school kids car all have the same success rate with women I’ve seen.

    One forty one year old player type I worked with had the obnoxious Z28 (the older early 2000 models). Complained he always got first dates, but never second, or was able to seal the deal. I had to clue him into the fact that a woman expects a monied 40 year old dude to act a certain way. In his case a higher end sedan would have worked wonders.

    • Adam

      Hmmm … so any tips on how I should set it up?

  2. A particularly good podcast…but I did notice the voice getting to closer to microphone at times -which is unusual.
    I’m still pondering Ferryman.

  3. TechieDude

    With a USB mic and Audacity, go into Audacity Edit->Preferences-> Recording and check Software playthrough. You’ll probably have to set the audio buffer down to 0 or you may get a delay, which is annoying.

    I used to use headphones when I was recording from a yamaha mixer to my line in on the computer. I tried it just now with my presonus audiobox USB mixer. Both you simply plug in headphones and turn the knobs to hear yourself.

    I use an Art tube mic preamp to line in now, because the sound is better. Neither case am I using a USB mic. The old school pro recording gear gives me a better sound than the USBs, although I keep thinking about getting a Yeti. It makes most people sound more bright, as opposed to the warm sound I’m looking for. So I use a sennheiser or EV320 mic. Then again, I’m not doing podcasts.

    What I do now is record with my EV mic. and watch the waveform (like looking at an old VU meter). My mic is set where i have to be close to it to record, with a tight pattern, so it doesn’t record background noise. So I have to concentrate on the recording business at hand. But it records very evenly. So I don’t bother listening to myself so much. I do use headphones on webcasting to block feedback that would come from my speakers and also to not have others that may be in my house hear the whole thing.

    Long winded way to say you sound fine, it’s a podcast. The volume changes as you move around makes it more interesting.

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