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Friday Hawt chicks & links – The 2018 edition.

Welcome to the first hawt chicks & links thread of 2018; where the skies are blue, the surf is up, and the beers are cold with little beads of water running down the sides; where the chicks are all hawt and susceptible to your charms; where you already invested all your savings in Bitcoin one year ago; where the SJWs work in servile jobs where they have to be nice to you; where you’ve spent the last year going to the gym on a regular basis; where you don’t waste time on the internet but read good books instead; where Hillary is still not president.

Bad Things happening in South Africa.

This, I think, is why the economy is improving: it’s because business owners simply ignore the bureaucracy wherever they can, betting (or hoping) that the governmental inefficiency will never catch up to them, or only catch up to them after they’ve made their money; and that they will either be able to pay the fines, or have hidden their money so well that they can survive State-mandated insolvency. Local lore abounds with stories of people who have closed their businesses just short of government inspection, and simply re-opened the businesses under a different trading name, on different premises a day or two later. And even that eventuality might well be avoided by a couple bribes of sufficient size to the right people.

This is also the reason that Italy still manages to produce products of great beauty whilst being burdened with one of the most regulatory heavy systems in the world. One thing that I learned too late in my time there was that you need to ignore all regulations and just plow on regardless. Then if you’re caught you have a good lawyer who arranges a deal. The deal always costs less than what it would have cost you to comply. This includes taxes. Perhaps this is the secret to excessive regulation. Make it completely over the top excessive and then ignore it.


The Arab world abandons Palestine.

Middle East expert and senior lecturer at Bar Ilan University, Arutz Sheva weekly columnist Dr. Mordechai Kedar says that the Palestinian Authority is losing support in the Arab world, claiming that former allies are growing “sick of the Palestinians,” as they find support for PA efforts against Israel contrary to their national self-interest.

Palestine was never a state nor a people. It is a complete invention that occurred 50 years ago. It was invented to damage Israel. The “Palestinians” are simply the Arab world’s version of Indian untouchables. Now they have exhausted their usefulness. I wonder what Roger Walters will do now, apart from release rubbish albums.



MAGA football league coming to a stadium near you.

Reports that Vince McMahon has sold $100 million of stock in WWE, the publicly traded company he has run since 1982, apparently for the purpose of relaunching the XFL, is welcome news indeed to football fans across the country who have abandoned the social justice warrior political operation formerly known as the National Football League.

The wrestling impresario will reportedly provide no details on his potential new venture until January 25, 2018 at the earliest. While it is not clear if he plans to compete directly with the NFL in the fall, such direct competition–offering a celebration of American exceptionalism through the sport of professional football–would be welcomed by those football fans and voters who chose to Make America Great Again by electing Donald Trump President of the United States in November 2016.

I mentioned this in my podcast the other day. McMahon is a good friend of Trump, who himself was a team owner in the short lived USFL in the early eighties. The NFL defeated those upstarts through regulatory corruption and manipulation. Guess who is on a crusade against regulations? Trump.


Why Trump will transform America.

This is the big thing that Trump knows that nobody else does. It’s a big idea, which seems to be how he likes to think. It’s transformative. So far, he has quashed nearly 2000 regulations in his first year, and seems only to be getting started. And all the geniuses who hate him are so focused on his tweets that they have no idea what’s hitting them.

I already linked to this article yesterday but I want to link to it again, because it’s relevant to today’s links and because it is so so good.


Guy McPherson’s Climate Change doomsday cult: ‘near term extinction’.

The global-warming doomsday hasn’t arrived yet, and the prophets of this cult have been crying “wolf” for so long that they have no one to blame but themselves for their declining credibility. Do I understand all that stuff about arctic ice and methane gas? No, I’ve never claimed to be an environmental expert, but I do recognize the aroma of bovine excrement, and climate-change “science” reeks of that smell.

Sell people the story of the end of the world is nigh. Convince them that there is really nothing they can do to halt the coming apocalypse. Relieve them of their worldly funds, (because they won’t be needing those anymore), and take the more attractive specimens for wild orgies because you may as well have as much fun as you can before you all die.


This scam is as old as mankind itself.


The blues ate rock and roll.

I’ve been listening while I programmed, and taking occasional times out to think about what I was hearing and how it fits into a larger picture. My first clue was a quip in an article about the legendary Chicago blues guitarist Buddy Guy, who reported bring irritated when people thought he was imitating Jimi Hendrix when in fact it was rather the other way around.

Here’s what I found. The sea-change happened between 1969 and 1971. The moving figures were: Jimi Hendrix. British Invasion bands like the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin and the Who. American West Coast bluesmen like Mike Bloomfield and Al Cooper. The San Franciso acid-rock scene. And many lesser imitators.

What they did was raze old-school rock-and-roll to the ground, replacing it with a bastard child of LSD and Chicago-style hard electric blues. That angry, haunting, minor-key idiom is what buried the Beatles and put a stamp on rock music so final that today the sound of any modern arena rocker – like, say, Guns’n’Roses – is recognizably the same thing musicians began to record around 1970.

I’ve always hated The Beatles. Now I know why. In my musician days I also knew a few really talented musicians who founded bands with a Beatles style sound. None of them ever went anywhere.


Purified Poz.

The CEO of Netflix is Reed Hastings, who from what I know is not parenthetically circumscribed. But Hastings is a big hater of Trump, and his current physiognomy is the morning drink equivalent of a mint sprig soylatta, so he may as well be a shabbos goy.

If you watch the accompanying Netflix commercial and don’t immediately understand what is so wrong with it, then you have a lot of red-pilling to do.


This week’s Woodpile Report comes from you straight from a pile of chunky cut rough logs ready to go into the wood stove.


Hawt tunes of the week. When Peter Green was still in Fleetwood Mac and the band hadn’t been taken over by a couple of glorified groupies.





Australia's regulation nightmare in two photos.


Australia is more “grown up” than any other nation in the world.

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