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Podcast #71 – The misery loves company episode.

The one where I discuss how childless Boomer women wanted to inflict their own misery on women from future generations.

Also, I answer a question from a reader, soy boys at the gym, and cooling now means warming.

Links mentioned in the show:

Owen Benjamin’s rant.

James Damore’s suit against Google.


The sins of multiculturalism – suffer the children.


The solution to African gangs terrorising Melbourne is to crack down on far-right racial hatred.


  1. TechieDude

    There is nothing worse than dude-bros and soy boys in the gym, other than maybe high schoolers (which I call “puppies”). Such are the risks of the public rec center in my area. I gave up being nice and would just call them out if I wanted to use a piece of gear. Luckily, I have a job where I could go mid morning, after the people on their way to work, and before the puppies and dude-bros showed up. The old ladies in there trying to cure their saggy arms mostly didn’t go near the free weights. Nothing was worse than missing the morning, and going late afternoon. There was a couple always there, arriving in separate cars. I called them romeo and juliet. Only they were 40s.

    They’d hang out at the different stations and flirt. It was super-annoying. I’ve since moved, and do my workouts at home.

    What’s happening at Google is fascinating. You almost never witness a super-nova bozo explosion in a large company unless you work there. It happens to a lot of tech companies. They start a rise by hiring the best of the best, and crash to nothingness – usually without even a pfft sound due to PC and HR silliness.

    Google used to be feather on your resume, one would think. Now, if I was looking at a resume and they worked at google, I’d wonder if they were normal, or one of the barking loons. I’d certainly ask loaded questions about how they work on teams, Since being able to block each other seems to be company policy there.

    I remember back in the day, being a head strong field tech and having a feud with one of the top techs at the company. My boss had me out for beers, and said he couldn’t have two guys that couldn’t work because of this (He flipped the bird). We were to work it out like men or the end result would be dire.

    My how times have changed.

  2. I have a confession to make. I listen to music on my phone while I am lifting weights. I also use the Note feature of my phone to keep track of my weight progress. After each lift I type in the weights so that I can go back in a couple days and see where I was next time I am at the gym. I just don’t have a good enough memory to constantly keep track of how much I squatted, how much I deadlifted, etc from day to day, week to week.

    That being said I am not texting, I am not snapchatting, I am not posting selfies, I am not doing any of the obsessive things that our society seems to need to be constantly doing these days.

    No one else knows that though. As I pick up my phone to type in a max weight, for all everyone else in the gym knows I am posting a selfie. Oh well. I don’t give a shit what other people think I am doing in the gym. And when I actually go to lift a weight I am lifting it. Proper form, pushing myself, etc, etc. Not one pelvic thrust to be seen.

    I was laughing my ass off at your description of this guy. Thanks for that.

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