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The solution to African gangs terrorising Melbourne is to crack down on far-right racial hatred.

Victorian chief police commissioner Graham “Fatty” Ashton recently took six weeks of leave due to self diagnosed strain and mental fatigue; which is curious when you consider that in order to have mental fatigue in the first place you need to actually have a brain; but now he’s back and declaring that there is nothing to see in Melbourne regarding supposed African gangs and it’s all just a feature of bad racists’ imaginations.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, in his first public appearance since returning from a six-week period of sick leave on Monday, also revealed people of African origin had been subject to racially motivated death threats amid a political storm regarding youth crime.

At his press conference he was surrounded, sorry – “flanked”, by members of the local African communities.

It’s a pity that he chose not to flank himself with some people from the communities that are being terrorised by these African street gangs. Instead we get representatives from the thugs who are causing all the trouble in the first place. They get to stand up there and put on the good old ‘poor me’ looks that signify that even though old women are being beaten up in their own homes by South Sundanese diversity hires, the real victims here are the black communities. It makes sense only if you have a deep and religious need to continually double down on the supposed blessings and joys of the phrase, “diversity is our strength”.

“Victoria is one of the safest places in the world to live … and the sort of concept that somehow it’s unsafe to go out for dinner … how long since you’ve been out for dinner?”

After the reporter answered that she didn’t go out for dinner and cooked at home – a response that resulted in the room erupting in laughter – Mr Ashton continued: “I think everyone in this room would go out for dinner.

As an interesting aside, the reason the room laughed is because to these Millennial journalists the very idea that someone would choose to stay at home and cook is simply ludicrous. Only peons do that. Remember this the next time you hear a Millennial complain that they can’t afford the deposit for a house.

Also, what is with the propensity of Victorian police commissioners to stick their foot in it whenever something comes up regarding going out to dinner?

But I digress …

If you’re wondering what Graham “Give me another doughnut or I’ll shoot you” Ashton’s big solution is to the problem of African thugs getting away with crimes that would make a 17th century pirate blush, the answer is to combat racism from the bad whites. Once again, you know it makes sense.

Mr Ashton said police expected to take several formal reports regarding racial hatred on Wednesday.

He said they would investigate whether those involved in racism were acting as individuals, or linked to extremist far-right groups, the rise of which continues to concern senior police.

It’s a pity that police aren’t so concerned with the African gangbangers who are currently on the way to ensuring that Melbourne becomes the Baltimore of Australia.

Mr Monoah, a lawyer at Slater and Gordon, said young people of African descent who were at university had also approached community leaders questioning whether it was worth continuing their education because they felt their job prospects were slim due to their heritage.

They won’t have to worry. Under the future federal labor government’s diversity package, these young people of African descent will be guaranteed positions such as police commissioner, for example. I mean, what’s the harm? They can’t do any worse.

Association spokesman Richard Deng said it was also important to start talking about high achievers such as young doctors and lawyers, rather than criminals.

“It’s time to talk about the good people,” he said.

When they’re holding up being a lawyer as an example of an intrinsically good person then you know that your society has gone to shit.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if you import Africans then you’ll get Africa, and the people of Melbourne are beginning to live this nightmare. The misplaced charity of bringing in African refugees has to be one of the dumbest moments of modern Western civilisation, and that’s saying something.

Africa is a brutal, diseased, corrupt, violent, ugly, incompetent shit hole because that is what Africans do best. The reason that there is a total absence of countries in the entire African continent that excel in small government, the rule of law, property rights, and the sanctity of human life is because all of these things are exactly nowhere on the list of Africans’ priorities.

The best thing that could be done with Africa would be to wall it off, Escape from New York style, and let them battle it out to the finish. And then whomever it is that emerges as the final victor we shoot in the head so that their inherent barbarian nature is never inflicted again upon the human race.

As for all the Africans in Australia, they have to go back.


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  1. purge187

    Again, it’s one of the Ten Marxist Commandments: when it comes to criminals, if they ain’t White, they’re alright.

  2. elbt072406

    Neighbourhood busting come to Australia from Africa, perfected in America.

    Poor white Aussies living next door to Africans will be lucky to get 1/2 to 1/4 of the vulvae of the house before the African scourge hit them.

    Ironically after these poor Aussies houses sits on the housing market for 1 to 2 years, an Africa will make an offer and score a basement fire sale bargain.

  3. “The reason that there is a total absence of countries in the entire African continent that excel in small government, ”

    Pfft. There’s no smaller government than a tribe – would making Africa a little more tribal fix their problems? The problem over there isn’t big government, it’s bad government.

    • Mr Black

      It’s got nothing to do with government, big or small. They are borderline retarded barbarians and behave as you’d expect. They eat food off the ground, shit in their water sources and murder each other over what color shirt is the sign of witchcraft. No government can administer a group of people like this.

    • MatrixTransform

      you missed a bit …. and bad constituents mate

  4. Very well written! 🙂

  5. MatrixTransform

    Frightened is a fiction heh?

    Mr Ashton, your words do not persuade the 4 women in my home.

    #1 will not go to the city for food or anything else (especially not last New Years). She locks and deadbolts everything. When the jewellery store around the corner got done, she couldn’t sleep. It’s got to the point where she wont answer the door when a courier calls.

    #2 wont go out at night clubbing with friends in many locations because in the wee hours the hoodies come out. When was the last time you were in Johnson St Fitzroy at 0200 Ashton? Go on tell us all again how safe Melbourne is. Liar.

    #3 and 4 are Chinese students who endlessly seek reassurance that theyre safe. From what they tell me theyre continually looking over their shoulders

    Lastly my son was attacked by 2 cultural stereotypes in Brunswick St Fitzroy a couple of years ago. Unprovoked and in full view of everybody they tried to rob him. They tried to stab him too. I saw the cuts and bruises myself.

    Mr Ashton your words dont convince me either … and the more you bullshit, the more you appear as a lying mouth-piece for a politic that nobody wants.

    Recommend you start fixing the issue before people start calling for your scalp too.

    Interesting too listening to the Acting Commissioner spew gibberish on 3AW… was such a good actor, he sounded exactly like yourself Mr Ashton.

    “Tenez le Droit”, actually means uphold the law or uphold justice….where does your motto suggest that victims of crime deserve what they get?

    Too much misplaced fear nearly got my boy murdered??

    …You must be a fucking retard

    just sayin’

  6. Mr. R. W. Houston

    You only get the government/society you work for

    • MatrixTransform

      What a pile of duplicitous bullshit.

  7. Wait, are you allowed to say that a shithole is a shithole? I thought that was totally inappropriate now. Or did you squeeze in before the PDT rule took effect?

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