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Cathy Newman demonstrates exactly why there are so few women CEOs.

I have been having a bit of a catch up online after my week spent skiing in Italy, and one of the highlights has to be this glorious interview of Dr Jordan Peterson by one Cathy Newman of Channel 4 in Britain. I urge you to watch it immediately if you have not already done so as I have no doubt that it will soon be banished to the interwebs for the crime of making leftist statist feminist lunatics look bad.

In the interview, Newman displays some angst at the horrible situation of there being only 7 women CEOs in the top 100 FTSE companies.

She continually demands that Dr Peterson explain this horrible discrepancy whilst simultaneously never giving him time to adequately explain why such an outcome is at all possible.

But I would posit that Cathy Newman herself is a glaring example of why so few women are to be found in the lofty realms of CEO-land. Newman admits during the interview that she is a ruthless and hard edged careerist who has fought her way towards the top of her profession. But she simultaneously displays both an appalling lack of judgement and a level of professional ineptness that is almost superhuman in its awfulness.

Newman is the composite example of a woman who has manipulated her way towards the top by the exploitation of the feminist agenda that pervades the modern corporate culture, whilst loudly decrying the imaginary patriarchal hierarchy that supposedly kept her down for all this time. That these two ideas are mutually exclusive is as lost on her as every tidbit of truth that Dr Peterson softly lobbed in her general direction.

That Newman graduated with a first in English from Oxford university shows that the standards at that once respected institution have fallen so low that lizards drinking would be hard pressed to spot them. She was simply unable to process any facts or evidence that clashed with her own internal worldview, behavior that might be expected of Dolly the tea shop lady, but somewhat unacceptable for someone whom Oxford university has deemed worthy of their highest honor for proficiency of the English language.

Supremely untalented women such as Newman are the general norm that one encounters in today’s workplace, where tits and an attitude are wonderful substitutes for actual ability. Women like Newman are fast tracked up the corporate ladder but there does indeed exist a glass ceiling. For it’s all well and good to pander to leftist ideology trends, but only up to a certain point. At the level where actual brains are required to get the job done it’s better to leave women like Newman knocking futilely on that clear ceiling.

And based on what Dr Peterson did to her I get the feeling that she might have been promoted just a few places too far.



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  1. Dr Peterson is going to sell a lot of books

  2. There is a reason there is a pay gap for people like you Ms. Newman. The only thing you can hear is the sound of your own voice. That’s why she can’t understand it, she just can’t hear it.

    He put it right in front of her, several times, “conscientiousness” and it slides right by. I had to laugh.

  3. Dan

    I guesstimate there was around 5-8 times Newman viciously and falsely used the words “you just said”.

    I’ve never seen a journalist lie on camera as though we didn’t just hear it with our ears.

    She was a drivelling, lying cringe-fest. He was unflappable and factual.

    • Graham

      I’m not so certain she was lying. I think she was just hearing what she wanted to hear. She certainly had a habit of putting words into Jordan’s mouth that he neither uttered nor implied.

  4. Scout

    Newman displayed the traits and behaviours that would be repulsive of anyone (read male)conducting this interview. Clueless! I down loaded the video for off-line storage for posterity. Let’s see how long before it disappears.

  5. Adam

    That interview was painful to watch. She had an agenda – to be the woman that got Peterson. The amount of time she cut him off when he was about to elaborate on something interesting became infuriating. She went from point to point with the clear intention of tripping him up and not to learn or to clarify anything. She also embarrassed herself by being so rude.

    It takes supreme humility to be able to drag yourself up on that fence and listen objectively to both sides of an issue. These feminist women are so full of entitlement & arrogance that they are incapable of doing it. Tunnel vision. You could build a civilisation in their blind spots.

    Peterson, on the other hand, came across as a sage.

    Stefan Molyneux has just now put up a YouTube video on the interview. I predict it goes along the lines of this post.

  6. The Resistance

    My god, he completely eviscerated her.

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