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What women want.

What do women want? That’s a very straightforward question to answer:

Women want a strong man.

But understanding the depth that is inherent in this answer is far more difficult. Some men gain this knowledge in an intuitive way. It could be that this is intuitive for almost all men from an early age, but for some their upbringing and environment help to eliminate or pervert it. It was most certainly perverted for me; I had to work long and hard to rediscover it.

Let me take you through the various aspects of what it means to be a strong man who is by default desirable to women.

Physical strength.

Hit the gym, hit it hard and hit it smart. Women want a man who is physically strong. Physical strength is the defining feature of a man. If women are defined by youth and beauty then men are defined by physical strength. Men are naturally stronger than women but this in of itself is not good enough. You need to not just be stronger than a woman; you need to stand out from other men. Your physical strength is set in comparison to the other men around you.

You are always competing.

Almost any man can get really strong. Most men don’t because it takes time and effort. A total weakling will need at least two years in the gym, and I’m not talking about sitting on a cycling machine while you stare at a television as your legs go round at a cadence designed to put people to sleep. Two years of hitting the gym at least three days a week and busting your balls every single time. And the really glorious part is that it never ends. You never arrive at getting strong. You always have to work at it.

Physical strength. A woman steps out onto the road and you instinctively yank her back and out of harm’s way. She was powerless in your grasp, and she knew it. Pure aphrodisiac. She rests in your powerful arms and she feels protected. You are her protector. Women want to be protected. There is no such thing as a ‘strong independent woman’. We live in societies for a start and as I have already explained, women are not strong.

Mental strength.

A man who capitulates is a weak man. There are many ways to capitulate. The most common way is to not stand for anything. Many men believe that they stand for something, but in reality they stand with the majority on whatever is the issue of the day. The majority are always morons, but more than that, they are cowards. You are not brave for believing in man-made global warming. You are a certifiable dipshit; you hold that view not because you really believe it but because you want to get along with everyone else.

More and more men are mentally weak because more boys than ever are being brought up by single mothers. Today’s feminists are really rebelling against the awful men that they have to choose from. Men that will change their entire set of opinions in an instant if they believe that it will gain them some momentary advantage.

Courtesy of Men of the West we have the numale grin:

Leading anthropologists at /pol/ were the first to notice and catalogue what they described as “fear grimace”, which is a deferential posture often adopted by weaker, swishier chimpanzees when confronted by an alpha male. The open mouth basically says “I am not a threat to you”, and possibly also “why yes, I do have songs by The Pet Shop Boys on my iPod”.

Personally I think that is a graphic representation of the amount of cock that so many men are willing to suck to get to where they think they need to be. The open mouth is not just a fear grimace; it is a direct confirmation that they are willing to go down on their knees to get with the prog program.

It is also astoundingly weak. There would be no need to physically confront any of the men in that photo montage. A simple stare down would be all that is required.

As a man, if you won’t stand up against the world then you won’t be able to stand up and protect her. That is the way women process this information. If you’re not able to stand up against some pussies in your own social circle then you sure as hell won’t be able to stand up against your boss. Physical strength is all well and good, but it is almost useless if there is no mental strength to back it up.

Mental strength doesn’t just come into play by the act of standing for something. Everyone has to confront and go through hard times in their life. Your mental strength is your key ability in times of hardship. Primarily you can only develop such an attribute by actually experiencing difficult periods. The angst and pain of our teenage years is just life helpfully setting us up for the brutal realities that await us. Of course, our supposed institutions of higher learning have for some years promoted ‘safe spaces’ as a way to avoid this dreary self-maturation and instead remain in a cocoon of infantile immaturity.

Red Pill strength.

Standing up to the world is all well and good, but it’s next to useless if you don’t stand up to her. Women behave badly for many reasons, but one of the big ones is a female behavioral tactic that is used to identify and weed out weaklings – the shit test.

For those of you unfamiliar with the shit test, it usually occurs in a budding relationship within the first 8 weeks. Everything will have been going really nicely until one day when your new girlfriend wakes up and for no apparent reason behaves like a complete and utter bitch to you. To be fair, this is part shit test and part the voices in her head that cannot be completely subdued.

Women use the shit test to find out whether the new man that they are thinking of hitching their wagon to is actually made of stern stuff. The correct response to a shit test is to be completely calm in the face of her fury. Do not attempt to enter into any arguments of logic or rationality. Do not under any circumstances offer any defense for your supposed heinous crimes against womanhood. Do not throw any crockery in her general direction, no matter how tempting this may be.

Wait until she’s just about worn herself out and then tell her to stop being a stupid cow and go and make you some breakfast. Outwardly she will be furious with you. But inside she will be delirious with sweet relief. For you are the shore upon which the waves of her emotions break and shatter into nothingness.

Of course, if she continues simply chuck her out of the house with all of her stuff and ignore her for at least a week. This will have the same effect, unless she is a total nutcase which will then have been revealed to you, (although you should have already identified this eventuality by how good she was in bed – the crazier the sex then the crazier she is).

The act of getting a woman to reveal her inherent unsuitability due to her mental unbalance in this way is known as the reverse shit test.

That, dear friends, is what women want. Women want strength in all its forms. They also wants shoes, handbags, and chocolate but those challenges are meaningless in the face of the great test of strength.



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  1. Of course, if she continues simply chuck her out of the house with all of her stuff and ignore her for at least a week.

    She will then promptly call the police who will come and arrest you for assault, leaving her to pillage your belongings or start squatting in your home, which she has a significant chance of stealing out from under you.

    • Sjonnar

      Only if you’re an idiot who put a ring on it after a week, or let her move in with you while she was still in her probationary period. If she doesn’t live there, she has no legal right to be there. Period.

      • Gretz

        Simply put: You won’t be there to contest it. No matter who initiates violence, the person with the Y chromosome is the one who’s going to jail. Many cities have a ‘must arrest’ policy, in tandem with a ‘presumed aggressor’ policy that means that the police have to arrest the man on any DV call, even if he’s the one battered and bleeding.

        Also, it’s surprisingly easy for her to claim it’s her only domicile, and enjoy it for months, with *you* being told to go find somewhere else to stay, especially if she gets you arrested, you woman beating monster. Worse if she’s drug her kid into it. (Don’t live with single moms, and don’t buy any story of why she lost her apartment/roommate. )

        I got booted from my own *house*, one I was paying the mortgage on, because the judge “felt sorry” for my ex going through a hysterectomy, and could empathize with what she was going through.

        There’s ways to avoid it, but after 13 years in family court, and sitting in on plenty of other people’s cases while waiting on my own, I can tell you that 1) it’s *always* the man’s fault, and 2) whatever she did was your fault too.

        I don’t have any advice on how to actually throw one out, if it blows up in your face, but I’d suggest making sure you have a witness that you can rely on, and preferably video, too. I’d suggest not co-habitating anywhere you’re not willing to lose, and around things you’re not willing to lose, but that’s less “having a pair of stones”, than it is realising that our courts suck.

        • Adam

          I’ve thrown out my share of women in my time. You make it sound very hard. I’m sure that it is, for some. I didn’t have any problems at all. My reality and experiences does not speak for everyone, but yours doesn’t either.

  2. TechieDude

    Ferreting out the compatibility issues is what ‘courtship’ was about. And Adam’s advice to not move in with the girl unless you intend to marry her within 6 months or so is sound. I think guys these days shack up way to fast, and put up with way too much. I’ve never had a girlfriend last even as long as 12 weeks without the shit-test happening. That’s when you simply dumped them.

    One time, way back, my friends and I were at the bar when in walks my brother. Him and the girlfriend were nearly inseparable. This was a Saturday night, and here he was alone. “Where’s the girl?” we asked. “Ah..she was being a bitch so I dumped her off at her house”. He said it almost as an afterthought while ordering a beer. She didn’t last long after that.

    That’s how we rolled back then. Didn’t over analyze it, just simply wanted no part the drama.

    • Mr Black

      this sounds more like beta man fail than dealing with a shit test well. You had no idea how to respond, so you removed the offending item and started again…. forever.

  3. Adam

    Mr Black, not necessarily. The usual beta response is to anguish over what he has done wrong and to try and get back into her good books. But saying that …

    Techie Guy: The shit test will always happen, no matter how suitable the girl. My wife shit tested me. It was dealt with, we moved on, but she was satisfied that she wasn’t hooking up with someone whom life would simply walk all over.

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