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I had a different post all set to go up today, but then Roissy had to go and spoil one of the few times that I had got my act together early. His piece is about misdirection and how the game aware man can flip the switch on girls who are aware of game terminology. To whit, what do you do if a girl accuses you of running game on her?

Well, you agree and amplify, of course.

This trend of women calling out Game when men hit on them opens up new possibilities in…Game! (A smart, horny man is nothing if not resourceful.)  Captain Obvious gives it the name “Game Game” and humorously explains its application,

You can always run “Game Game” on them.

“This is me negging you.”

“This is me going radio silent on you.”

“This is me flirting with your best friend.”

“This is me getting you pregnant…”

Like Marlin Perkins narrating Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom”

I laughed. She’ll laugh. We’ll all laugh straight to the orgy chambers.

If you have game then this shouldn’t have to be spelled out for you. Guys who ‘just get it’ understand that girls just want to have fun. Seduction isn’t meant to be serious. This is why if you can make a girl laugh you are most of the way there …

But not all of the way there. It is crucial to keep that sense of fun and playfulness all the way through the seduction. Plenty of guys are good at making girls laugh but when it comes time to close the deal they suddenly start to act with great seriousness.

Being serious is a game killer. Betas are serious. Betas incorrectly assume that seduction has to be serious because they have to demonstrate to the girl that they are taking her seduction seriously and with great respect. There is nothing that will kill a girl’s voracious sexual hunger for you quicker than this. Girls want you to do the seducing so they can feel good about themselves the next day, and they want it to be fun. Why are you going to risk waking up feeling like a whore if it wasn’t a fun night?

Game Game, Self-Acknowledgement Game, Running Narrative Game….whatever you call it, it’s essentially a form of the more fundamental Game concept “self-disqualification”, and its effectiveness comes from not just the humor but the relaxation it induces in women’s bitch shields. Game Game simultaneously heightens and relieves sexual tension — heightens it because the verbalization of sexy ideas will imprint in the girl’s thoughts; relieves it because it removes the possibility of social awkwardness from the interaction.

Girls will test you every step of the way, but if you are the real deal and correctly understand the game and how it is played then this will not be a problem for you. But if you are faking it then sooner or later your mask will slip and she will know that she is with someone at risk of suddenly becoming serious.

Women want serious when they’ve hit the wall in their 30s and are desperate for a sperm provider for her unfortunate future offspring. That’s why betas marry these women; because this is the one time when serious works.

Hopefully you’re not running after used up women like this who have spent their most fertile years wrapping their legs around any jerk-boy that moves while loudly proclaiming on social media that they are waiting for “the one”. You want to be one of the ones using her up.

Making a girl laugh just doesn’t extend up to the seduction. It includes during the actual sexual act. If you can keep making her laugh while screwing her brains out then you really have mastered the art of not taking women seriously.

Footnote: Some of you may assume that the only way of making a woman laugh during sex is when you get undressed and she sees the unfortunate length of your weapon. One of the most alpha guys of all time in the social circles that I used to frequent had a small dick. He got laid all the time. His favorite anecdote was one time when he got undressed and the girl in question hit him with this withering line:

“Who do you expect to satisfy with that?”

His response? “Me.”

She laughed.


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