Readers of this humble blog are probably familiar with the famous and scientifically verified “Hot/Crazy Matrix”. For those who haven’t seen it I’ll re-post it for you here. And for those who have seen it, you probably need to watch it again because us guys tend to forget important stuff like this.

Courtesy of David Thompson I discovered a Twitter feed that puts faces to this hypothesis. It’s called “Mugshot Baes”, and before you all ask what the hell baes means, apparently it’s one of those new fandangled words that the kids are using these days which translates roughly to babe but the kids nowadays are too exhausted to be bothered using entire words.

My choicest picks after the cut.

Let’s start nice and slow. Sometimes good girls just get caught up in unfortunate events. Isn’t this stuff just about legal everywhere now anyway?

And sometimes a girl’s just had one drink too many. The question though should be, is this a one-off or just a normal Tuesday night? What zone do you think this fine young lady inhabits on the hot-crazy matrix?

Of course, sometimes those DUIs start to stack up, and then you begin to see the real crazy start to emerge. Is interfering with a police officer something good that wasn’t done properly? Keep her movin’.

What to do when you need to get from A to B without a licence but you don’t want to get Uber because you also want to smoke a spliff? The answer is to break lots of laws. Hot? Yes. Crazy? I think we’re way past that point now.

A common denominator in these photos are the severely sculpted eyebrows. Officers attempting to make a collar should just hang around those brow bars. Modern day female dens of iniquity.


One final DUI mugshot. This one wins the DUI competition in every way, apart from hawtness. You been a baaaaaad girl.

Let’s move on from these minor offenses and have a look at an offense involving a minor. Some guys just get all the luck.

If you date a girl who is in the Danger Zone area of the hot/crazy matrix then you risk having problems after you break off the relationship. She may want to just keep hanging around.

If you don’t stop these girls stalking you, their next move is to start breaking things while making a bit of a scene.

If you can’t control them at this point then things start to really get out of hand.

Some girls just decide that the good life is not for them and they embrace their inner criminal.

Is crazy eyes a thing? You tell me …

Where do you draw the line when deciding whether to date a hawt chick? Armed robbery? Kidnapping? 1st degree murder?

And for the winner of the crazy eyes and the hot/crazy matrix in general, step forward Miss January 22nd:

But my absolute favorite is this one. Blondes they be dumb, (and crazy!) This is what happens when two crazy hawt chicks fight over your alpha greatness.

One final note; Dalrock is unceasing in his quest to expose the weak men who postulate the lie that women are inherently good because they are women. Dalrock’s words are wise and important. You should read them. But sometimes a picture is worth a lot of words. Just sayin’.


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