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Podcast #73 – The Invasion Day episode.

The one where I wonder at the amazing news that tuba players get an invite to the Emmy awards.
Also, Invasion Day hatred in Australia, stone age mocking, and a bunch of other stuff.


The sins of the fathers.


The right woman for the job.

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  1. TechieDude

    Meh. I don’t think it’s worth pondering why a b-c level musician brought a mid-grade slut to any event. Nor is it surprising she did what she did. She was fulfilling her life’s destiny – doing something so utterly stupid and pointless, then blathering on it to social media thus being an example of what not to do.

    1. The first “no” should have been “No, I’m not going to your place”
    2. Somewhere along the line, saying “no” for real, preferably before getting naked and polishing a nob.
    3. Blithering about it on social media, not understanding that your real name and pic will surely come out.

    I’ve had many conversations using dumb sluts like this as an example for my daughters. The concept in play here is “Predisposition”. Should it have gone down like that? who knows. But for certain, she put herself in that position.

    Ansari did the same thing by bending a knee to the #metoo crazies prior. He put himself in the position where a mid grade slut could cause him misery. To be fair, She acted like any other groupie no doubt.

    He didn’t get the signals? Coming up to the crib, getting naked, and doing stuff is a pretty clear signal. Another father daughter discussion, as well as a softer version of the date zone-wife zone thing.

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