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Regular readers of my blog might be under the impression that I have it in for the wymens. They would be right. I abhor the collective socialist mindset that compels the majority of women to run with the idea that they should support each other in a professional sense because of their common genitalia. Shared genitalia is an extremely poor motivator to pick and choose one’s friends and enemies in a professional sense.

This is not because genitalia is a poor indicator of potential performance. It is due to the fact that genitalia is indeed an excellent indicator of potential performance, but not in the way the wymens imagine. The wymens band together not out of solidarity, but out of weakness.

That is because, in general, women absolutely suck in the workplace, which is why women prefer having a male boss to a female one.

The accompanying video is rife with unintentional hilarity. For example, when pondering the question of whether women can be catty and display bitchy behavior, the talking head merely proclaims that “Instead, bitchiness is a byproduct of the modern workplace.” The fact that the modern workplace has been successfully invaded by women and thus as a consequence has become bitchy seems to have escaped the writers responsible for putting words in her mouth.

Another funny tidbit was the following:

One paper even found that the longer that a woman was in the workforce the less likely she was the want a woman as a boss.

The narrator says it with a degree of incredulity, somehow failing to understand the message that the more that women work under women then the less they desire to do so due to the inherent awfulness of female bosses.

This reality causes real issues for women who simultaneously attempt to hold the ‘wymens stick together’ ideology that got them their jobs in the first place while working for women who make their lives a living hell.

At a women’s networking happy hour, I met Abigail, a young financial controller at a consulting company who once caught herself resenting a co-worker for taking six weeks of maternity leave. “I consider myself very pro-woman and feminist,” Abigail said. Nevertheless, she confessed, “if I wasn’t so mindful of my reaction, I could have been like, ‘Maybe we should try to find a way to fire her.’ ”

The above quote is very interesting as the female quoted complains about a colleague while simultaneously wanting to get her fired for partaking of female only privileges. In other words, the women complaining about the bitches will themselves most probably exhibit the same behavior if promoted to a similar position.

If you hire someone based not on merit or ability but on biological sex then the person’s insecurities over her inability to do the job will consume her over time. A woman’s natural defense mechanism for this internal shortcoming is to act the bitch in order to cover and make up for her own weakness.

Does this mean that I am against women in the workforce in high level positions? It may surprise you to discover that I am all for women being in those positions, but only if they are there because of merit and their own hard work rather than as a fortunate recipient of diversity hire and promotion.

Someone who does hire and fire on merit is president Donald Trump. His appointment of Nikki Haley as the US representative to the UN was an inspired choice. Haley is someone who has lifted the role to new heights of effectiveness due to her aptitude and professionalism in the role.

But unfortunately even someone as extraordinarily intelligent and conscientious as Haley still feels on occasion the need to fall back on tired tropes of standing together with her fellow wymens. It seems impossible for women in the modern workplace to be able to escape this enormously destructive ideology, no matter what their own personal histories and circumstances.

Notice when I refer to Haley I refer to her as ‘someone’. I deliberately refuse to classify her as a woman because by doing so I would be doing her a disservice and pigeonholing her by her biological sex. By signing up to the ‘wymens brigade’ women voluntarily do this to themselves even if it is most probably unintentional. They are the seeds of their own demise. Their natures, their biological natures, actively encourage it.

Joyce Benenson, a psychologist at Emmanuel College, in Boston, thinks women are evolutionarily predestined not to collaborate with women they are not related to. Her research suggests that women and girls are less willing than men and boys to cooperate with lower-status individuals of the same gender; more likely to dissolve same-gender friendships; and more willing to socially exclude one another. She points to a similar pattern in apes. Male chimpanzees groom one another more than females do, and frequently work together to hunt or patrol borders. Female chimps are much less likely to form coalitions, and have even been spotted forcing themselves between a female rival and her mate in the throes of copulation.

Men don’t go around the workplace identifying themselves as being male. There is no need because they just are, and anyway if they did choose to do so it would not only not give them a comparative advantage, it would render unto them a disadvantage. This is real and actual discrimination, not the fairy make believe that the wymens trot out whenever an internal HR decision doesn’t go their own way.

Males cooperate to further the higher needs of the task to which they are assigned. Women only cooperate insomuch as furthering the upward progress of their own careers. The two biological behaviors are mutually exclusive. There is a place for women in general in the workplace; in roles where they can not do much damage and are a help rather than a hindrance.

The Nikki Haleys of the world get to where they are despite the wymens’ club, not because of it. In that regard there will always be a place for them, as there always has throughout history. Extremely competent women in the past have had to fight that much harder than men to be successful not because men are bad and awful, but because men instinctively understand that it is absolutely crucial to know if they really are the right woman for the job.



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  1. Mr Black

    I’ve worked with some competent women over the years but I’ve never seen a competent female in a management role. They seem to concentrate on box-ticking and “management process” without ever actually getting anything done.

  2. TechieDude

    I’d never work for a woman again. I’ve worked for them and with them, and can think of only two that stand out as actual assets to a technical organization. I could probably name dozens that were jaw dropping disasters. The bigger the company, the worse they are it seems.

    I’ve also had to deal with director level women customers. With both peers and customers there are patterns I’ve seen, over and over. First is fiefdom building, which includes a preference for staffing women. Second is to rally the troops whenever there’s disagreement (with her) or conflict. In a situation where a man would stop the email thread, and go discuss the issue man to man, they CC the entire department. Often, at smaller companies I’ve seen, the whole management staff. We aren’t talking about big things here either – last one I can think of was over a manager friend of mine not being able to scare up resources that the woman manager wanted at short notice. Third is out and out exclusion. I worked for a woman director once as a sales engineer. There were only two engineers and a gaggle of support staff. She’d routinely take all the girls out for lunch (and pay), and exclude us two. She seemed to avoid us for the most part. I lasted three months, and she was shocked when I left and stunned at what I had to say.

    So never again. Too old, too skilled. I’ve made my bones and don’t need to settle. And to your point, for a lot of positions I doubt I’d hire them. Certainly not in any role that was business affecting. To be considered the right fit, they’d have to be stupendously more competent.

  3. I’ve had a couple of good female bosses, so I can’t say they don’t exist. I’ve also worked for a couple of effing nutjob female bosses who were the bane of my existence at the time.

    Thing is all women are on Team Woman all the time, no exceptions. #METOO a prime example.

  4. Girl has weirdly huge pupils, especially considering the bright lights that you need to use when making a vid. Love the way that this little presentation was 100% a list of excuses. But I agree that the prime nugget of info was:

    “One paper even found that the longer that a woman was in the workforce the less likely she was the want a woman as a boss.”

    Like, really? No shit? Could it be because a female boss sees an experienced (and older) subordinate as a threat rather than an asset?

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