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Comment of the week – Objectifying women.

Comment of the week goes to regular commenter, (and regular woman), miss Kitten on the hawt chicks & links thread:

American owners, Liberty Media, axed the grid girls because they didn’t want to “objectify women”. They didn’t want to portray women as objects of sexual desire. That is like saying they want to stop the earth rotating around the sun.

If a girl is attractive (for example, a grid girl), high ranking men will want her eggs. If a girl is unattractive & nice, lower ranking men will want her eggs. And if a girl is unattractive and not nice, the lowest ranking men aka ‘soy boys’ will try to get her eggs or no man at all. Sexual desire is a trade for the resources of men to raise children. And women will do anything to increase their sexual desire to men. Otherwise they are failed female human beings. No offspring.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Liberty Media soy boys.

The only response I have to that comment of beauty is the following meme:



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  1. Axis Sally

    The earth REVOLVES around the sun, and ROTATES on its own axis. Sorry to nitpick, but it makes you look foolish.

    Also, it is women that should select the most puissant men for their superior genes, as pointed-out by Bernard Shaw in his Man and Superman. Men in turn have the obligation to reject ugly, inferior women.

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