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Breast yoga.

I have to admit that back in my younger and impressionable twenties I did some shameful things. Among my foul deeds was the time when I practiced yoga. I also meditated, played the didgeridoo and sported long hair and a goatee. Those were dark days, my friends, very dark days.

But thankfully I grew out of that phase before yoga really took off and became the play child of raving lunatics everywhere. Lunatics that put the early Hare Krishnas to shame.

One such lunatic is waiting for you below the fold. But remember, some things are not meant to be seen by ordinary mortals. And some things once seen can never be unseen.

no meme needed …

That’s right – #breastfeedingyoga. I left out the feeding bit in the title. Do you feel betrayed? I think you do. The truly scary thing is that there is a video.

Personally I feel that this is a new boundary in the ongoing revelation that universities are becoming increasingly irrelevant. You would think that a degree in gender fluidity and child sacrifice would be needed to be able to come up with such a concept as breast feeding yoga. Perhaps it might even have once been assumed that such a revolutionary development could only have originated inside the ivy covered walls of any number of once respected institutions of learning.

But instead here we find a truly groundbreaking leap forward in the lunacy stakes, and all that was needed was a lifetime devotion to starving yourself, a cheap Indian sari, and some limp creature sucking whatever few nutrients remained from her right breast. Truly incredible stuff.

So incredible that the media wants in:

I wonder if it’s more suited to the front cover of National Geographic as opposed to live on The Ellen Show. But I’m a little behind the times on what passes for daytime television these days.

One thing is for sure, I won’t be wandering back into a yoga class any time soon. Knowing my luck this freak would be on the mat right next to me. I’d bet anything that her kid would spend half the class stepping on my mat. I hate that.


Good news for investors – the stock market has gone down.


Podcast #74 – The breasts episode.

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  1. Adam

    Remember when modesty & humility were considered virtues? Extreme selfie. She makes the grid girls look like nuns.

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