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Another one of those darn posts about comments.

Last week over at XYZ magazine, editor David Hiscox finally reached his limit as regards to the commenting on the site. He banned two high level contributors to the site, (as in writers, not commenters), from commenting further as well as deleting a large number of comments and setting out a series of rules similar to my own.

I contribute on a regular basis to XYZ but over the last few months the comments section there had turned into a toxic waste dump of epic proportions, to the extent that it was undermining the site itself. So this was a much needed move by David to restore some semblance of balance and control to his site.

His site, not the commenters’ site. It takes a lot of time and effort to build up a platform such as XYZ magazine or my own site. But that can be seriously undermined by a few determined individuals who believe that any attempt to moderate comments is akin to the Stasi bashing in the front door.

This sets a dilemma for people such as myself and David who believe in freedom of speech and letting everyone have their say. It takes time for that to be bashed out of you by idiots trolling the comments section. Thankfully in David’s case he regained his senses before they destroyed what he had built up.

I believe that this is a tactic by our enemies. To undermine and discredit a site by poisoning it with toxic comments and memes. I believe that this is done by individuals on the left, (for obvious reasons) but also by individuals on the right who simply get off on the power that they are able to wield. They are also deliberate wreckers because they want to be the only nationalists in town.

After I instigated my own comments policy last November I have seen the number of comments on the site drop by a third. But interestingly the number of views is up by almost 20% over that period. As a blogger you can fall into a trap of believing that comments are where it’s at. Comments are nice and I appreciate every single one of them, but it’s views and clicks that count far more than the number of comments. The views and clicks are your reach; the comments are the gravy. But if you’re not careful the gravy can spoil the entire stew.

Over the last week I have had a little troll attempt to insert himself in my comments section. He began by posting a comment on an old article which broke the number 1 rule of my comments policy up there on the top sidebar:

Any first time commenters who comment on threads that are over a few weeks old will be automatically banned. This is due to the fact that this is a favorite tactic of spammers and scammers. If you are commenting here for the first time the solution is very simple – comment on a new thread first.

If you can’t even be bothered to get that right why should I help you? But the truth is that I do wield a fair amount of discretion in this regard and I have approved a number of comments from first time commenters who have broken this rule because I could tell that it was a genuine oversight. But in the troll’s case there were a couple of red flags that gave him away, flags that I am not going to mention here so that I can continue to use them as a filter.

He commented a second time a few days later with a polite but passive-aggressive comment about wanting to know if my site was worth commenting on because he didn’t wish to waste his precious time. The comment went in the bin.

Yesterday he attempted to post 2 comments. This one in the late afternoon:


And then this one a few hours later:

Awwwww the little baby cowardly faggot deleted my comment because it hurt his feelings……better crawl back to your safe space FAGGOT

So my troll identification skills just went up one experience level. This sort of thing is not unusual. It’s part and parcel of running a site like this. But as David found out, if you leave your site open to unmoderated commenting then the commenters will most probably wreck your site.

To all those who take the time to contribute thoughtful and interesting comments here on a regular basis, you have my sincere thanks and appreciation. To those who wish to ruin what some of us have taken a very long time to build up, take your best shot. But if the above example is anything to go by, you’re shooting blanks.



Mandatory college at your own expense.


Never underestimate the power of cheap.


  1. Dalo

    Yep, fair call too. That above comment is a bit out there no? I’m thinking mental issues?

    I probably should comment more but i don’t on account of I’m a lazy son of bitch. Plus, I’m mostly only motivated to comment on something i disagree with and I tend to be in agreement with you on most things. Top blog cob. ✌

  2. TechieDude

    You have to have some sort of policy to police the comments and your’s is reasonable, as is Vox Day’s. And, it’s right up front.

    These kind of people definitely ruin a site. Some sites I browse, the commenting is so retarded, I don’t even scan them. These trolls are missing something I can’t put my finger on. Social skills? Social governor? Seems like anyone with a brain cell functioning and some sort of social etiquette would realize that you shouldn’t comment something that you wouldn’t say to another person’s face. I guess that’s your average lefty troll problem.

    Above all is a respect for another and their property. This is your site. Period.

  3. Bob

    I’m glad it’s got people thinking. Where there’s smoke there’s a fire.

    You’re right it’s not just leftists, far right nut bags do it too, you can usually tell, well I can. Others are from the alt-west and alt-lite I have no doubt some are government shills on the pay roll, some NGO’s. Some work as disinfo trolls, others are discrediting agents they tend to be the aggressive “far right” ones or purity spiralers who want race war now or accelerationists of decline types , these ones tend to work in tandem teams of two with a leftie persona, good cop bad cop style. On the blogs that have comment sections with huge comment bases, they try to peel supporter people off, it’s also a SPLC “deradicalization” technique for white people only. IMO

    Note on the XYZ the commentator saying he would take his monthly donation away if the free speech comment sections ended… yep… working in tandem to apply influence.

    I left a comment on the XYZ saying they were just digital warriors of the far right which wasn’t 100% true or correct, it’s a very large subject if you want to get into it, akin to counter intelligence on blogs. There has been a new push recently against the current dominate alt-right, which some call it the alt-white, trying to divide it further from the alt-reich, certain commenters around the traps and certain fairly new made blogs give it away. It will work out in the end, its like cleansing by fire. Sometimes that fire can make the intended target even more determined, like most ideas it comes with two bladed edge.

    What I mean by that someone once told me, “May 1000 lotuses bloom.”, IMO all roads lead to the truth of the alt-right or what ever label it ends up being, so as annoying as these comment wars are, it leads commenters, writers, and editors alike to an understanding of the online war going in real time against us. Which will only harden the movement more so and consequently eventually birth in real life manifestations.

    One thing it’s good to see the people who get paid to monitor us ect, rather then just concentrating on entrapment, at least they’re now preaching self improvement more so, it’s a trend I’ve noticed.

    Psycholinguistics comes in handy, the more forums you read, blogs ect the better you get at it. If you know how the system works then you may actually apply a little influence upon it.

    The truth virus of the alt-right is spreading like wildfire now on steroids, I find it fascinating how freaked out the SPLC is of the youtube bloodsports recruiting and monetization tool, cut one head off two more grow. Not only that but the schism within global Jewry and that being the Orthodox Jews are siding with the alt-right. A schism I noticed years ago, which is now manifesting as a meta trend.

  4. Yikes that sucks. Fortunately for me my tiny little blog attracts very little attention. My blogs are moderated anyway and it is still amusing looking at what spam catches.

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