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Killing women.

Feminism kills women. It kills young and vulnerable women. It kills their hopes. It kills their dreams. It kills their future. All young women are vulnerable and that is what feminism exploits. It is a racket run by women to destroy women, the reason being that women are their own worst enemy. It seduces them with promises of power, independence, and sexual freedom, and then it grinds them down into nothingness as they waste their fertile years chasing after these imaginary shadows.

And after they have wasted those years, when the realisation dawns on them that no, they won’t be finding a husband who will love them at the age of 39, then at that moment they turn around and perpetuate the same horror on the young women who are their competitors in the sexual marketplace. And so the wheel turns.

The Other McCain has the same thoughts on the subject.

As painful as it is to witness young men permanently ruined by “social justice” indoctrination, it’s just tragic to see an otherwise attractive young woman’s life go to waste because she has been taught nothing but bad ideas about life. Such an example crossed my radar screen yesterday when I glanced at the sidebar on Twitter and noticed that the hashtag #WhyImSingle was “trending.” Clicking over, I noticed among the various responses one that was actually funny and clever, written by a lovely 24-year-old woman who lives in North Carolina. Do I want to expose her to ridicule and harassment? No, I do not, but I was emotionally affected — both sad and angry — at the recognition that this lovely woman was wasting her life.

The men who seek to dismantle and destroy feminism care far more for women than feminists have ever done. The charge of misogyny is often leveled at me. The traditional definition is a pathological hatred of women. If we could change the definition to a pathological hatred of feminists then I might stand guilty as charged. Of course the working definition has morphed into someone who disagrees with a woman.

I love and care for women which is why I hate feminism. Feminists are evil. Most are evil because they themselves were warped by earlier feminists, but that does not excuse their own evil behavior. They are dead inside, their entire reason for existing as a woman unfulfilled or twisted and destroyed. Their only resource remaining is to make other women dead as well. Misery loves company.

Robert McCain is incorrect when he states at the beginning of that quote that young men are permanently ruined by social justice indoctrination. The reason is because the best years for men are when they mature, and there is almost always some hope remaining for a painful maturity and awakening. Men can recover from this sort of indoctrination and go on to make men of themselves. It’s hard but it is possible. Many of us writing on the manosphere do so to provide a pathway for young men to rebuild themselves. Many of us have rebuilt ourselves so we know what we’re talking about.

There is no pathway on the internet for young women to rebuild themselves. Nobody is writing about how women at the age of 39 can recover from the awful waste of throwing away their best years. At least nobody writing from a position of truth. There are plenty of bitter harpies still writing nonsense that women can have it all at the age of 57. The truth is otherwise. As a woman you’re done and dusted. Your best bet would be to enter a convent so you can spend the rest of your life serving God whilst being safely locked away so that you cannot fall into the trap of infecting vulnerable young women with your inherent bitterness.

We want to defeat feminism because we don’t just love women; we love our women. We love our sisters, we love our daughters, we love our granddaughters, and we love our wives. We don’t want to see our own vulnerable family members seduced by this evil and turned into the walking feminist dead.

Feminism is indeed a cancer, and the only way to deal with cancers is to excise them from the body, or in this case from society. Because it is killing women, and I hate to see young women go to waste. It is a crime against nature, a crime against beauty, and ultimately a crime against ourselves.



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  1. It broke me when I learned, in my mid-30s, that I had been deceived my whole life including by those whose job it was to protect and guide me.

    Fortunately, for me anyway, it was not too late. I do not want to imagine the pain of those women for whom the clock has run out. It has not occurred to me before now that that pain might be the very reason they, in turn, perpetuate the deception.

    I thank God every day He saved me in time.

  2. earl

    ‘ If we could change the definition to a pathological hatred of feminists then I might stand guilty as charged.’


    I wonder if there is a word for hatred of wimminz, feminists, and Jezebels. But I certainly don’t hate women…those are the ones I love.

    • Adam

      We should make up that word. But it has to be capable of awesome triggering.

    • PatrickSMcNally

      Have you tried classifying youself as a mizzogynist?

  3. Mr Black

    I have a couple of wonderful female relatives who were raised well by their parents, best education at prestigious schools and then… university happened. They emerged as fully indoctrinated feminists devoid of any logical power or even an ability to make sense of their surroundings. Conversations become shrill shouting contests with parroted talking points thrown out in the hope of stopping unpleasant facts from being said. One married late to a man of limited potential, the other has spent her best years in short term casual affairs, she is now in her late 40’s without a steady job, quite overweight and bitter at “men”.

  4. If we could change the definition to a pathological hatred of feminists then I might stand guilty as charged.

    The pathology rests with Feminism, which is the irrational hatred of men.

    Feminists will burn the crops in the field just to say, “Hah, now you men are going to starve!”, even though the women themselves will have nothing to eat. (The men will go off and hunt down some meat.)

    Men like beautiful women, so feminist women get morbidly obese, cut their hair, dye it weird colors and get disgusting tattoos all over their bodies, turning themselves into clownish freak shows.

    Feminists encourage immivasion to destroy their own nations and bloodlines.

    As long as your hatred of feminism does not become self-destructive, it is well warranted and not pathological at all.

  5. TechieDude

    I once read a piece by a woman that basically said what Adam’s post is saying, although from a different perspective. Her point was it was a parent’s duty to tell their daughters that if they even think they want kids, they should plan for them in their 20s, and act accordingly. While they were in college, or school, they’ll never be around such a big cohort of marriageable guys. Go to work, and years later that pool is very, very small.

    I’ve told mine again and again, you can have anything you want. You can’t have everything. Their mom tried when we had kid #2, and it didn’t work. So she adjusted, and stayed home to raise the kids. Turns out #3 was on the way.

    Now I’d use the line i just heard on Cappy’s video about the 5 biggest lies told to millenials. Women, – Husband, Family, Career. Pick 2.

  6. purge187

    I think that the level of sexual repression that a woman suffers from oftentimes parallels the size of the chip she has on her shoulder with regards to the opposite sex. In that sense, Andrea Dworkin’s radical leanings are understandable.

    Really, really understandable.

    • DaDip

      True indeed. In a proper society there should be a civilized way of easing the pain of such women, channeling their skills, helping home make sense of their feelings in a way not embarrassing and also a social context and system that, early on, helps them maintain proper body weight and proportion. A nasty mug can be helped out tremendously by a supple figure.

  7. DaDip

    Wow, great post! So well expressed, kudos good sir.

    Myself personally, however; I oppose feminism because I love myself, far more than any women, and because of the damage it does to men. If men are taken proper care of first, the details take care of themselves.

  8. Detroit Pete

    I have a beautiful 29 year old daughter. This hits very close to home. I am too sad to say more.

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