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Introducing my new podcast – ‘The Greasy Pole’.

I am very happy to introduce to all of my loyal listeners my new podcast, The Greasy Pole, on which I am joined by The Great One himself from The Cynical Libertarian Society. This is planned as a regular monthly podcast with The Great One and as such it will stand in for one episode of my Pushing Rubber podcast every month. During the other three weeks your regular Adam only podcast will be uploaded as per normal.

On this inaugural episode we talk about:

Are Hillary Clinton supporters close to suicide?
The Victorian literary awards.
How to properly leak a memo.
And the great joy of cutting urinal soap cakes.

And below the photo of the Victorian Premier’s Literary awards that The Great One and I disparage.


The bell curve of life.


The only step left is to make the lies reality.

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  1. TechieDude

    The prius is the car of the left, as is any small, under powered annoying cars. Whichever, they plaster it with stickers, and never remove any.

    I ran into just such a one the other day – silver prius slathered in dumb stickers. I stalled for awhile to see if I could observer it’s owner. Sure enough, she waddled past – pinch faced, prematurely orange hair. Could’ve called it.

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