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Dalrock has a post up today that is the continuation on the theme of feminism disrupting society through the erosion of the chivalrous nature of men.

What can’t continue, wont.

Kummer notes that the constant bombardment in all forms of media of women hitting and otherwise physically attacking men is working as designed;  over time it is changing our views of what is normal.

The ongoing message is that women can hit men but men are not allowed to hit women. Chivalry used to be about men protecting women; now it seems to have mutated into men trying to protect themselves whilst women are allowed and encouraged by society to assault them.

The reason both conservatives and feminists are so confident that this new arrangement can be maintained is their faith in chivalry as an immutable trait of men.  While feminists constantly accuse men of being evil, the foundation of feminism is an unshakable faith in the goodness of men (examples here and here).

Losing chivalry as a (near) universal value by men would be a disaster for the feminist project, as while the domestic violence paradigm is intellectually founded on an attack on past patriarchal values, implementation of the model relies on an extreme sense of chivalry.

While this is true to a certain extent, I still disagree with this summation. Dalrock is assuming that feminists are planning and behaving rationally. But women are emotional by nature, and feminists are the bell curve outliers of the female department; and I’m not talking on the positive end of the curve.

No, what is going on here is something far different. Feminists and women in general have ingested the lie that all men are evil wife beating patriarchal maniacs for so long that they have reached the point where they fully believe this. Remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

The fact that reality paints a different picture is a mere annoyance to them. They believe the lie so badly that the want the world to reflect their twisted reality. They want men to hit them. They want men to hit them hard and often, to beat them into bloody messes, to oppress them in countless and diabolical ways. They desire this above all else because it would result in them being vindicated. All of their warnings would have turned out to be true. This would make them the great prophets and druids that heralded the awfulness of men while almost nobody believed them.

This would give them the greatest satisfaction of all time, the satisfaction of having been right. Of having been on the side of truth. This is a shit test on a societal scale where the women scream at their husbands that they are total bastards who just want to hit them, goading them with extreme pressure into an act which finally becomes reality in an explosion of violence.

They desire this above all else. They care not for the multitudes of women. They care not for the fabric of society. They only seek their lies to become reality.

Older men aren’t likely to abandon their chivalry as a result of this conditioning, but younger men will, and eventually all men will have grown up under this new conditioning.

The new conditioning will be a return to the old ways before the age of chivalry. The feminists will have succeeded in creating their reality. That it will be of no benefit to them in the long term is irrelevant. Women have chosen to collectively hoist their banner to the members of their own sex who are in all likelihood criminally insane.

It will take ‘she was asking for it’ to an entirely new level.


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  1. Adam

    Only 20% of women in the US identify as feminists and even less in the UK. I think the feminazis will ultimately be ostracized and most won’t breed so their insanity will die with them. And men will wise up and learn to discriminate between normal and nutcase. But I love your giant shit test idea. A collective feminist tsunami! We just have to keep them out of power and push them back to the gutter fringes where they belong.

    • Adam

      That’s about 30 million feminists then. Sounds like far more than even I imagined.

      • Adam

        And 150 million normal women who make a point of NOT being feminists. Of the 30 million that do, only a small percentage will be rabid, most will be clueless lemmings.

  2. TechieDude

    I once was at a party where a brace of lesbians was spoiling for a fight. One of them, with a newly minted blackbelt, head full of spin-kick-hero chick kept challenging a friend of mine (a former SEAL) to a fight. Her girlfriends goading was insufferable.

    He was indifferent to it all. “Sure, sure. You can kick my ass.” Mostly ignoring them.

    Finally, it got too much and they squared off. He gave the morpheus finger wag – give it your best shot.

    It wasn’t even a fight. In less than a second, he mearly grabbed her, bear style, and let the power out of his knees, collapsing on the floor. She wound up under him, facing him, with her arms pinned to her chest. He gave her a peck on the nose and said, “In the real world, people don’t fight with rules”

    Ego shattered. She left soon after.

    • earl

      That was probably one of the most thrilling moments of her life.

  3. earl

    Might also explain why feminist are all but happy to import men from a true rape culture. See they are all misogynistic rapists!

    No, a certain group is like that….the group you seem to welcome with open arms.

  4. Libel

    The problem is not the feminists, it is the rest of women who let the crazy cat ladies speak for them. It is a female created problem for which women cannot expect men to solve for them…’s called responsibility.

    • Adam

      I am a woman and I push back. The insidious problem as I see it is your normal, everyday woman who thinks that girls can do anything boys can do and that girls and boys are equal. Forget your feral feminists who grab the media’s attention, these core untrue beliefs have become facts to woman and men alike and they ultimately undermine the fabric of society.

      • Take The Red Pill

        “…The insidious problem as I see it is your normal, everyday woman who thinks that girls can do anything boys can do and that girls and boys are equal.”

        No, ‘arcukittenme’, the problem is not that these “normal everyday” women think that girls and boys are ‘equal’, so much as they have ingested the feminist Kool-Aid that “boys and girls are THE SAME”. Just one place where you see this belief in all of it’s misandric action is in the feminist-controlled ‘educational system’, where boys are treated as though they are ‘defective girls’, and all masculine behavior is ruthlessly quashed and/or medicated (usually via Ritalin).

        • Adam

          Semantics. That was my point. I agree totally. And now we have states pushing for 50% female firefighters & police and people think, well… some women are strong enough. It is just ludicrous. Talk about brainwashing.

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