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How to free up the squat rack.

One of the most common complaints on the Stronglifts Facebook page is that of people not using the only squat rack in the gym for its intended purpose. Barbell curls in the squat rack, stretching exercises in the squat rack, hip thrusts in the squat rack; these and many more examples like them are legion out there in lifting land.

But the surprising thing about these complaints is not the fact that people misuse the squat rack in this way, but that the complainer doesn’t do anything about it. Instead of saying something to the idiot hogging the rack they simply wait for the squat rack to be free. In my experience this can mean waiting for quite a long time.

So below the fold I bring you my guaranteed or none of your money back that you didn’t give me technique for freeing up the squat rack.

You walk up to the person using the space after they have finished a set of whatever shit they are doing. Smile at them, and then point at the squat rack and ask this question:

Are you using the squat rack?

Don’t ask them when they will be finished, don’t try and explain to them why you have more right to the rack then they do; simply point to the rack and say that exact sentence.

This will work every time for the simple reason that the implication is that they are not using the equipment for its intended purpose, (which is true), and thus the further implication is that they look stupid to the rest of the gym, (which they do). Nobody wants to look stupid, but cretins in particular really hate the thought of appearing to be the douchebags that they actually are.

Before you come out with an argument that this only works for me because I’m some huge muscle-bound freak that obviously scares the shit out of them; not true. I’m a small guy: 5 foot 9, 165 pounds. This approach has never failed for me and I have approached some guys who were a hell of a lot bigger than me.

However, there is a but; there’s always a but. This approach will not work with Asian women, (Japanese women excepted). No approach will work with Asian women. If an Asian chick is using the squat rack to blow dry her hair and read a book, good luck getting her off it. I don’t know the mentality behind this but it holds true the vast majority of the time. Just one of those little mysteries of the universe.


The only step left is to make the lies reality.


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  1. A different Adam

    I find it helps to then ostentatiously load as much weight onto the rack as you can, and do singles.

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