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Friday hawt chicks & links – The I won’t date Trump voters edition.

The photo is of a woman named Marcy Fleisher who wrote a screed for CNN titled Why I swipe left on Trump voters. She also values tolerance.

I value tolerance. I respect alternative points of view, too, and welcome constructive debate and discussion. I have friends with varying viewpoints and work well with individuals across the political spectrum.

Uh huh. Marcy had to insert that disclaimer in her otherwise somewhat resentful diatribe as she has to keep up appearances whilst running a “consultancy agency”.

But it was the very first line of her article that caused me to chuckle into my scrambled eggs.

It’s been three decades since I dated. Needless to say, a lot has changed! Eager to expedite the process following my imminent divorce, I recently jumped into the world of online dating, where wannabe suitors are just a click or swipe away.

She really must be eager seeing as based on that information she isn’t divorced yet. But just how something follows something that hasn’t happened yet is a wee bit confusing for me.

But I fundamentally believe in the principles of liberty, equality, justice and diversity.

Since when did nebulous communist slogans such as equality and diversity become principles in our world? So much for winning the cold war. So how about it, loyal readers? Any of you keen for a tumble in the hay with this Trump hating harpy?

I suppose that should be the point where we get her moving into this week’s hawt chicks and links thread.

The Z Man is wondering why George Soros is still alive.

Why is George Soros still alive?

For most of human history, a person who caused trouble for rulers found himself either on the run or on a pike. A earl or prince that made trouble for the king was dragged before the king, humiliated and then hanged. If he fought back, then the king sacked his lands, killed his family and made an even bigger spectacle of killing the the troublemaker. After all, the point of political power is to reward your allies and punish your enemies. Yet, George Soros, an international troublemaker, is free to make trouble wherever he likes.

Where is the Jackal when you need him?


A guy who is the spitting image of North Korean despot Kim Jong Un and who talks with an Aussie accent trolled the hell out of the Olympic Games this week.

Dude has balls the size of cantaloupes. He knew exactly how to play it too– “what did I do? This is my face.” lol I love that. LOVE that defense. Yeah dude, it’s your face, but you’re also Australian and no Aussie-Asian man would ever get the KJU haircut. We all know exactly what he’s doing, but he gets to play dumb because it’s his parade and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

But the best part is when he stares down the police and mercilessly trolls them. He’s so insanely confident. He looks like a coach delivering a pump-up speech to his team. Hands behind his back, “are we having a staring contest?”


Speaking of North Korea, this is the music that wakes everyone up each morning through giant loudspeakers.

I wonder if the guy who wrote it gets copyright payments …?


What happens when two millennials with no sailing experience decide to buy a boat to sail around the world but can’t be bothered to learn anything about sailing before they depart?

They don’t get very far.

“We were pretty prepared,” Walsh said, of gathering items to last them for their planned trip to the Caribbean.

You probably don’t want to be going sailing in the open sea “pretty prepared”. Did they even have any experience?

Nearly two days into their venture, the couple’s boat capsized in a channel of water called John’s Pass.

“We thought the channel was where we were going, but it wasn’t,” Walsh told the Post, telling the publication they were armed with GPS and paper navigation charts.

All the gear, no idea.

And then they started a GoFundMe page to get other people to pay for their stupidity, which promptly worked. Honestly, these stories of rank stupidity that end with the morons being rewarded for their gross ineptitude just make me want to go out and kill kittens or something.


A long article about a press photographer who finds a washed out NFL player living as a hobo and who over the course of 30 years follows him all over the place like some demented stalker. The search for Jackie Wallace.

“Jackie’s gone,” she said. “He’s gone back to using.”

I stood in the hallway. I suddenly felt sick.

She invited me in, and we talked about Jackie and their breakup, about hurt and disappointment. We talked about the insidious nature of addiction.

She told me how Jackie cleaned out his Gateway apartment and then suddenly disappeared. She speculated on where he might be living, what he might be doing and where he will probably end up. She said the “drug boys” had gotten him. “They’ll keep him until he gets his NFL settlement,” she said.

Yolanda looked closely at the photograph of Jackie sleeping under the bridge. “This is where he’s headed,” she said.

She shook her head, then promised to get the photograph to him. “This might be just the thing to bring him to his senses.”

Nah, it won’t. Moral of the story? Junkies are gonna junky.


Hey have you heard about that new Black Panther movie? Apparently it’s got a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Sounds legit!

Ahead of the release, the Special Sootflakes (because, hey, they’re black, not white, right?) issued a shakedown ultimatum that Disney should give 25% of the profits from the flick to be “donated” to black education charities.

Suggesting that black kids, y’know, study harder, is apparently right off the discussion table.
Pointing out that Disney didn’t give 25% of the profits to white kids after Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, or to green kids after Hulk , nor to insects after Ant Man and Spider Man clearly escapes the boundaries of all available logic of color too.

Shakedown artists gotta hustle them crackers.


The term Anglo-American is now racist.

Being a liberal journalist means that you simply assume that every Republican is “viewed as a racist by a wide variety of people,” and expect your readers to share that assumption. Like all other white liberals, Ms. Roller considers herself equipped with radar that enables her to detect evidence of racism in everything a Republican says or does.

One for the Jackal if you ask me …

McCain has another in-depth piece this week where he delves into the insanities of feminism. Honestly, I don’t know how he’s able to do this and remain sane.

Your homophobia is ‘a direct threat’ of ‘potential violence’ says queer feminist.

“Ellie” (@helliebeanz on Twitter) is a 22-year-old university art student in Tampa. She is a self-described “queer” Cuban-American who is “severely mentally ill.” She is “disabled,” and says she has “been professionally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, bipolar type II, and PTSD.”

She’s into comics apparently. I don’t get comics at all. They’re for kids. Grow up, people.



Book review – Poor Richard's Retirement.


You know you’re a beta when …


  1. She’s gonna be one sad puppy if she goes down on that skateboard while wearing that outfit. Can you say “road rash”? So hopefully it is a prop for the photo shoot.

    • earl

      Action bikini shots are almost always photo shoots for attention.

      I don’t know the practical reason why a woman would wear a bikini while shooting a gun…especially when she places it in the wrong spot to shoot.

    • Adam

      Took a hawt girl wearing a bikini on the back of the old motorbike once. And not for a short trip either. Yeah, she would have been sorry if we went down, not that I really cared.

  2. Rob Sutherland

    Ten years ago Rotten Tomatoes was the go-to site for a genuine movie appraisal. These days, it’s Rotten to the core

  3. paul scott

    Your comments about Soros, and the Jackal. The harder sites [ many based in the mid south USA ] are starting to note the fact that >>
    “”When the action starts, the responsibility is going to fall to us older guys””
    Example. before the Manchester shootings , the nests of Islam scum were known about by citizens. The cops are there to protect the establishment who stand by and enable the demise of Western Society. Older men know what we are doing and why.
    = direct covert action.
    Readers may wish to read the wise prophesy, words in the ‘Woodpile report [ ‘ Uncle Remus’] this week.

  4. Phil B

    If I heard that tune being played, chances are I’d rush out to buy an ice cream … but in Pyongyang, it’s unlikely that they have ice cream vans.

    As for the self confessed lunatic (is Lunatic still allowed as a description?) then we should take notice and shape our lives and society just because, or something. What could possibly go wrong, society being dictated to by a nutter. Oh, wait …

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