You know you’re a beta when …

If you participate in any way on Valentine’s Day, you’re a beta.

No excuses. No exceptions.

Sorry, not sorry.

8 thoughts on “You know you’re a beta when …

  1. E

    What about “let us take a break from work and fuck like rabbits for the day?”
    Or “let us make a short trip to a mountain hotel and spend the day there fucking and going to the hot springs?”.


  2. JT Anderson

    “Believe as you like, but behave like others.” -Robert Greene

    Sometimes it’s just not worth the trouble to be too unorthodox. Beta? Or strategic?


  3. I’ve never heard this one. It doesn’t matter, I pretty much ignore it it’s just made up commercial crap anyway. Similarly with diamonds. DeBeers, et al., have suckered women in, and guys have bought into it. Emeralds, now that’s different. Columbia in the 80’s was something else. Yo, ho, ho, and a kilo of snow, definitely pirate times.


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