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Podcast #75 – The Star Wars episode.

The one where I wonder why grown adults still read comics and watch superhero films.
Also, shock curling doping scandal, and Jennifer Lawrence is taking a year off to “fix America”.


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  1. TechieDude

    Congratulations on becoming a salaryman again. A commuting one at that (sounds like).
    I myself am starting a second job. Although it’s more like forming a company for work I already do on the side. The planets are aligning and it’s time to pounce.

    It also gets me out. I have much the same issue as you, since I work at home. My interactions with humans is virtually all electronic, unless I travel, which has slowed down to once a quarter or so.

    So Jennifer Lawrence is taking a year to become a professional pest and malcontent. Good luck coming back. Not a big fan. One of the first reviews I read about Hunger Games, (Which I’ve read and seen the trilogy) was that she was about the most un-sexy thing there was. That stuck with me. So no matter what she’s in now, I see a hausfrau neighbor playing dress-up.

    I see movies for entertainment. If a premise is flawed, or I can’t stand the actor, I tune it out. And when an actress or actor opens their cake hole and spouts nonsense (Like Susan Sarandon, or Meryle Streep, I’m done. No point watching any more of their movies. I’m sure I’m not the only one either. All this crowing about how bad America is from these types is probably about money in the end. The new tax bill caps state income tax writeoffs (So the rest of us don’t subsidize their high tax states as much) and caps property tax (I think) and “Business” charity (I know) writeoffs. So when they start shrieking,we can remind them that this is what paying your “Fair share” looks like.

    Cappy not glomming on his internet buddies on a European trip is astonishing. Such a proud cheapskate, I find it amazing he wouldn’t take advantage. Meeting people when I travel, especially in Europe, is the bomb since I avoid tourists and the places they go like a plague. It’s way more fun to hang with the locals than figure things out yourself. Luckily, when I travel outside the states, I have peers and customers to hang with.

  2. TechieDude

    I forgot to comment on the women’s super G winner. I saw that live.

    All the ass kissing pomp about the competitors working for years, whatever.

    Then that chick is like – “Oy…let me borrow your skis, I’ll give it a go!” and wins. an athlete. To be fair, she only won by hundreths of a second. But still, it was awesome. Her face at the end was the best.. Total astonishment.

    Great event. What’s not to like about cute chicks (most of them were) in skin tight attire?

    Then they went back to glorifying homos at the men’s freestyle, and I went back to reading my kindle.

  3. I can think of a counter-example to your “sports don’t need judges” criteria. Boxing. definitely a sport, has judges. As to star wars et all if you grew out of it or its not to your taste thats fine. But only children worry about whether their entertainment is adult enough.

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