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So it seems that has banned Robert McCain along with some other right wing writers. Back on February 7th the company announced that they were implementing “new rules” to “strengthen our community”.

Oh-oh, I thought. That’s SJW code for banish the wrong-thinkers, and sure enough they have, and just 2 weeks later.

I first began writing at in June 2016. Some friends of mine had occasionally used for long-form writing, and I saw the advantages of the platform in technological terms. Several of my posts there reached a readership of more than 10,000, and I appreciated this, even though I derived no direct revenue from it.

So Robert McCain wrote for their site for no direct financial benefit to himself but he’s banned. McCain has good form at this as he was one of the first prominent voices to be purged from twitter. I of course have never been banned from anything because everyone loves me and I only say nice things about people, (I’m just not important enough. Oh wells).

Mike Cernovich was also banned and is now preparing a lawsuit against the site as they have violated his “civil rights”. I presume that they also violated his civil lefts as well, and probably his ups and downs into the bargain. I think that Cerno got wind of this a week or so before it broke as he suddenly reactivated his long abandoned web site and began sending out form emails again, sometimes a few a day.

The fact is that by leaving his website to rot Cernovich has been caught out by this far more than McCain. I can understand the real problem with being no-platformed by a company such as Twitter, but Medium is just glorified blogging. It’s a nice addition to a blog but it’s no substitute. McCain’s blog powers along with great content every week. I am sure that this is somewhat of a short term inconvenience to McCain but the publicity he’ll get from being banned yet again is probably worth far more than sticking his articles up on Medium when it suits him.

The lesson is to set up your own site and not rely on large companies who if they are not converged already will probably soon fall under the SJW onslaught. Quite frankly I’m astounded that Blogger hasn’t had a grand purge yet.

Medium’s desire to become an echo chamber will see it go the way of other internet dodos of the past. But the internet is still the wild west as far as I’m concerned. We’re only stymied slightly by the additional hurdles placed in our way to get our voices heard. I don’t ask you guys for money, except to purchase my books which is an exchange. Whenever people ask me how they can contribute my response has been to buy my books. But now I’d like to amend that slightly. Still purchase my fine written works of course, but now there’s something else you can do to help.

Spread the word.

If you like this blog, if it’s one of your regular daily internet perusals or even your guilty little secret, do us a favor and share the love. Every bit helps and it means that mega internet conglomerate corporate hacks like Medium get taken down a notch or two. If we don’t need them then why would we give a shit about their attempts to “strengthen their community”, rotten as it is.



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  1. This is an insightful post. It’s disgusting that they feel the need to take action like that. Though you have shed some light on the dreary grayness of it all. I particularly enjoyed the ‘civil lefts’ part – that made me LOL!

    Best wishes,
    Liam Cross

    Owner of Liam J Cross Writing & Editing

  2. I didn’t know medium even existed until I found a linked article on how to install Phoenix on Cloud9. Worked a treat.

    Just about 99% of the rest seemed to be crap, though. Weepy women and bloviating manginas.

  3. Of the people I knew were on Medium, RSM was about the only one worth reading. I didn’t know Cernovich was on there.

    One thing people are learning the hard way is that if you are conservative, you can’t trust Facebook, Google, or any other leftist run company.

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