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Deadbeat single mothers.

We have all heard of the term ‘deadbeat dad’, an absent father who neglects to provide for his children or take responsibility for bringing a life into the world. Fathers in such instances are shamed by modern society; the shame is implicit in the term itself. It’s one of the few modern examples where shame is still employed on a large scale. Of course, straight white men are supposed to feel shame for the very fact of being alive but that particular Marxist tactic isn’t having the desired effect.

Single motherhood which used to be a source of shame has instead been transformed over the last few decades until it has become an endowment of virtue. Single mothers are presented as victims and simultaneously as being strong and courageous. The real victims of course are the unfortunate children of such selfish acts. But that does not matter if you are a woman and easily seduced by the instant victim credentials that being a single mother gets you.

This interview with Ann Coulter is indicative of the general attitude towards single mothers, (h/t to Didact.). Coulter’s entire stand is that statistics prove that the very worst thing that you can do to a child is to raise them in a single mother household, and that the only responsible course of action available for a woman who finds herself pregnant out of wedlock is to put the child up for adoption.

The interviewer is a pastor by the name of “Father Arnold”, and throughout the interview he not only takes the side of single mothers but seeks to elevate such a predicament as being worthy of ambition for young women everywhere. At one point Coulter asks the pertinent question of just who is supposed to be the Christian here.

The entire interview is a clash of facts over feelings; Coulter presents the facts which the interviewer and the audience find unpalatable, and in response they resort to feelings and emotion.

So let me go one step further than Coulter and present a fact that the feelgood brigade will most certainly not find acceptable; single mothers are just as deadbeat as absent fathers, if not more. Any woman who chooses to bring a child into the world without the stabilizing influence of the father as a constant in the child’s life is a deadbeat herself. And the only guarantee of constant fatherhood is wedlock.

The very worst female offenders on the totem pole of single motherhood are the professional single women who choose to get artificially inseminated out of fear of missing out on being able to have it all. It is hard to envisage a more selfish act in modern day society than this. And yet these women are held up as some sort of twisted examples to which younger women should aspire to becoming.

Women committing selfish acts and then failing to take responsibility for their own poor decision making is nothing new on God’s earth. What is new is the fact that for all intents and purposes The Church is now siding with women in this instance. As Dalrock points out, the new paradigm is that single motherhood is God’s way. In the article he discusses the new Clint Eastwood film, The 15:17 to Paris.

After the teacher states that boys of single mothers struggle more (statistically), Stone’s mother is outraged and responds with:

My God is bigger than your statistics!

This is delivered in such a way that it is clearly intended as one of the key feelgood lines of the movie.  Ha!  She sure taught that godless public school teacher a lesson about Christ!  While craven excuses for rampant single motherhood are extremely common in conservative Christian circles, this scene was so bizzarre that even modern Christians are likely to scratch their heads.

Women who refuse to take responsibility for their poor choices will seek any means available to justify their behavior, including the subversion of religion. That is bad enough but it is a fine example of why religion exists in the first place; people need guidance and boundaries in their lives so as to give them the best chance to behave in an acceptable manner. But in the modern feminized world The Church has abdicated its responsibilities and is enabling women in this destructive behavior.

It is the duty of a pastor to tell a congregation what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Pastor Arnold in the above clip is more interested in his own short term popularity rather than in presenting these women with the message that becoming a single mother places a terrible future burden on their children.

The abandonment of social stigma for single mothers left a vacuum; if single motherhood is no longer a stigma then it must be a virtue. It cannot be not one and at the same time not the other. Either something is bad for a society or it is good. Neutrality cannot exist in such cases. What has happened as a result of this is that institutions such as The Church have had to go along with the falsehood. The knock-on effect of removing the stigma has been to promote single motherhood as a worthy ideal.

Single mothers are deadbeats. Their children are burdened with an often overwhelming handicap in life, and one which they themselves are highly likely to propagate on their own children. In just a few decades we have arrived at a point where over 40% of children are born out of wedlock. That number still has a lot of room to climb.


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  1. TechieDude

    In the movie “As good as it gets”, Jack Nicholson is asked how he writes women [characters] so well. “It’s simple. I think of a man, then I take out reason and accountability”.

    That’s what we’re looking at here. Coulter’s piece was shear logic and reason, and she’s trying to defend it in front of an audience that’s simply incapable of absorbing the lesson. She was very clear in the type of woman she was describing – not the ones where the dad left.

    I’m old enough were I have run into single parenthood among family (extended), friends, and acquaintances. It rarely works out, especially for sons. And I’m not talking about LaCretia in the hood either. These are middle class kids. I know at least two, that have a collection. One was our daycare provider back in the 90s. One of three such women I referred to as the freak show. My wife being friends with three such women ensured there was constant drama.

    This daycare lady was skinny, white, cute, had like five kids before she found some sucker to marry her. Her sons were difficult, to put it mildly. Wonder how that turned out.

    One is a friend of my oldest daughter, who had a kid her senior year in high school. She’s half asian, so she got a dose of shame. But she also got a very involved family. The kid is effectively being raised by a grandfather and two grandmothers as she pursues her higher education jones. The boy is very attached to his grandfather, which keeps him sorted out.

    As I write this, I can’t think of any stigma whatsoever that can be applied to a female these days.

    Other than using logic and reason to explain something to another woman.

  2. Adam

    Stefan Molyneux blames the welfare state for the rise in single mothers. Welfare incentivises (pays) women to have children out of wedlock. Especially those who have trouble mastering delayed gratification (one of the hallmarks of a lower IQ).
    Before the welfare state, around 20% of African American children were born to single mothers and now it stands at well over 70%. Yay for welfare. Nice one state.
    White single mothers with higher IQs whose circumstances resulted from bad choices spend their lives running from and ignoring self blame. If it ever catches up with them it will be a rude shock. If they can ever own their part in the tragic fate/hardships they have dealt their children they may just start to wake up to truth.

  3. MarkT

    I agree about the negatives of single motherhood. What I find funny though is you then proceed to describe several examples of Christians not appreciating that reality, and then conclude that more religion is the answer. The more religious you are in your fundamental mindset, the less open to reason you are, and therefore whether you fall on the right or wrong side of an issue comes down to either luck, or the influences of the more rational elements of your culture. My definition of religion is not limited to worshipping God either – it could also be worshipping Gaia, or the state. Anything that puts faith above reason.

    Contrast Christianity with religions such as Islam, in cultures where reason is less prevalent, and you see the barbarity that the God-worshipping type of religion can deliver. Just as Muslims are non-violent to the extent they don’t take Islam completely seriously, I think Christians are only rational to the extent they’ve made room for reason, usually in opposition to their faith. After listening to Jordan Peterson I appreciate more the role that religion has played in human history, as a primitive form of philosophy – but it’s usefulness is only measured by it’s tie to reality, outside of faith in the supernatural.

  4. “The very worst female offenders on the totem pole of single motherhood are the professional single women who choose to get artificially inseminated ** IN THEIR FORTIES ** out of fear of missing out on being able to have it all.”

    A forty-year-old new mother will grant their teenaged son or daughter a mother well into her 50’s. My own mother had me naturally at 42 – a bit of an outside case. When I was a teenager, she already couldn’t get around so much anymore, she already had arthritis in her hands, and most importantly she could not socialise with mothers of other kids. I grew up mostly alone.

  5. Phil B

    It is a typical left wing reaction that a single success of their policy (e.g. a child born to a single mother goes to university entirely validates their belief in social security payments to the mother and paying for the childs education while ignoring the thousands upon thousands of failures where the expenses amount to many Millions of pounds/Dollars etc.) whereas a single failure of a right wing policy (e.g. guns) condemns the whole concept.

    However to get to “deadbeat dads” there are a number of points:

    1) One night stands – if the woman gets pregnant and cannot trace the father then the father cannot be held responsible for that, or can he?

    2) If a man does not want to get a woman pregnant, he has the male condom.
    If a woman does not want to become pregnant, she has:
    The male condom
    The female condom,
    The Dutch cap
    Anti spermicide pessaries
    About 12 or 14 different types of oral contraceptives (depending on the country you are in)
    3-monthly subcutaneous injected contraceptives (if she can’t be arsed with taking a pill every day)
    The morning after pill
    Abortion (and in the USA, late term meaning provided the baby has not emerged from the birth canal, a spike can be pushed int its head, its brain sucked out and delivered as a still birth)
    But HE got HER pregnant, she had no more agency than a rock and no way could she avoid it.

    3) He may want to stay for the sake of the child but she can make up any lie she likes such as domestic “abuse” and have him ejected from the family home PLUS get child maintenance for 18 years

    4) She may prefer to get pregnant (indeed want to get pregnant) and have access to the State as a substitute provider who is far more reliable and less bother than a real life man, support from social services, free housing, childcare and financial support etc. etc. ad bloody infinitum.

    5) Kudos – she is “heroically” bringing up the child, you go Grrl! etc.

    But it is the man that is the bar steward here … not her.

    An interesting study from New Zealand shows that women take out far more than they pay into the system and are a burden on the State throughout their life is here:

    I wonder how much of that is from or by single mothers, eh?

  6. Allen

    That was an enjoyable read! Thank you.

  7. earl

    To the ones who aren’t about the feelgoods for single mothers…everything you said in this article I agree with.

  8. lfox328

    You don’t address one of the most cruel and unfair parts of welfare that I’ve seen:

    A father, whether or not he has the financial ability to pay, owes welfare the money to re-coup what they paid to the mother. And, if he fails to pay, may have his freedom taken from him. Even if he is in jail (and, consequently, not earning money), his child support bill goes up.

    A mother NEVER owes welfare for the money they spent to keep her kids alive. Not then, not ever. Indeed, she can lounge around for years, living off them – AND any lover she wants to bring into the house – without incurring the necessity of paying back one dime.


  9. Neville

    Agree with all of the article, but oh lord, Adam: “for all intensive purposes”. No, please, just no. It reached out and grabbed me by the throat. It’s “for all intents and purposes”. Sorry to be ‘picky’, but .. no.

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