Yesterday was the coldest day of my life thus far. I spent all day out on Rotterdam harbor working outside on a large vessel. The air temperature was 7 below zero and the howling Siberian wind took that down below 20. We could only be out for an hour at a time and then had to go inside to warm up only to repeat the insanity once again.
The cold weather is apparently the fault of something the MSM have dubbed ‘The beast from the east’. In reality it was simply Europe’s turn to get in line. North American got slammed by cold back in December, and then Asia was hit in January. The cause of this brutal northern hemisphere winter? My guess is on 2017 having the lowest solar flare activity in a very long time. Tomorrow I’m going to try ice skating for the first time, which is an option due top all the canals and lakes in the area being frozen solid.

The usual morons and fools are proclaiming this cold weather to be the result of, you guessed it, climate change. Listen up, you fucktards; we’ve had just about enough of your overused tautology. Weren’t you all proclaiming just a few short years ago that the UK was going to transform itself into a Mediterranean climate replete with cactus and passion fruit?
Their argument is based on some nonsense that the Arctic is not cold and has thrown its usual cold onto Europe. How not cold is the Arctic? 35 degrees Celsius hotter than the annual average! Can you believe it??

So while Europeans as far south as Italy are busy shovelling tonnes of snow, the Arctic is crazy warm — a whopping 35 degrees hotter than the annual average.
Yeah, let that sink in.

But of course they’re completely bonkers wrong:

Oh, and that business about temperatures being 35 degrees above “the annual average”? Well, the average 12-month temperature at the North Pole is 3.4 degrees below zero.  Add “a whopping” 35 degrees to that figure and The Feed would have taxpaying viewers believe it was a balmy 31.6 degrees yesterday.

The actual temperature for the last few days in the Arctic has been hovering around the -10 mark, not that cold by the local standards but still respectable enough. What hasn’t been mentioned is that the Antarctic, which is in its summer season, was over -50 a few days ago.
The same morons also claimed that the penguins in the Arctic would be suffering, which is a bit strange seeing as penguins only live in the Antarctic. Mother of Buddha.


Hey, have you heard about those pesky Russians interfering with the US election? Apparently that sort of shit is NOT ON! But does that apply equally to all countries? I mean, should my American cousins also be getting hot under the collar with the news that the Aussies interfered in their election too?

O’Brien told WMUR in an interview Tuesday that he is dissatisfied with the conciliation agreements and intends to ask the U.S. Justice Department in Washington and the U.S. Attorney in New Hampshire to begin a criminal investigation.
“I’m disappointed that it’s not comprehensive,” he said. “It doesn’t go into the Australian government funding. And I’m disappointed that it doesn’t go with greater specificity into the actual things that they were doing. I’m disappointed that they didn’t go to what was the effect on the campaign.”
“It’s basically the Australian government using the conduit of a socialist party to assist the socialist candidate in the United States,”

Double standards much?


It seems that old droopy tits Jennifer Lawrence has a new movie out. I thought that she was taking a break from acting to save the world or something.

Remind me again, we are to listen to an actress who falls down as frequently as Hillary Clinton, can’t keep her designer gown intact and who is taking a year off from acting to “save democracy” because, why?


More lawsuits against Google, this time over illegal hiring quotas.

In April 2017, Google’s “technology staffing management team” was told to cancel job interviews for software engineers with five or fewer years of experience who were not female, black or Latino, and to “purge entirely any applications by non-diverse employees from the hiring pipeline,” according to the suit.

What’s their motto again? Don’t be evil?
Yeah, right.


Apparently Clint Eastwood has gone all pro-single mothers in his latest film. I wrote about this the other day but I just wanted to throw in some old Clint Eastwood on feminists to show that he used to be on the money. Oh Clint, where art thou?


The beta sidle is when a beta male goes and puts his arm around his girlfriend in a protective way when she is talking to another guy. Roissy has a good run down where he lists the proper order of things.

Mate guarding tactics, in descending order of alphaness:
She mate guards you
You flash a frown and she promptly self-corrects
You mindfuck her (see: Dread Game)
You let most insults slide, but explode once in a while to keep her on edge and in line
You kick the other guy’s ass
You lavish excessive PDA on her whenever another man is talking to her (or just in the general vicinity of her)
You buy her stuff
You beg her to love you
You marry her*
You accept her terms of polyamory
You mate guard yourself (the undescended testicles soyboy option)


Philippines president offering bounty for communists killed.

Rodrigo Duterte also said the communists are easier to hit than birds because they have bigger heads.
His latest crass remarks, which the government issued to reporters yesterday, came after human rights groups condemned him this week for saying troops should shoot female communist guerrillas in the genitals to render them “useless”.
Mr Duterte said in a speech to troops at an air base in central Cebu city, referring to New People’s Army guerrillas: “You kill an NPA today and I’ll pay you 25,000 pesos.
“I was computing that if this drags on for four years, … it’ll be very expensive because it’s war. If I’ll just pay 25,000 for a life, I can save about 47 percent.”

This is what happens when a capitalist kills commies. If any Australians were wondering what I would be like as supreme leader of Aussie, just consider a cross between this guy and Trump.


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