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The coming seismic Italian election.

The earthquake that tears apart the EU will have its epicenter in Italy, and it will begin this Sunday with the Italian election. This will be the most seismic election in Europe for the past 20 years, but its effects will most probably not be felt for some time. Think of this election as the stone thrown into the center of the lake; the ripples will take time to arrive, but arrive they most surely will.

The “anti-facist” left are currently in the process of rioting in the streets, a certain prelude that all is not well with the reigning center-left government. The 5 Star Movement, set up by would-be socialist retard comedian Beppe Grillo, is expected to poll well, but that leaves open the question as to why the far left are rioting. True, the 5 Star Movement is anti-EU; their most fervent wish is to leave the hegemony, but they are also pro-refugee rights and other mindless prog platitudes. In some respects they are almost anarchist in nature.

They cannot win government on their own which means that they would have to form a coalition, and their most likely partners would be the center-right party of Berlusconi’s Forza Italia. The key to understand here is that Forza Italia’s main coaltion party is the anti-immigration Northern League, and unlike past iterations this time the Northern League has serious clout; their days of being lap-dogs are over. In fact I would not be surprised at all if after all the dust has settled that the new prime minister if Italy is Matteo Silvani, leader of The Northern League.

What the end result of that will be is anyone’s guess but here is my prediction of events:

Italy will distance itself from the EU on economic matters. It knows that it needs to regain control of its economic independence. Wages in Italy have been in stagnation for the entire 21st century thus far. The economy is in tatters, property prices are down over 40%, and youth unemployment is over 35%.

Italy will then move to regain control of its borders. All refugees, real or fake, of the past 20 years will be expelled from the country. This will bring protests from Brussels on behalf of Angela Merkel who more than anyone cannot let go of the terrible hand that she played three years ago.

The diplomatic fall-out from this event will be the excuse that Italy craves to officially abandon the euro currency. Italy is the 4th largest economy in the EU; we’re not talking Greece here. Once Italy jumps then the rest will fall like dominoes.

Of course these events will not go smoothly in Italy, which brings me to my final prediction as of this time; the future Balkanisation of Italy. For one of the big grievances of the Northern League is the ongoing 70 year subsidy by the north of the country for the south. Ask any Italian in the north their opinion where Italy ends and you will receive an answer somewhere just south of Rome. The Northern League has been campaigning on this point for 20 years; it owes its existence to this grievance.

Hold on to your hats, boys; Europe is about to get historically interesting once again.



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  1. purge187

    “All refugees, real or fake, of the past 20 years will be expelled from the country.”

    Ain’t gonna happen in Italy, or pretty much anywhere else, until one of them detonates a dirty bomb in a major Western city.

    • Maria

      Tax them, forbid property purchase, outlaw mosques, crack down on gangs, restrict medical help, no welfare payments, no weapons, no natal birthright, you know, the typical “incentives” the left use.

  2. Paul

    “In some respects they are almost anarchist in nature.”

    The author clearly does not understand anarchy. The people he is referring to, who riot in the streets, are not anarchists but communists. Anarchists cannot run for government, because then they would not be anarchist!

  3. Mr Black

    I don’t see the lazy, cowardly populations of any western nation doing what has to be done to expel people from their borders. It will take a sea change so massive that the general mood is turned to one of total indifference to the killing of illegal immigrants, even children. We are far, far away from that point.

    • Sjonnar

      Yep. Like Purge up there said, ain’t gonna happen until one of them sets off a dirty bomb. Probably not even then.

    • CBH

      How far, and what would bring things to that point?

  4. paul scott

    Well certainly an upbeat outlook. Adam is using the tern ‘Anarchist’ in its social sense of nihilistic , rather than the strict political definition. Anarchism has changed its meaning within common usage. The main thing is that Italy is rejecting the pyjama boy totalitarian progs and a further move away from the evil EU.

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