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Podcast #76 – The purpose episode.

A man needs a purpose in life. I talk about my new job and what it means to have purpose after a couple of years of doing my own thing. Also, I bag out people who work for the public service as the miserable worthless leaches that they are.


Harvard – do as we say, not as we do.


Heads she wins, tails you lose.


  1. John

    “Working for the Public Service”. Hah!

    There are two sorts of people. Those who pay tax, and those who are paid tax (govt employees, social benefit recipients, pensioners Etc). One cares where the money comes from. The other doesn’t.

    • Adam

      And the ones who don’t care keep growing in numbers.

  2. Adam

    I mainly read your posts & only sometimes your podcasts. Why do I? Because you are a philosopher. Because you are virtuous. You display rational courage and have values that are independent of mere social approval. Because I crave the truth in this world of lies & liars.

    When you are thinking, you say, “Arghh!” a lot – like a pirate. Or like Bob Hawke. Just thought I would mention that.

    • Adam

      Thank you.

      Bob Hawke, eh? To be honest if I wanted to sound like a former PM of the last 50 years he’s not a bad choice.

  3. Out of curiosity, do your podcast listening numbers include a particular source or is that based on where you host them? I use Pocket Casts on my Android phone and I’ve never been sure exactly how those are counted. I never miss an episode though, so I guess I am in rarified company.

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