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Friday hawt chicks & links – The post-modernist science edition.

I know for some of you this Friday links post will be very late in the day, perhaps even not technically on Friday. But this is the new regular time slot for my posts due to me starting work full time again. Sorry, not sorry, and all that.

I thought that I was an emergency response trainer but actually I discovered today that I’m also a scientist! The reason for this is that I observed a trainee putting on his survival suit incorrectly after I had instructed him on how to don it, and so I made the observation that some people are simply unteachable. This makes me a scientist, believe it or not. Really, it’s true. I made an observation and I came to a conclusion so – scientist!

I was going to ask for a pay rise due to my new status but it turns out that even babies are scientists too. WTF? I just discovered that I was a scientist without even going to university but now babies get to be scientists? So unfair.

Don’t believe me? Well here is Justin Trudeau to explain it for you, with Bill Nye the Fuckwit guy to make it even more fun.

Keep her movin’!

A long one from The Other McCain, but it’s a good one – History, Race, and Science.

That kind of backlash is the real danger of the “social justice” mentality, which celebrates victimhood as a heroic achievement. This is why you see highly privileged young people at elite universities absurdly claiming to be oppressed by “cisheteronormative patriarchy.” Yet there is a sort of Newtonian principle in politics, so that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction, and the opposite reaction — the backlash against “social justice” ideology — is likely to be quite ferocious, when the elite lack any kind of sympathy and understanding toward the people being demonized by this collective racial guilt-trip.

When the backlash occurs we will lack sympathy and understanding as well. It will go worse for these so-called elites. On that note …

I work with helicopters. Just sayin’ …


Some chick at the Washington Post reckons that “it’s time to give socialism a try”.

Cold Fury tears her a new one.

The entirety of this dim bulb’s stinking pile of rhetorical desperation does accomplish one useful thing, I admit. It establishes beyond doubt the unassailable veracity of yet another reality of human life, namely: Some people never learn.

You keep right on dreamin’ your sweet, sweet dreams, honey. There’ll always be plenty of grown-ups solidly grounded in reality around, willing and able to counter fantasist codswallop with 24-karat truth…and to protect American prosperity and freedom from the monsters under the Left side of the bed.


Since the first Gulf War America and its allies have pursued a strategy of not totally defeating an enemy and then training the former enemy’s own soldiers how to fight. I always thought that this was a dumb idea. They didn’t do this to the Japs at the end of WWII. They forbade them from even having a military. Vox Day is also unconvinced.

This points out two more very good reasons not to engage in unnecessary foreign wars. First, you’re implicitly training your enemy. The longer you fight him, the more he will learn. Second, if you compound your error by engaging in “nation-building”, you will usually find yourself literally and explicitly training your enemy.


Matt Forney is reposting his This Alt Right Life series of interviews and today he reposted the one he did with me. So if you missed it now you can check it out.


Mark Rippetoe has a look at protein.

Now, here’s the funny part, the medical dogma that is just wrong, and has been wrong for the 40 years I’ve been listening to it. Dr. Jerel Calzo, a developmental psychologist studying eating disorders in adolescent males somewhere in the northeast, says that extra protein is useless for driving the growth of muscle mass. It’s just extra calories, he says. Turns to fat, he says. Best of all, he trots out everyone’s favorite mythological dietary fantasy: Protein supplements can damage your kidneys, especially if you’re dehydrated. But sports drinks are bad because they contain carbs – which were really good earlier – and the fact that they are designed to hydrate the body is just not sufficiently redeeming.

Fats, mmmmmhhhhhh. Protein, mmmmmhhhhhh, gooooood.


If you import poor people with low IQs into a rich society with high IQs, it turns out that the kids of the immigrants end up worse off than their parents. Color me shocked and surprised and all that.

Upward Mobility and Migration.

The problem with migrants isn’t that they are migrants, but that they are poor, crossing the border with nothing but their clothes on. They are usually horribly educated, even to the point of illiteracy. This is a “wealth” class that practically doesn’t exist in our societies, except for homeless. From such “0th quintile” families obviously first or second quintile children will come, assuming they have the same mobility as everyone else.

So my point is that second generation migrants would be poor and badly employed even if the cultural integration would be perfect, because perfect integration would only mean turning their poor, alien parents into poor, native parents and poor natives parents usually have poor children. So getting poor migrants – even if we were capable of perfect integration – is just a recipe of creating multi-generational poverty until we reach the perfect meritocracy, when one’s income only depends only on his own actions regardless of his parents.


And do we want to have these low IQ immigrants around us? Turns out that we don’t.

The Homestead analogy of America.

I looked to a 16 year old boy in our group and said, “what do you make of that? Those little kids going off like that and nobody is worried about them?” He replied, “so? I used to do the same thing here,” And then I hit him with, “You know why parents let their kids do it? Because this is a homogenous environment. Everybody operates the same way. If there were any freak that might hurt a kid, he would stand out in this crowd, and people would put a stop to it.” His eyes started scanning the crowd. “Now”, I finished, “imagine if you’re entire country was like that !”


The USS Lexington has been located on the bed of the Coral Sea.





Heads she wins, tails you lose.


Outdated attitudes.


  1. earl

    ‘Some chick at the Washington Post reckons that “it’s time to give socialism a try”.’

    It’s always the chicks and loser men who love socialism.

  2. There’ll always be plenty of grown-ups solidly grounded in reality around, willing and able to counter fantasist codswallop with 24-karat truth…and to protect American prosperity and freedom from the monsters under the Left side of the bed.

    Umm, no. Once we get past the tipping point, which may have already happened, this is NOT going to be the case.

    That hawt chick raises the bar to new heights.

    • earl

      The ones with great physical gifts from God who do the submissive pose and do it well are much more attractive in my book.

      The females trying to look empowered in the suit that they wear just makes them look silly.

      • Link a pic of a chick hawter than that. I double-dog-dare you. I’m holding the triple-dog-dare in abeyance for now, but I’m not afraid to use it.

      • earl

        I wasnt disagreeing with you.

        She’s got that pose down.

        • Oh, okay. You consider that pose submissive? I’d have gone with coy, or maybe playful?

          She’s got the perfect amount of muscle on her arms and legs. Shapely, yet feminine. That photog knows how to take a good picture. Pose, outfit, lighting.

  3. Dalo

    Hottest chick yet methinks. Kudos sir.

    • Yep, I’ll want a 3-D scan for my sex-bot design.

      JK, only a fast-batch clone will do.

    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      Perfect from head to toe….and I didn’t need to see her toes.

  4. I routinely encounter migrant students from third world countries (mostly Central American) with less than a 5th or 6th grade education. They arrive as high school students barely speaking English and cannot do basic arithmetic. Tell me again how they are a great benefit to our country?

  5. Completely clothed and completely hawt:

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