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Podcast #2 – The red bow ties for gun control episode.

The Greasy Pole podcast returns for the 2nd episode, featuring The Great One who joins me in the studio.

We discuss Canadian boy band prime minister Justin Trudeau, red lights and black armbands for gun control, babies are now scientists, aboriginal dolphins have hands, and people who should not be giving dating advice.



There is no such thing as free trade.


Ladies, your college degree and job won’t get you laid.


  1. “#Resist, by purchasing a thing!”

    Accurate satire.

  2. You guys might want to actually listen to a whole podcast before ripping it apart, rather than having one of your two hosts listen to half a podcast and then draw conclusions based on that limited knowledge. Actually Stefan Molynieux spent just as much time ripping the idiotic behavior of the woman as he did pointing out what a sleaze Anzari whatever his name is. Additionally, The Great One’s comments that it was Stefan who was aghast at the behavior of Anzari is completely off the mark, as it was the woman who was all bent out of shape about Anzari’s behavior, as expressed in the article they were reading. Consequently you spent time running down Molynieux, who generally provides very thoughtful analysis, for no particular reason, when you probably would have agreed with him if you’d bothered to find out what he actually said.

    • Adam

      My thoughts exactly Heresolong. You are flogging a dead horse though which is why I didn’t say anything.

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