It’s been a hell of a busy week for yours truly but I’m still managing to put out the usual good old stuff that you’re all expecting. This week’s hawt chicks & links is dedicated to all those trad thots out there getting deported from foreign countries that don’t want to hear alternative points of view to the globalist prog lines.
Question: if the globalists are against alternate views it’s still a bit hypocritical to deport people when you’re supposedly against borders and all that. Just sayin’.
Anyway, here are the links and the girls. You know what comes next. That’s what she said. Or maybe that’s what I said. Keep her movin’.

Trad thot Britteny Pettibone, (what the hell kind of name is that anyway?) gets deported for being a trad thot. Oh the humanities!

The Home Office is refusing to confirm the letter’s authenticity, which makes me think they are desperately running around trying to find out who wrote it and come up with a suitable narrative. My guess is the public sector is so stuffed full of SJWs and sympathetic Muslims that middle management and bureaucrats believe they can make arbitrary political decisions with impunity.

As I said in my comment that Tim quoted on his piece, the British immigration department and home office is more or less staff by Indians now. And if you import enough Indians sooner or later you’ll get India.
Mind you, in the UK now you can’t even say mean things about the trannies and their plans to castrate children. Perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt. I mean, they could just be after a really good choir.


Roissy does a body language evaluation of Britts and her man. It’s not kind.

The lean-in with goopy canoodling is the international symbol of anxious betatude. All men should strive to avoid it, especially when cameras are pointed at them.


It seems a bridge fell down in the US just hours after it was erected. Tim Newman goes into a long description of what might have gone wrong based on his engineering background. Nice job, Tim.
But Vox Day has the meat of it: it turns out that the bridge was designed by a chick. You know, all those power skirts in STEM? The money quote:

“It’s very important for me as a woman and an engineer to be able to promote that to my daughter, because I think women have a different perspective. We’re able to put in an artistic touch and we’re able to build, too.”

Oh my.


Oh and there’s a female CEO who became a billionaire by bullshitting. It turns out that she wasn’t as good as it as Elon Musk.

Robertson was just the first of many prominent older men who looked into Holmes’ eyes and felt something special, and this allowed Holmes to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. The money in turn allowed her to acquire office space and hire scientists, and kept her swimming in lab coats and black turtlenecks. But after over a decade of confidently dressing like Steve Jobs, her ability to create that special feeling was no longer enough. Ultimately it all fell apart.

No; her ability to create that special feeling hit a wall. It seems that female con artists have a much shorter shelf life than the mens. Something to be thankful for, I suppose.


The good Cappy has a very long one this week. What Gen Z can learn from the Millennials.

The question posed to you young Gen Z’ers is which kind of life do you want to live? And whereas in the past I would have thought the indoctrination and brainwashing you received in K-college would have been so complete you wouldn’t have even given this article a thought, the Millennials have so spectacularly failed their horrific trainwreck of a life might jar you into waking up and TRULY critically thinking about the advice you’ve been given and where that would lead.


3 ways that cigar shops solve the world’s problems.

Unlike social media where everyone is an expert, sitting face-to-face in the cigar lounge makes us vulnerable and forces us to deal with a problem instead of logging off to avoid hearing someone else’s stance. When people can’t hide behind their avatars and keyboards they are typically less angry, less biased, less close-minded. It’s one thing to stir up controversy from the comforts of your smartphone, but it’s another when you’re sitting across from a brother or sister of the leaf that shares a passion of yours and you see that they are directly/negatively impacted by legislation or commentary.


The mountain man as a survivalist: an analysis of a better survivalist strategy.

Take the historical Mountain Man from the fur trapper era. Rarely were they the lone wilderness dweller types as romanticized, but rather were usually private contractors that served dual roles as both trappers and scouts for the US Army. While hunting or scouting in small groups, these men were constantly on guard for everything from combat with hostile native tribes and predators to natural disaster to flat out bad luck. By necessity they had to be a jack of all trades, and a master of quite a few just to survive. This should sound familiar to many. Their requirement to live is your goal, whether you realize this or not.


William Shatner does not know George Takei.



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