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Never trust a white knight.

I received a comment this week on the 2nd episode of my new podcast, The Greasy Pole from regular reader and commenter Heresolong.

You guys might want to actually listen to a whole podcast before ripping it apart, rather than having one of your two hosts listen to half a podcast and then draw conclusions based on that limited knowledge. Actually Stefan Molynieux spent just as much time ripping the idiotic behavior of the woman as he did pointing out what a sleaze Anzari whatever his name is. Additionally, The Great One’s comments that it was Stefan who was aghast at the behavior of Anzari is completely off the mark, as it was the woman who was all bent out of shape about Anzari’s behavior, as expressed in the article they were reading. Consequently you spent time running down Molynieux, who generally provides very thoughtful analysis, for no particular reason, when you probably would have agreed with him if you’d bothered to find out what he actually said.

I sighed a little at this because I knew that I now had to watch the video myself. But when a challenge such as this is shot across my bows I feel the need to find out if there is an outside chance that I am wrong.

Well I’m happy to say that I was not wrong at all.

The video in question:

In the podcast The Great One accused Stefan Molynieux and Owen Benjamin of being white knighting retards. My own reactions were based on what he told me about the video. I trusted The Great One that he was giving me an accurate picture.

If anything he understated the amount of white knighting that goes on in that video.

The first 6 minutes or so are dedicated to the two of them flogging each others products and appearances and then Owen Benjamin gives a little bit of a back story of his personal interactions with Aziz Ansari and how he hangs out with Vince Vaughn, (cool story, bro!)

Then we’re into the topic at hand which is an article that Aziz’s date wrote about their night together which apparently was “the worst night of her life”.

56 seconds later, (so the 6:56 mark), I knew without a shadow of a doubt that everything that The Great One related to me was true. That’s all the time that I needed. Stefan Molynieux is not just a gigantic white knight – he doesn’t understand a thing about women. He is a blue pill beta made manifest.

Stefan begins by reading the start of the piece and giving the background information that Aziz is in his 30s while his date was 22. At this point Stefan looks a little uncomfortable but then admits that there is nothing wrong with this per se … but …

I’m not sure how women as a whole, when they’re 22 anticipate that they are going to be intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally fascinating to very successful guys in their thirties.

Actually that’s the 6:30 mark. It took me 30 seconds to work it out.

Hey guys, just a question: when you go down to the pub to pick up some chicks are you contemplating the level of intellectual, spiritual and emotional fascination that awaits you over a couple of glasses of Chateau Pigskin? Or are you going to be checking out the tits and arse that is on display? Just wondering.

Intellectual, spiritual and emotional fascination? Emotional?? Is Stefan actually a chick? This is a serious question because these things are what women look for. Not men. Women are interested in emotions and feelings and spirituality. Men are interested in intellectual stuff, it is true, but we look for that in the company of other men.

There is no reason for me to go any further with that video, (although the comments underneath make hilarious reading). Stefan Molynieux is a white knight blue pilled beta orbiter. Which means that I now have to address one of the points in Heresolong’s comment:

Consequently you spent time running down Molynieux, who generally provides very thoughtful analysis …

Yes, about that. Firstly I criticize people on what they say, not what they say as compared to things that they may have got right in the past. Being on target a few times does not give you a free pass when you get something else so spectacularly wrong. But here’s the thing – Stefan talks almost exclusively on the modern culture wars. But the modern culture wars are predicated on the underlying upheaval of the male-female dynamic in Western society. Which means that to commentate faithfully on the culture wars you must have already swallowed the red pill on women.

It is just not possible to be a reliable commentator on this subject if you are blue pilled. The red pill as regards to women is the basis for everything. If you have that wrong then everything else that you say is potentially clouded. Australian conservative journalist Andrew Bolt is another great example of this on which I have written before. Any hint of “disrespecting women” on the part of anyone on his own side and Bolt is atop his trusty stead to gallop off into battle on behalf of the oppressed wymens everywhere. The day before the US election and he was still calling for Trump’s head based on the pussy joke situation.

Stefan Molynieux is now firmly in the same box. He is simply untrustworthy as a fighter on our side in the culture wars. As for Owen Benjamin, the fact that Stefan is hanging around extremely minor Hollywood players is also troublesome. Hollywood is the enemy. Those guys only have one allegiance and that is to their careers. The only people in Hollywood that are on our side and trustworthy are Billy Baldwin and James Woods. Not even Clint Eastwood is trustworthy now after his latest film that glorifies the joys of single-motherhood.

Never trust a white knight. They might seem to be rock solid on many issues but as soon as you trigger their inherent blue pill weaknesses then they will throw you and your entire side under the bus in an attempt to prove their virtuousness to females everywhere.


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  1. “Never trust a white knight. They might seem to be rock solid on many issues but as soon as you trigger their inherent blue pill weaknesses then they will throw you and your entire side under the bus in an attempt to prove their virtuousness to females everywhere.”

    A good example can be seen on the Word Press sites. Some young female poet will receive 200 likes (199 from men) for some mediocre piece of word salad. The poem is usually about some Chad that dumped her.

    Do these thirsty white knights really think they will get a bang from Sylia Plathenstein?

    • W3RD Salade Supremo

      That should be a menu item: a Sylvia Plathwich, a double-decker sandwich loaded up on cheese and blue pills, baked in an oven …

      On Tuesdays they should sell it as a two-for-one with Mama Cass’s Roast Beef Surprise.

      • “Mama Cass’s Roast Beef Surprise.”

        I have a horrible image in my mind…and it won’t be easily erased. Lol.

  2. This doesn’t follow for me.

    To be red pilled is to recognize female hypergamy along with the female’s inferiority in logic and reason. Thus, as the great one suggests, women should not be entrusted with the vote.

    It is also suggested women should be held accountable for their actions and decisions. Like going to a famous persons room and sucking his dick. Thus, as Adam suggests, white knighting is immoral and these people cannot be trusted.

    We can’t have it both ways. Either women are equal to men and should be held accountable and not defended. Or, women are inferior and should treated and protected like a child.

    • earl

      I didn’t realize holding women accountable for their actions made them equal to men. It makes them accountable for their actions. They may not get the equal consequences as men…but they get consequences.

      Women aren’t equal to children…children don’t have the benefit of 20-30 years of life. That’s what parents are for.

      • To be held accountable for your actions must mean you have the mental cognition to make your own decisions whether right or wrong. You would not scold a toddler for sticking a knife in a light socket. The child does not understand electricity. You should scold yourself for allowing a toddler the opportunity to electrocute himself.

        If women should have to live with their bad decisions and not be protected then they must be equal to a men. If women are equal to men then they must be as rational as men. This does not follow the evidence presented across the red pill/manosphere. Women are hypergamous, irrational, impulsive, and locked in groupthink. Their environment needs to be controlled like any other child or pet.

        Regarding your last comment, 20-30 years of life is not automatically a benefit. You could be mentally retarded for 30 years and be no wiser than a child.

      • earl

        ‘To be held accountable for your actions must mean you have the mental cognition to make your own decisions whether right or wrong.’

        Are you saying a fully grown woman doesn’t have that capabilty?

        I happen to think they do.

      • If they did they wouldn’t need affirmative action.

  3. Parts of the video were pretty funny, the conveyor belt to penis line was good. It’s a clear case of white knighting. They couldn’t have followed the “don’t blame the victim” script better. The woman reached for and grasped the dirty end of the stick and no one else is responsible for that.

  4. David

    “I’m not sure how women as a whole, when they’re 22 anticipate that they are going to be intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally fascinating to very successful guys in their thirties.“

    Isn’t Stefan agreeing with you when he says this? He is saying she’s a fool for thinking that a successful guy would be interested in anything about her other than her abilities in the sack.

    Stefan is no blue pill; he’s been telling the truth about women on his show for years. Owen Benjamin is on the leftoid blacklist for making a common sense statement on transgendering children.

    The episode you reference i think is mostly them enjoying the schaudenfrade of an idiot leftist comedian being a caught up in the lefts own trap. Aziz is a mega white knight on steroids.

    Whatever you and the great one might disagree with Stefan on….the nature of women is not one of them.

    I listen to your podcast because you are an intelligent guy making truthful arguments in an entertaining way in a world that prefers lies. People like you and Stefan are rare. Omigod….am I white knighting Stefan!? Kill me now…..

    • Adam

      Isn’t Stefan agreeing with you when he says this? He is saying she’s a fool for thinking that a successful guy would be interested in anything about her other than her abilities in the sack.

      No, he’s saying that successful guys want to be challenged emotionally etc by a woman who they intend to be with for more than 1 night. According to Stefan 22 year old women in general offer nothing long term for successful men, when in reality the sexual marketplace and SMV says something entirely different. I reckon that Stefan has been binge watching Eat Pray Love.

      • davidpr90210

        How do you know so much about Eat Pray Love!?

  5. Dalo

    Seems like old mate accusing you of not listening to all of white knighteneaux didn’t listen to it all himself.

    Enjoyed the podcast. Good way to spend a hungover arvo. Especially dug the exploration story. I’m thinking of doing some myself in the near future. I might need that surveyors number.

    • Yeah, as a matter of fact I did. And I still disagree with Adam on this one. As pointed out in one of the comments above, they spent the whole video talking about a) what a creep Anzari is and b) what an idiot the woman was for expecting anything different, especially given the long list of actions that led to her being naked in his apartment. Maybe we hear what we expect to hear, but I heard Stefan point out that every one of the woman’s complaints (he wouldn’t let me drink what I wanted to drink, he did this, he did that) all pointed to him making a concerted effort to get her through the date as quickly as possible in order to end up naked in his apartment. She was an idiot, he was a creep. That’s exactly what I took away and I didn’t hear anything that suggested any defense of her. She made her choices and could have walked away at any time, but instead she sticks around (for fame?) and then writes a BS article when she has morning after regret. To suggest that he was white knighting doesn’t jibe with anything that I heard, unless pointing out that the guy is a creep is now the definition of white knighting.

  6. Adam

    Stefan Molyneux must be doing something right with over 750K YouTube subscribers and millions of downloads from his Freedomain Radio website. I was just listening to a podcast of him talking to a couple from the Netherlands funnily enough when I stopped to read your post.

    Molneux is the product of a single mother and he uses reason & evidence to make his arguments about a multitude of topics – so varied that it boggles the mind how he knows so much. I have been bingeing on his material for about 4 months now and he regularly blows my mind. I think he is a genius. From his videos on Karl Marx to the fall of Rome to why Robin Williams died to R versus K reproduction selection applied to leftist & politics…. the guy is phenomenal!

    While you and the black pilled ‘Mighty One’ are in the playground comparing cock sizes, Molyneux is out on the streets fighting with his bare hands. Seriously, you would do well to expand your mind with a bit of Molyneux. It will take watching an entire video or more though to really start to get it, which requires a bit of an attention span. Anyway, just my humble opinion.

  7. David Moore

    He certainly has an audience, but Molyneux just gives me the creeps. There is something off about him.

  8. Adam

    That’s not an argument

  9. After I’d posted my thoughts on Stefan’s video I started thinking about the bigger picture and some of the issues I’ve seen with what I’ll call the “dissident right”. I will occasionally mention Adam because he is at the center of what started me thinking about this, but he is by no means the worst or the only example.

    Seems like many on the right spend significant amounts of time attacking the intellectual purity of others rather than their ideas. Starting with the topic at hand Adam, your direct quote, as near as I can remember it, was “How does this guy have ANY credibility?”, in spite of the fact that you hadn’t watched the video and in spite of the fact that he has thousands of videos out on a wide range of libertarian ideas. You may have disagreed with one video that he made, you may have felt that he was not qualified to discuss male-female relationships, but that doesn’t speak to his general credibility.

    Tradhots is another subject that seems to come up a lot. The Captain regularly bashes. Phrases like “only beta cuck orbiters even watch them because they think they might get laid” are bandied around. Never mind that they are trading in exactly what women have always traded in, sex appeal, in order to make a living; they are also advancing the ideas of conservatism into a market that might not have been receptive to those ideas otherwise. How many times have you seen someone mention leftist men subsuming themselves to BS leftist ideas because they think it will get them laid by leftist chicks? Why not a bit of push-back in the other direction? Worse case scenario they will hear arguments presented in a rational manner and they might browse around for more, hitting conservative websites which host a more nuanced view.

    A final observation concerns the number of times I’ve seen some conservative dismissed as a cuck. Owen Benjamin in the aforementioned video, apparently for being from Hollywood; Gavin McGinnes; Ben Shapiro; others too numerous to list have been subjected to this attack. What purpose does dismissing their voices from the discussion serve? They may not be as conservative as some of us would like on some issues but why not bring them into the fold, fight together where we can agree, and separate on issues where we disagree?

    I see the conservative/libertarian movement tearing itself apart instead of working together to advance an agenda that we can agree on and trying to convince others in areas that we don’t. Sitting around with our ten friends who totally agree with us on everything while shouting “cuck” out the window at passers by who disagree on some isn’t a productive strategy. Select the arguments where we disagree and refute their points. Accept them where we agree and move forward. Everyone wins except Progressive anti-Western Marxists

    • Adam

      I guess ultimately men are competitive and don’t like sharing their platform with strangers.

      I have noticed that most of the alt-right/right/conservative leaders who do respect and critically digest each other’s positions are fathers. I think this stage of life smoothes out a man’s sharp edges. That is just a thought.

      I do appreciate much if not most of Adam’s work but a cohesive approach to saving western civilization might be more productive. Less rooster and more wolf.

    • davidpr90210

      Ditto. It’s a really annoying trend “that guy over there agrees with 80% of what i believe in and has actually made some inroads into the culture…..but he doesn’t agree with me 100%….so I will disregard all of his views…..”

      It’s the same kind of mindsets as those of nevertrumpers…..why is the right more interested in dissing allies?

  10. J_sh

    From what Stefan says of his background and journey it seems to incorporate similarities to Adam’s journey in some ways: cutting loose from an abusive mother, heading to Alaska to work and learn, risk taker as an entrepreneur and now a commentator.

    My reading of his remark at circa 6:30 is that he is being facetious, sarcastic, satirical etc mocking the assumption among women that their way of seeing the world, and of inter-sexual interaction, is how men see it, i.e. so taken for granted that women project it onto men. In other words he is commenting on the fact that women do see themselves as being attractive in terms of feminine values and his question is how can a 22 year old be able to be sure this is the correct view? This becomes somewhat apparent following that question.

    My guess is that if he went on to answer his own rhetorical question it would be along the lines of it flows from the complete feminization of Canada as per Trudeau, Ontario having a feminist Premier, their Human Rights star chambers etc.

    He is using the Canadian sense of humor and irony through humor to make for an interesting talk and discussion of the issues, rather than have his listeners fall asleep. Mark Steyn is another example, both holding up the current political enforcement of political correctness for ridicule. In many ways both present material others have created but package it for a wider audience by making it entertain as well as inform.

    Canadian’s have a droll sense of humor, unlike their southern cousins.

    • J_sh

      Just taking a second closer look at this I think his upwards/ sideways glance at 6:15 is the ‘tell’ suggesting, to me, that he is slipping into his facetious ‘serious’ mode.

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