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A comment on my piece about not needing game in marriage:

You don’t need game in marriage, but you do.

What I mean by that is that game as a sort of scheming tactic will not work over the long haul.
Growing up in to a man means internalizing game. You don’t pretend that you have options; you know you do. You don’t intellectually detect shit tests and apply some formula; you actually ARE in a place of amused mastery.

So no, you don’t need game in marriage; you need to be a grown-up man, aka an alpha male. ( You don’t have to be the AMOG; you just need to have the general characteristics of an alpha male, for real. )

Yep. Making a man of yourself is the whole point of this website.

As for the bolded part, I wrote this in my article:

People talk about the importance of game in marriage. Game is not important at all in marriage. But game is crucial before marriage.

Either you get it or you don’t.



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  1. (Most) every man comes into a mature game mentality at some point in his life. The alpha males are the guys who ‘get it’ early and easily. Other guys need time, experience, and mentoring before they can pick it up. The teaching is what’s missing in today’s western society, and examples are getting rare.

  2. What’s missing from this post is a description of the often hard and painful journey of a boy from complete idiot, i.e. beta male to being a man that is a master of the game or alpha male.

    When I first started to seriously think about girls I was the inexperienced idiot who knew absolutely nothing about how to relate to the opposite sex. When you’re a pudgy inexperienced young man making his first ever approach to what seems like a nice young girl, and you get humiliated in front of everybody for your audacity, then that is enough to shut down most guys for a while. When everybody inadvertently lies to you about what girls want and you believe it and you then get repeadedly shot down in FLAMES, you just give up. That was me! I gave up and never approached another lady for all of my 20s. With my confidence destroyed, I concentrated on school first and then career. As I was approaching the third decade of my life a friend got me into weight lifting, and while I was not fat, I couldn’t be called fit either. Anyway, through weight lifting a transformation came over me. As women started to look at me, my confidence levels rose to the point where I once again started asking women to go out. Add a Corvette and women started throwing themselves at me. Through a sometimes still painful process, I learned how to treat women the way they like and want to be treated. The “piece de resistance” came when one young lady told me that she loved watching my muscles as we fucked.

    I eventually met a young lady who tried so very hard to show me what a good wife she would make and of course I took her up on the offer. After many, many years we’re still happily married and it looks like it will last to the end of our days. You know that you still have it, when your woman rips your clothes off and drags you into bed.

    I think I’m at the point where I “get it”, but it was not always like that. The journey was hard, very hard and I nearly gave up for good. I have my one friend to thank for starting me on my journey, and to him I will be forever grateful.

    We need to realize that we are born as boys, not men, and that the journey to manhood is hard. The question then is, how do we in this matriarchal society help young boys to cast off their childish ways and become the men that not only build the society in which we live but that women will lust over as well.

  3. MatrixTransform

    We are moving house.
    From rental to one that we bought.
    The missus’ job yesterday was contacting the rental agent to give notice.
    and she’s fucking about like crazy.
    after an hour of trying to rationalise with her it turns out she’s worried about the agent turfing us out in an untimely manner….so she doesnt want to advise them until the last minute. FFS

    …basically, an irrational fear drives her such that she’d rather argue with me than take care of business.

    wash rinse repeat … and she’s a good one.

    Long Game … waking up Alpha …same thing

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