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Podcast #77 – The sacred cows episode.

The one where I continue on the theme of eviscerating Stefan Molynieux for being a white knight beta male. It’s got thrills, it’s got spills, it’s got awful truths and reality checks. Go on, you know you want to.


He gets it.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The big government edition.


  1. Moritz Krämer

    For everyone who wishes to defend Molyneux: Adam is a self-confessed contrarian. He would leave Molyneux alone in a heartbeat if you stopped making him a sacred cow.

  2. techiedude

    I didn’t bother with the Molyneaux video, even after you posted it. Some of his stuff is good, some if not most I find tedious. Basically his best stuff is around 15 min. I can’t hang for much longer. Same with Cappy. I can’t take an over an hour of babble, Adam’s excepted. I’ll listen while working, but then I tune out and Molyneaux becomes background noise. He could be more concise.

    That said, the standpoint of defending that girl in the Aziz matter is nuts. I’ve drilled in my daughters that going over to a dude’s place, getting nekkid, and doing stuff is an implied “Yes”. It’s also called predisposition. She put herself in a situation where “no” is debatable. The whole matter made me size her up, and her story. Clearly, she went to that party to star-f and trade up. Made a date with another dude while there. Went to the dude’s crib and gave him a hummer, first date.

    She’s a slut. Period. And sizing her up, a garden variety utility slut as well. Why you’d analyze that any further is beyond me. If Molyneaux isn’t a white knight always, he was in that commentary. Adam is on the money. She realized what she did with a beta and was ashamed, seeking to blame him. Then compounded her shame by broadcasting it to the world. If the #metoo movement didn’t jump the shark at that stage, it took a big hit.

    No dude I’ve ever met ever wondered how some chick who came up to his place first date, or any chick is “Spiritually fulfilled”. Hell, I’ve been married almost thirty years and that thought has never entered my mind.

  3. LMAO during your description of the Men’s Dinner or whatever it was called. There’s a book I’ve been meaning to read called The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg where he argues that the third place, outside of home and work, the English pub, the French local bistro, was where men and women, married and unmarried, could get together and socialize with their neighbors. He says that men and women self segregated and that it was an opportunity for married couples to have social conversation outside of the relationship, and therefore valuable for strengthening marriage. Those places were destroyed in America with the building of suburbs after WWII. Anyway, it’s on my list and it seemed to fit in with what you were talking about regarding the inviting of “dates” to a men’s dinner.

  4. Matt

    Adam. Thanks for calling Stefan out. I was driving home last week and thought hang on a sec – Stefan is full of shit when it comes to relationships. I don’t wanna follow his advise. Whilst I do enjoy occasionally his views on other topics, no one else has brought his white knighting to attention.
    It’s a hard thing to say but you did it. Kudos to you Sir. And yes it cuts through the noise by you calling him out.

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