A bit late on the old Friday links this week, but better late than never. Can you count on the Friday links? More than you can count on governments to make you happy. I’m a small government kind of guy. Get the hell out of the way and for sure get the hell off my lawn. In Australia they’re almost at the stage where they’re going to tell you what type of lawn you’re allowed to have and how often you’re allowed to cut it it; read never because lawns are bad because climate change.
I wrote a piece this week on the UK police. I won’t link to it because linking to myself on the Friday links is bad form. I just decided that. But now it’s a rule. See how this government stuff gets out of control?
I may have had one or two scotches. Just sayin’.

Let’s lead right off with a couple of choice images that I once again sourced from Ace.

Notice the mayor of London announcement at the bottom left. Elect a muslim to lead you and you’re going to get it good and hard. I don’t think the mayor does history of literature as this would have made an excellent cover for 1984. Or maybe he did do the history and knows exactly what he’s doing. The eyes are a nice touch. The only thing missing is a bomb exploding on the bus.
Did I say that? Oh-oh.

You could get a 5 year sentence and a prison record for saying things that you’re not allowed to say.
Do you know what’s happening in Great Britain right now? Nazi Germany in 1935. That comparison has been thrown around so much over time that it almost means nothing now. But I’m very serious. The message in that piece of propaganda is if you talk out of line they’ll send you to the camps. Big government and all that.


I spoke about free trade last week, scroll back on the blog to find it, you lazy sods. Other people have been blathering on about free trade as well, including Ben Shapiro. And he’s been talking total shit. And someone has taken him apart on it.

Shapiro has it entirely backward: tariffs are the form of taxation most consistent with small government. There are a few reasons why this is so.
First, tariffs are an entirely avoidable tax: if you don’t want to pay them, buy American. Simple. I wish the same could be said of income, property, or general sales taxes.
Second, tariffs are antithetical to big government because they preclude socialism. How? Tariffs make imports expensive. This encourages domestic production and discourages offshoring—thereby boosting demand for American labor. Basically, tariffs create stable jobs and increase wages for American workers. Further, because labor-intensive industries are the first to be offshored, as economist Ian Fletcher notes, tariffs inevitably protect more jobs than free trade generates.

Beautiful, just beautiful.


California fires a teacher that hated on the US marines.

Gregory Salcido is a Democrat. A member of the city council in the Los Angeles suburb of Pico Rivera, Salcido ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2002, but lost the primary. Salcido’s politics are relevant to the repeated controversies that have plagued his career as a history teacher at El Rancho High School. In 2005, a parent complained that Salcido had initiated a classroom discussion of masturbation. In 2010, Salcido was suspended after reportedly telling a student, “shut up Kelly before I kill you.” In 2012, Salcido was again in trouble for hitting a student and allegedly making fun of the boy’s obesity. These incidents could be regarded in hindsight as “red flags” warning that Salcido was headed toward the self-destruction he reached in January this year.

He got fired in California? The Trump effect is widening.


D&D has been co-opted by the SJW crowd.

The company that owns the trademark, Wizards of the Coast, has decided to piss on the customers that actually buy and support the game by introducing gender fluid elves.

On the one hand this is not good news, although I have to say that I’m rather surprised that it took this long. On the other hand I still have all of my original D&D publications so what the hell do I care? I’ll still play, (if I ever find a game again). I just won’t purchase any more of their shit.


Rollo spells out the dangers of the blue pill.

Imagine if this guy had actually broken the window and cut himself (and maybe a few bystanders) to ribbons. I mention this because it’s the reaction I’d expect from the Blue Pill mind that makes a guy believe that killing or hurting himself will in someway emphasize the seriousness with which he wants to resolve the issue he believes is crucial to his happiness with a woman. This is one of the main reasons I’ve always said kill the Beta before it kills you. There’s a very real danger that a Beta mindset will lead to you or someone else’s injury or death.

The blue pill is simply a slow form of suicide.


Lesbian accuses another lesbian of being “an unqualified lesbian”.

You might be wondering, though: “What if Cynthia Nixon actually wins?” That would be even better — imagine the impact in blue-collar Midwestern “swing” districts of having a celebrity lesbian score a historic victory in the New York Democrat primary. Nothing could better serve to inspire a homophobic right-wing backlash in the Heartland.

It’s about mid-level American politics which I don’t normally give a shit about, but the lesbians eating their own, (CWIDT?) I just love.


And now for the hawt chicks!

Just kidding, that was hawt future cat ladies.
This is hawt chicks:


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