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Podcast #78 – The hardship episode.

Is hardship necessary to become a man? I argue that it is imperative to suffer trials and tribulations in life to grow as a man. A man is not subsidized. You absolutely must stand on your own two feet and the sooner the better.


Do you need to be poor to succeed?


Enough with the big crying act already.


  1. Brandon

    Lord Help us. Another Aussie Cricketer unable to cope with hardship and therefore… crying…crying! Has the world gone mad!

    Test Cricket used to be a war to the death between nations/races, sweat, swearing, rib injuries, stroke play and bowling skill: “Gooch, bowled Ambrose, caught Dujon ….0!” (I was there!)

    And cheats took their punishment and sloped off…

    What has happened to Australia?

  2. TechieDude

    Pain and embarrassment are powerful teachers. Kids need to experience them to build resilience and coping skills. Much of the millennial generation is missing this.

    Tale of two best friends.

    My longtime friend and I went to the same grade school, and college. He dropped after a year, figuring he didn’t want to spend his cash on schooling where he had no end destination. (We both had to pay the lions share of our college expenses). His old man got sick of him sitting around and put his ass to work at one of his companies (he was an executive of two of them) delivering parts. At one point his mom was complaining ‘…such a waste of his mind..” to which his old man bawled “Jesuschrist Mary, whaddya want me to do? Make him a VP? The kid doesn’t know how to do anything!”

    He’s been with the company since, having earned his way up the ladder (His dad retired long ago).

    My son’s friend fucked out of college the same way, pretty much. Went in the army, and when he didn’t like his MOS (A plum gig if you ask me. Not a combat one, but one on a special forces unit.). He stopped PT, porked up a bit and got cut loose.

    Kid farted around. Got a city job with his sister (I think they all work there) living at home with the parents (and used to be both sisters, now one). Started school. The old man gave him an allowance. I’ve never seen such a group of float along with the flotsam kids. nearly zero motivation and initiative. His old man retired. Got sick of the situation and started badgering them to do something with their lives. Dude is going on 25. No job. lives at home.

    You have to give your kids the tools and skills, then set expectations that they will do something with them. It’s what my dad did. It’s what I did. I couldn’t imaging living at home at that age. Age 25, I had settled into a career that started taking off after a few stabs at this or that job.

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