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Cricket – a clash of cultures.

In my post on Thursday regarding the Australian cricketers caught cheating I had this to say:

At least ex-vice captain David Warner has had the sense not to publicly wallow in his own misery by throwing one of these atrocious press conferences.

Oops. Looks like I spoke too soon.

Not only were there lots and lots of tears, (and lots of lots of not answering questions – what’s the point of holding a press conference if you refuse to answer any questions?), but Warner started off proceedings by emerging from behind the screen with his wife, who he then used to make a very public kiss of good luck. Seriously, watching that was more painful than being landed on by Triggly Puff after she’d just been shot out of a cannon.

The theatrics just never stop with these losers. Leave the wife at home where she belongs, you stupid prick.

However, there was one more press conference to get through; Cameron Bancroft, the youngest and newest member of the Australian cricket team, and the one who played the role of the patsy. He was also the only one of the four who didn’t turn on the waterworks. Well done, young man.

Cam gets 10 out of 10 for not crying. Unfortunately he loses 9 points for sharing his press conference with his mum. These guys really are just kids who never grew up, aren’t they.

There has been lots of references to something called ‘the Australian cricket family’ in all of these public demonstrations of falling slightly on your sword and then acting like all four limbs had been cut off. Apparently this cricket family is going to “rally around” these players, and “let them heal” and stuff like that.

Whenever in the past I have had the displeasure of working for a company that referred to itself as a family, (usually “one big family”), the modus operandi was always the same: you would be expected to slave for them as if you were a family member contributing to the family business but without any of the long term rewards or benefits of contributing to a family business. The use of the term by employers is a very good giveaway that you are about to be screwed over in horrible ways.

In those instances I always delighted in pointing out to them that if this were the case then nobody could be fired as you can’t fire someone from your actual family. This little snippet always went down like a Malaysian airliner over Russia.

The widespread use of the same family terminology by anyone even remotely connected with Cricket Australia leads me to believe that a once noble organisation has fallen lower than even I imagined. If the culture in the Australian team is rotten then this merely reflects the wider organisation, precisely because Cricket Australia keeps such a tight rein over how the team is run.

Bancroft didn’t cry because he has only been in the team for a very short time and thus has not become completely corrupted. The tears from Smith, Lehmann and Warner are tears of rage and frustration upon the discovery that they are being held accountable for their actions, a somewhat incredible turn of events in this day and age.

Anglo-Saxon cultures like Australia have historically had a deep rooted sense of fairness and an intolerance of corruption. But with the widespread importation of millions of foreigners into Australia whose cultures are more or less based on corruption, this Anglo-Saxon trait has been steadily watered down. Which is perhaps one of the reasons that these transgressors have been so surprised by the turn of events.

For evidence of this simply open up the Youtube link of the David Warner press conference and scan down the list of accompanying comments. The vast majority of them call for the media to stop harassing these players, that Warner is their favorite cricketer and that they want to see him play, and that everyone cheats so what is the big deal?

And every name associated with such a comment is Indian.

No wonder they can’t understand why traditional Anglo-Saxon Australians are so angry.


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  1. David Moore

    The only thing missing from this farce is Warner’s wife getting another seeing too in the bog by SBW during the press conference.

  2. David

    Spot on. They deserve a very hostile reception from oz cricket supporters. I would ban the three of them for life.

    The Australian cricket captain is the most prestigious honor in Australia. We’ve had bad captains before but none before would have tolerated ball tampering for a split second.

    These guys no longer recognize the culture that they spawn from.

    Just can’t wait for the upcoming redemption soap operas next year…..courageous, full of character, took it on the chin, blah, blah, blah….

    • David Moore

      “We’ve had bad captains before but none before would have tolerated ball tampering for a split second.”

      I don’t buy that for a second. This culture did not arrive overnight, its been there for yeas.

  3. Is there always this much crying in Cricket? Next thing you know they’re going to have a TV show where they gossip, and get in catfights.

  4. Ian Hipwell

    The best review of the ball tampering saga I’ve seen so far is this one –

  5. The best review of the ball tampering saga I’ve seen so far is this one –

  6. David Moore

    I understand both Smith and Warner have lawyer’ed up and are going after Cricket Australia;

    “Warner’s group of advisors includes his manager, James Henderson, Melbourne-based QC Matt Connock and one other silk, a psychologist and a financial advisor, who is crunching the numbers on a range of scenarios for the ousted opener.”

    These guys are making this a case study in failure to accept accountability.

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