The exposure of the real Jordan Peterson.

My piece on Jordan Peterson got linked to by the great man himself. Let’s see how he examined my arguments and firmly rebutted them. After all, I am in the business of putting out ideas, a good part of which is to see whether or not I am on the right track; people’s reactions are a big part of my own learning curve.

Based on that I can now safely declare that I am right over the target.

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The dope.

A great podcast from The Cynical Libertarian where he explains his hate boner for dope smokers and cannabis feminists.

This quote I particularly liked:

Dope is like the smart phone. It’s a tool used by inferior people to protect themselves from being alone with the person they hate most.

Not Trump. The person they hate most is themselves.

I had exactly this conversation with someone on the weekend, but he refused to believe me. He even got a little bit upset. When someone gets upset you can be very sure that your hammer has hit the nail.

Not only is Jordan Peterson not an alpha male, he’s a member of the left intelligentsia.

On the latest episode of The Greasy Pole podcast I discussed with The Great One the claim that Jordan Peterson is an alpha male as claimed in this article – Jordan Peterson is the alpha male that America needs.

Part political commentator, part psychologist, all alpha male — Peterson recently called the author of a New York Books piece on him a “sanctimonious prick” for mislabeling him a “fascist” — he is a veritable trifecta of intellect, political thought, and commentary on the Right.

This is the only part of the piece, (written by a woman), that even remotely attempts to back up the claim of his supposed alphaness. As I said to The Great One, Peterson is at best a situational alpha. Stand him up in front of a captivated crowd of Millennial university students or point him at some dim-witted prog harpy on a TV show catering for people with an IQ in double digits and he will appear to be the great alpha that he is claimed to be. But an actual alpha male?

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The King’s Day edition.

Welcome to the weekly hawt chicks & links thread, the most keenly anticipated weekly publication in all of the entire worldsz. What makes the hawt hicks & links thread so great? Is it the links? Is it the hawt chicks? Or is it my sharp wit, honed on the bare souls of countless leftist fucks over many millennia. May Crom be my guide.

Today is King’s Day in Holland. The streets are festooned with the Dutch flag, people are walking around dressed in orange and drinking beer, and there are hordes of young Dutch blonde hotties with smiles and open arms. What’s not to like?

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100% of Australians believe that immigration is too high.

The role of mass immigration is a strategy by our lords and masters to replace irascible native populations with other tribes that will hopefully prove to be more compliant. It’s important to digest the reality of replacement. Look on the television at the politicians that you see; they hate those of your ilk, those with your same white skin color. Do not be deceived with the false hope that they are on your side because they share your skin color. Their white is a different and special white. They are the good whites. They are the chosen whites. They have chosen themselves.

The entire upper management of the public service is cut from the same cloth. The politicians supposedly dream up the replacement policies, but in reality they are germinated by those in the bureaucratic class. These are long term plans that were put in place in the early 1990s. They have had 25 years to run at it in Australia, and now we have reached a point where Sydney appears to be Hong Kong and Melbourne a province of Mumbai.

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