Podcast #81 – The faggot episode.

A faggot reckons that his SJW ideologues have successfully stopped the use of the term faggot by the mean and nasty alt right to describe his wimpy ilk. I disabuse him of this notion.
Also, a reader inquires as to whether he should start up an English consulting business ala yours truly.

Link mentioned:

A miserable excuse for a man spends a day trying to become a man by raising his testosterone levels and fails like the faggot that he is.

When will it be time to short Tesla?

This article popped up on my feed on the weekend:

More hilarious facts about Tesla from a hedge fund manager who’s short the stock.

All companies in a capitalistic system need to earn profits and those profits need to be attractive relative to the amount of shareholder capital employed. Tesla has never earned an annual profit. Along with digital currencies and Unicorns, Tesla appears to be caught up in a gold-rush-fever type of emotional response, both from a “they will take over the world” and a “they will save the world” combination of hopes, instead of their owners looking at the numbers …

… As anyone with automotive experience knows, profit margins are far higher on bigger, more expensive cars. Therefore, the faster Tesla makes Model 3’s, the more money they will lose.

I’ve been saying this for a while now. Elon Musk is the biggest fraud the world has ever seen. He recently approved an increase in his annual salary to $5 billion per year, more than every other CEO of a top fortune 500 company combined.

And this is the problem that I have with shorting Tesla stock – the timing.

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Comment of the week – The podcast.

I’ve been quite satisfied with how the podcast is developing. Now that I’m used to the format and the length of time the process is coming to me more naturally. Some of the feedback that I’ve been getting backs up this line of thought.

From ckfarmer on episode #80 of my normal podcast:

This was a superb podcast, I wish this stuff was around in the 1990’s before I got married. This episode contains real truth that all men should hear. Anyway, I will certainly be teaching my son all about my new found knowledge as he gets into his later teenage years. I have benefited myself from this knowledge, but only in the last few years.

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Working out – In the zone.

Saturday morning is my big day at the gym. I go there at 8 in the morning. At that hour in the town in Holland where I live, nobody is moving around if they can help it. The gym is nearly always empty which is why I am there at that hour. I need to get in the zone.

I can’t get completely in the zone on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, my other gym days. I’m tired from a full day at work, both physically and mentally, and there are a lot more people at the gym which makes it hard for me to concentrate. Mondays and Wednesdays are the days that I grind it out. I use them to set me up for Saturday. On Saturday I want to hit it out of the park. And the only way that I can do that is by being in the zone.

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