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The good wife has been in a home renovation mood for some time now, eagerly devouring magazines and television shows on the subject. For the most part I find the programs completely banal, even ludicrous. But there is one show that I rate and that is Fixer Upper, a little show with a big heart. Chip and Joanna Gaines are a God-faring married couple from Waco, Texas. They have five beautiful children and another on the way, and they renovate homes for their clients. As renovators they seem more than passable, but it is their devotion to family and moral values that really sets them apart.

But one revealing aspect of the show are the house prices in that part of the world; they’re dirt cheap, with large properties with lots of land going for under 300K.

Which might not be so good for Texans in the long run. Californians who have destroyed their own state are now fleeing in large numbers and most of them have Texas firmly in their sights.

Census data shows that San Bernardino has indeed changed. From 2000 to 2016, its population surged by 25%. It also became poorer, more diverse, less affordable, and more Democratic.

San Bernardino 2000 2016
Population 1,709,434 2,140,096
White (%) 59 29

Those stats don’t look too great, do they. How about a smaller locality?

Collin 2000 2016
Population 491,675 939,585
White (%) 81 58

And the voting trends for the same years?

Vote for Republican presidential candidate 73% 56%

So not healthy then. Californians that move to Texas will undoubtedly vote for the very same policies that have caused all the problems that caused them to flee in the first place. If native Texans had any sense then they would amend the legislature to only allow individuals who were born and raised in Texas and with family ties going back multiple generations to run for government positions.

That the white population has halved in a generation in staggering, (the article these stats come from conveniently skirts around this inconvenient truth.) Texans will only be able to keep their way of life if the majority of the population remains Texan. And in some of these areas that doesn’t look like it’s happening.

On my Friday links post I received this comment from regular commenter Paul:

Lets wish Orban gets a good majority and continues to ignore the
Junk at the Europe Union of Globalists. I also hope that white people under 40 will start emigrating to Hungary, Poland and Czech republic to help build and be part the new civilisations.

I can’t agree with the bolded part at all. Hungary should be for the Hungarians, Poland for the Poles, and The Czech Republic for the Czechs. Likewise, Morocco for the Moroccans, India for the Indians, China for the Chinese, and Australia for the Australians. And when I mean Australians I don’t mean made-up bastardised versions such as “Chinese Australians” or whatnot.

As Hungarians are nothing like the Poles, Californians are very dissimilar to Texans. The entirety of the United States of America is composed of different tribes with roots going back hundreds of years. It worked in the past because the federal government largely stayed out of regional affairs but all that ended in the 1960s.

Whites are not interchangeable in large numbers, like any other population. Far from emigrating en masse and weakening the few European countries that are not making a mess of their demographics, young whites need to fight for what is theirs in their own homelands. Because if you don’t fight then you’ll eventually lose everything, as the South African Boers can attest. Australia has done the right thing and offered sanctuary to the South African farmers being persecuted in their own homeland, an offer that they would be wise to take.

But what hope for their culture? Their children will not be South African. They will be a product of their new environment, and perhaps they too will have an adverse effect on their destination’s culture.

Chip and Joanna Gaine’s children are a product of a safe, nurturing and homogenous environment. It remains to be seen whether their own children will have the benefit of the same sort of upbringing.


He has risen.


Podcast #79 – The magical days episode.


  1. I wouldn’t use San Bernardino County as an example. Parts of it would fall in the shithole category and it’s always been that way. Where most of the population lives there are numerous areas where it’s dirty, crowded, and crime ridden. There are some really nice areas, but they keep the riffraff out by high housing prices, and local ordinances. If you prevent the ubiquitous blue tarps to cover leaking roofs it’s amazing what else you can prevent. I’ll let you guess what the demographics look like.

    I for one am glad many of these people are leaving California because we’re staying. My wife’s family were some of the early white settlers well before the gold rush.

    • Carl

      Why wouldn’t it be a good example?
      Didn’t the city literally go bankrupt, largely because of overpaid public employees?

      • Carl,
        Adam’s statistics are for the whole of San Bernardino County which runs from the Nevada and Arizona borders to near Los Angeles. It’s the biggest county in the U.S. The city of San Bernardino (about 200,000 people) went into bankruptcy. Like most counties and municipalities in California servicing the benefits of former and current employees is rapidly becoming untenable. That is not a particularly California problem.

        The reason most people are leaving California is simple. It’s mostly baby boomers who think there is a free lunch in some other state. When they get there they find out there isn’t one, so they start voting for their free stuff which naturally cascades.

  2. Dave

    I have a similar outlook on the South African predicament Adam. For starters, any white South African who voted to end apartheid should absolutely be rejected by Australia. They destroyed their country, and would only do the same to ours.

    If however they are sincerely sorry (and yes, I appreciate the massive propaganda campaign waged at the time to convince them to vote that way), then they should be eligible for private and public funding to reclaim their country.

    South Africans are our brothers. They were side by side with us in both world wars, as were the Rhodesians. We in the Anglosphere have undoubtedly betrayed them. If we don’t stop and reverse this trend right now, South Africa is the fate of all European peoples.

    • Screwtape

      Spot on. I agree that a man who cuts out his own eyes must learn to live as a blind man, but to your point, the SA situation was not exactly self-imposed.

      SA was attacked by its western “friends” for decades. It underwent a protracted, sophisticated, and widespread propaganda campaign waged by countries like Australia, the USA, and most of western Europe.

      The liberal-tolerant-progressive tentacles sucked the sovereignty right out of her. Just as it is doing to us. Those whites who voted were simply doing the “right” thing and making way for Progress. They wanted to be on the “right side of history”. Not to mention the sanctions and other pressures placed on them as weaponized faux morality.

      And you are correct. S.A. is a canary. She has her own unique aspects that make her particularly fragile, but the story there – and how we are not hearing anything about it, is very telling. We have our own microcosms here, but we are not allowed to notice.

      Aus, most of Europe and the USA are not that far behind. Here in the USA, we didn’t have apartheid, but we now have a welfare state, civil rights act, equal opportunity/rights/employment/housing etc. and now the zeroith amendment that grans citizenship protections and rights based on the mere desire to come here. Enforcing borders is racist. Upholding tradition is intolerance. Freedom of religion is subordinate to the feelings of militant queers.

      We have illegal aliens openly and brazenly demanding their entitlements on a regular basis and our “white” people are cheering them on.

      Meanwhile, the kids are not ok. The first and second Amd are under duress and “it is not OK to be white”. So yeah, Poland for the Poles. For now. But how long until I actually do have more in common with my ancestral homelands than my own neighbors?

      I live in a state that is being crushed from both sides. Coastal migration of elitist progressive paper wealth from California (and the east), as well as the slow drip of the soy-laden gentle pears of the midwest with their “cant we all get along” ignorance of anything outside of cheese curds and the NFL.

      We’ve gone from a homogenous string of communities united by a love for the USA and the rugged beauty and God-given bounty of the west, to a cosmopolitan authoritarian city-state that hammers down the rest of the state the same way DC does to the rest of the “flyover”.

      My city went over 70% for the Hildebeast. Yard signs of BLM scatter my hood. The black mayor is coming under fire for massive corruption and “personal misconduct” [cue shock!] as the city has been open season for developers and opportunists to pillage.

      Our self-imposed government is rapidly approaching illegitimacy. If it isn’t already there. An unlawful, illegitimate government that fails to uphold the borders and protect the constitution renders this nation rather inert; what kind of nation has no borders, no culture, no language, and no respect for its founding documents?

      So, IDK, Poland or Czech may not look so bad. Yeah yeah, I’m supposed to stay here and breed and fight for posterity, but at what point are we cutting out our own eyes?

      I rarely even meet a man who has the tiny rocks to even speak against the behemoth in a public setting. The fleeting sense of “community” is real. If the answer is “get out of the cities” then it is not that different than “get out of the USA” as many already preach. Perpetual retreat is not a winning strategy.

      Seems I’m increasingly finding myself occupying the no-mans-land between the circular firing squad of “poolside while it burns” and “outbreed them on your little slice of sovereignty”.

      In the meantime. I enjoy your work here.

      • Dave

        Strong post screwtape.

        Thoroughly agree with your analysis and sentiments. I don’t know the answers, but I concur with Mark Steyn in that escaping to small redoubts of sanity in (currently) friendly, traditional regions like Texas is not a winning strategy. We can’t continue to surrender the real estate of the great Western cities and nations and somehow think that traditional minded areas in Australia, USA or Europe will somehow be spared.

        We need to reclaim and restore all of our cities and nations. How we do this with so much of our populations being effectively zombies, and our governments engaged in what is effectively wholesale treason via open borders and multiculturalism is beyond me however.

        Thanks to people like Adam however, we do have the ability to keep the embers of Western civilisation burning by being informed and communicating with our extended family across the world. Similar to the dispersed monks faithfully keeping texts alive after the fall of the Roman empire.

  3. Patrick C Carroll

    Where to go, then?

  4. TechieDude

    Texas is a different case, although it’s disheartening to see the influx of left coasters here. In the town where I lived, these transplants (from long ago) are busy turning the place into a hipster mecca, utterly clueless as to what will happen when the hipsters age and move on. There’s a lot of corporations moving here, which add to the congestion, but also cause other things that balance out – like great restaurants and whatnot.

    All that activity created a booming real estate market. Even so, the median home price around here is like 247K. You get a lot for your money.

    That said, each state is different and Texas’ constitution forbids a lot of silliness from ever getting started. For instance, the legislature meets every other year. It’s not a full time gig. And the budget must be in balance. It’s the one place I’ve lived where things mostly work. For every blue state ninny I run into, I meet maybe half a dozen that appreciate how things run, and are assimilating. The one thing they will find out is that public assistance is anything but lavish. My recollection from being laid off a decade or so ago was that you got six months unemployment, only if your employer had paid it. A native that I was friends with back then put it this way – “Dallas is one of the greatest areas to live in the country, but it can be incredibly cruel to non producers (like unemployed).

    So the boom will hit stasis or bust, and the transplants will most certainly learn. I’m not being a Pollyanna, The culture will change, but slower than it otherwise would.

  5. TechieDude

    Chip and Joanna Gaine’s world is red state america. While Texas has a slightly different culture, I’ve found similar environments to where they live all over the US. Texas is special because our urban areas aren’t as gooched as other states.

    This is why their show resonates. Normal people buying normal houses. One can relate.

    Unlike the other real estate shows. When I was going through Chemo, it seemed every office had those shows playing. I saw hours and hours of the damned things. They feature every color of the rainbow (Except trannies, for some reason. Although I’m sure it’s coming)

    I find it hard to relate to two relatively affluent homos prattling on about fixing up their $500K house.

  6. D.D.

    This is already happening. Not just in Texas though. The lefties have already ruined the eastern slopes of Colorado. I’ve also been told that they are starting to move to Boise, Idaho. It’s really sad actually. They made their bed in California, they should have to sleep in it. But they get to ruin other great places. They really are like a virus, mindlessly spreading across the land.

  7. Ben David

    Texas should require 7 years residence for state voting.

  8. I like the Gaines’ show though I’m more a “Building Alaska” kind of guy. I think Adam raises some good issues. As a half Jamaican/white English – UK born former subject of the Crown but now a serf in the European Union – I understand the pulls of contradictory group preference. I seek to resolve this in Christ and being willing to challenge myself and others – which places me in a minority of one in most social settings.

    It is clear to me that living in the UK is vastly superior to virtually anywhere on the planet – with the possible exception of Texas or Alaska. I note Adams comments about Italy and the Dutch and I recognize a change is coming in Europe because the Globalist have over stepped the mark. If the no borders posse have their way the whole world will look like Mexico City. I fear that those who after the migration of themselves or their parents are law-abiding, contributors and respecters of the cultures they have grown up in will be placed in an intolerable position.

    I’m surprised Adam did not notice that Joanna’s father is half Lebanese and half German and her mother is a Korean migrant. Or for that matter Chip was actually born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before moving to Texas as a child. Here’s a picture of the Gaines family:

    The magic dirt idea is nonsensical because it provided no test of understanding, values or loyalty to the nation someone is migrating to. In the age of Skype and Email, it is possible for whole villages to relocate into a western town with no requirement or desire to integrate or assimilate.

    In the case of Britain and the Commonwealth, I have met people who migrated from India, the Caribbean, Ghana, Zimbabwe, or Pakistan who, due to a neo-colonial education, know more about England and western culture, it’s history, literature, and language than the average British born person. These migrants tend to be shocked and disdainful when they discover the average native’s indifference or even hostile to their own history. Oikophobia has accelerated with the assertion of Globalism. National pride, patriotism, and identity are now recast as a bad thing.

    My move to the right politically and willingness to listen to debates hosted by the Alt Right flows from a recognition that the mutual respect I found growing up in a working-class, marginally multi-ethnic society, in a small provincial English town is diametrically threatened by aggressive Islamism, postmodernist neo-communism, and rampant multiculturalism.

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