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Podcast #80 – The survivor episode.

Are you a survivor or are you coasting in life on the back of other people’s largesse? Are you making the right choices and pulling your own weight? What do you do if your partner isn’t keeping her side of the bargain?
Also, unconditional love is the ultimate beta male behavior.

Link mentioned: Reader email from Chateau Heartiste, (email #5).


Death of a riverguide.


Life is a race, life is a game, life is a fight.


  1. After you describing him, it was obvious to pick him out on the pic – smoke in his hand, cocky expression, babe sittin’ between his legs…
    Keep up the good work.

  2. ckfarmer

    This was a superb podcast, I wish this stuff was around in the 1990’s before I got married. This episode contains real truth that all men should hear. Anyway, I will certainly be teaching my son all about my new found knowledge as he gets into his later teenage years. I have benefited myself from this knowledge, but only in the last few years.

  3. MarkT

    Thanks for identifying why I let my boys listen to you. I hadn’t concretised it myself, but you’re essentially right. It’s good balance to the feminised namby-pamby environment they get at Montessori school, and they enjoy listening to you (including the swearing) in part because it’s a little bit ‘naughty’ compared to that environment. To the credit of Montessori education though, and also my influence, they’ve now developed an ability to think for themselves that surpasses most adults. As I’ve commented previously, the effect on you was perhaps similar, even though you have unfond memories of Montessori. This more than counter-acts the negatives of whatever concretes they’re taught at school. Hence my 9 year old (who’s particular bright) can understand a lot of what you’re talking about.

    At that age and younger it’s not the content that matters so much but the method. Once they have the ability to think for themselves, you only need to expose them to different ideas for the right ones to germinate. I was perhaps similarly bright when younger, but lacked any perspective whatsoever on the male-female dynamic – the area in which you are strongest. If they can now absorb in their pre-sexual years a little of what I’m now only learning from you in my 40’s (whilst ignoring the politics where you’re wrong), they will have an amazing head-start to life I’m looking forward to seeing.

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