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Gentleman adventurer

The Greasy Pole podcast #3 – The Holy Vagina episode.

The Great One and and I discuss the holiness of vaginas and how modern society demands that they be worshiped.
Also, how can I make Rollo like me?


Your tattoos are horrible.


Their tyranny is garbage.


  1. Chris

    What would I be in WW2?
    Pilot of the Enola Gay.

  2. nebia hill

    “What would you be in WW2 – if you survived?”

    A pilot in a P47 Thunderbolt do straffing runs over Europe?

    Straffing footage in rare color: 8 to 12.05 minutes in and 14.15 to 17.20 minutes.

    In real life there was at close quarters, very very intense return fire but hey, we are just talking.

    As for Tiger Tanks.

    “P47 V Tiger Tank”.

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