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Friday hawt chicks & links – The give peace a chance edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links thread is brought to you by the numbers 6 and 9, the letter X, the all new McDonald’s fillet o’ fish, the pope, the king of Norway, the Association of Scottish line-dancers, and the new amazing beer – where have you been all of my life – that I just discovered, Gulpener’s Chateau Neubourg pilsner. Holey moley this is a cracking beer.

And with that it’s linky time.

Matt Forney has abandoned the social network site Gab.

It’s interesting that Torba cannot fix basic problems with Gab (such as sluggish performance, the inability to resize avatar pictures, or the fact that the site regularly goes offline) but was able to find my article and whine about it almost immediately after it was published. He’s a typical millennial: unprofessional, petty, and thin-skinned, and Gab is his personal hugbox.

It looks like Vox Day was right. I’ll keep my account but it ain’t looking good. I think that social media is just a cancer anyway. It’s not possible to have a nice cancer.


Trump ends 68 year war.

Mind you, if he’d waited a year he would have got the magic number …

“Pyongyang and Seoul have technically been at war since the 1950-1953 Korean conflict ended with a truce — and not a peace treaty. Geopolitical tensions have occasionally flared up since the armistice, although to date both countries have managed to avoid another devastating conflict.”

President Trump led this. Of this, let there be no mistake. He displayed his cunning, his negotiating skill, and his sense of humor. I would like to see Trump greet Kim next month by saying, “Hi, Rocket Man,” with Kim smiling and saying, “Nice to meet you, Dotard.”

But their meeting would be extraneous, a consolation prize to Kim to be elevated to the level of the USA.

Fine. It costs us nothing, keeps him happy, and drives the American press bananas.

Trump is a master negotiator. The world has had so many decades of leaders who were anything but that we have forgotten what a real one looks like.


To go back to a time when the two Koreas were not at war you’d have to hit the beginning of the 1950s. Perhaps Trump’s plan is to take us there. It would be sweet, eh, bro?

You can return to 1950s America any time.

With today’s technology, old school frugality and wisdom, and simply seeking out traditional people with traditional values you can enjoy a 1950’s life very easily. And while the leftists and liberals mock and ridicule you for having a house paid off, a pretty wife/handsome husband, well-reared kids, as you “live in the sticks,” let them enjoy their traffic jams, their $7 mochas, the $125,000 in student loans, and their miserable anti-American lives. Life is just to short otherwise.


Quote of the week courtesy of practical freedomista:

“It’s too late to work within the system, and too early to shoot the bastards.”


Carbs are sugar.

The old idea of the virtue of a low-fat diet is in the dustbin of history. There is no correlation between dietary fats and heart disease. However, there is a high correlation between being overweight and heart disease – especially “pear-shape” (abdominal) fat. Indeed, being overweight or fat correlates with many diseases: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, several cancers including breast cancer, arterial disease, joint ailments and arthritis, Alzheimer’s – the list goes on and on. Humans were not designed for dietary abundance, but for caloric scarcity.


Everything is hackable.

He then points out the example of a casino that was hacked via a network-connected thermostat in a fish tank. I know people in the security business (“Penetration Testers”, sometimes called “White Hat Hackers” who are hired by companies to test their defenses) – I’ve heard stories about how they have done precisely this sort of thing. One story from around 20 years ago was how they checked into a casino hotel and went to their room. The mini fridge had an Ethernet connection; they plugged their laptop into the network and found that they were on the main casino IT network. It seems that someone wanted to have electronic sensors reporting when someone took a beer from the fridge for automatic billing.

Smart door locks, smart thermostats, smart security cameras; chateau Adam has none of these and any other examples of their ilk. I have long been a Luddite as regards to technological fads. I’ll sit back and watch for a while and see how the wind blows things before I make a purchase. And by that stage whatever the item is will be cheap as chips anyways.


Lesbian SJW attempts a Gofundme to end an abusive relationship.

Thalia Gomez is a lesbian and a feminist (but I repeat myself).

Last week on her Tumblr blog (because of course she’s got a Tumblr blog) she posted a desperate plea for assistance:

Please Help Me Leave My Abusive Girlfriend
I’m reaching out mainly to the radfem community because you guys have been so empathetic towards me, so, hi, I know you guys don’t know me very well but my name is Thalia Gomez and a few months ago my gf started abusing me. To preface this, she’s got severe Anxiety and OCD. Once she graduated from college she spiraled into a depression where she couldn’t move from her couch and would just obsessively smoke weed.

Homos are fucked up, yous. Hey, I know; why don’t we let them adopt kids?


Comment of the week over at Chateau Heartiste:

This entire post [leftoid envy post] can be condensed into a single, eternal truism.

Whatever a liberal/progressive says, they mean the opposite. Period.

There are only fifty-eight bazillion examples.

“Trump colluded with Russians”
Translation: “Hilary colluded with Russians”.

“The alt-right are fascists”.
Translation: “We are fascists”.

“Trump isn’t mentally healthy enough to be President”.
Translation: “Hilary’s seizure disorder, Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism, and inability to competently handle classified material makes her unfit for the Presidency”.

“Trump is a vulgar pussy-grabber”.
Translation: ” Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein,and Bill Clinton are vulgar pussy grabbers”.

And….ad infinitum.

And another one – “Trump wants to start a war with Russia.”

Translation” The neocons want to start a war with Russia.

Feel free to add your own.



Their tyranny is garbage.


Working out – In the zone.

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