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100% of Australians believe that immigration is too high.

The role of mass immigration is a strategy by our lords and masters to replace irascible native populations with other tribes that will hopefully prove to be more compliant. It’s important to digest the reality of replacement. Look on the television at the politicians that you see; they hate those of your ilk, those with your same white skin color. Do not be deceived with the false hope that they are on your side because they share your skin color. Their white is a different and special white. They are the good whites. They are the chosen whites. They have chosen themselves.

The entire upper management of the public service is cut from the same cloth. The politicians supposedly dream up the replacement policies, but in reality they are germinated by those in the bureaucratic class. These are long term plans that were put in place in the early 1990s. They have had 25 years to run at it in Australia, and now we have reached a point where Sydney appears to be Hong Kong and Melbourne a province of Mumbai.

The white Australians being replaced are not those who live in Toorak and Vaucluse. They live in Monash in Melbourne and Canterbury-Bankstown in Sydney. And they have now woken up to the fact that they are being replaced.

The council areas with some of the highest rates of overseas ­migration are the same locations where more people are leaving to live elsewhere in the country, ­according to an analysis of new population data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics…

The City of Monash in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs holds the record for the largest losses by net internal migration — ranking last in 538th place — but is fifth in the nation by the net increase in overseas migrants. In one year a net 3424 people left the council area to live in ­another part of Australia while 6734 immigrants settled in the area to live.

Similarly, Sydney’s Canterbury-Bankstown local government area is ranked second highest for internal migration losses, with 3404 fewer residents, but 6195 more newly arrived foreign ­migrants, for which it is ranked sixth in the country.

The darkies move in and the whities move out. This is all according to plan for our lords and masters in the public service. The enclaves that they create will vote along perscripted lines as dictated by compliant community leaders who have been carefully chosen by the good whites. But what happens when their numbers reach a majority in the country has not been considered.

Melbourne gained 125,400 people last year, of which 80,000 arrived from overseas.

As Andrew Bolt notes, that explains why owning a car in Melbourne is now like owning a sailing boat in Meekatharra. These are huge numbers, and numbers which have been going on for over 20 years. According to the last official census Australia’s population now includes over 30% of people who were born overseas. Look around our cities and towns; they do not belong to us anymore. They are not populated by us and our progeny. They are filled with strange foreigners who inwardly detest us for our weakness at meekly allowing this invasion. Our leaders, politicians and public servants have given away our nation simply because they can.

An Essential poll notes that 64% of Australians think that immigration is too high.

But if over 30% of Australians are the immigrants themselves then that number is much closer to 100%. When you look at the distribution by age then it easily closes to 100%.

64% think that the level of immigration into Australia over the last ten years has been too high – up from 50% recorded in October 2016. 23% think it is about right and only 5% think it is too low. Over 60% of both Labor and Liberal National voters think it is too high.

57% of those aged under 45 think it is too high compared to 71% of those aged 45+.

The next federal election will be decided on immigration. And it may be the very last chance to attempt to take back our country by peaceful means.



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  1. J_sh

    When Abbott bowed to those conned by the staged picture of the Syrian boy drowned when the boat he was on with his father, such as NSW Premier Mike Baird, he did appear to say that those being persecuted on account of their religion, i.e Christians, one of the Dep Secs in the Immigration Dept, Peter Vardos (ethnically Greek) appeared on TV and reminded Abbott that Australia had an immigration policy which did not take religion into account. So the first family to arrive were Muslim.

    • J_sh

      A bit abbreviated in terms of grammar unfortunately: Using the phone is somewhat of a challenge for more than a few words.

  2. Dave

    Well said Adam.

    I was posting comments on that article. Some 5th columnist had a post that actually tried to argue that based off polling, Australians have always been in favour of immigration. I told him ‘Not according to any poll ever taken. Ever. Fake news’.

    Its getting difficult to have comments posted on ‘The Australian’ however. I wrote a comment in a similar vein to your post here, but no joy.

    Too may people are falling for Duttons platitudes. Throw a few token morsels to conservatives, and they think we are ‘finally’ being heard by the political class. Meanwhile, a further 200,000 aliens are waved through, with their relatives waiting with bags packed for their invite. The invasion proceeds as planned. Just a few more years at this rate, and mission accomplished, white Anglo Saxons are a footnote.

    Unless Dutton comes out in favour of mass emigration, then he is on it.

  3. TechieDude

    I wonder how much of immigration is designed to fund the welfare state? In his book “America Alone” One of Mark Steyn’s thesis is that as the birth rate declines, you need more bodies to tax to fund benefits.

    One of the points he brought up, and hence the title of the book, was that America still had a decent enough population growth. But even then when he drilled down, the native white and black population was well below replacement, and although a high hispanic birth rate skewed the numbers, then tended to be christian, which was a plus compared to muslim immigration everywhere else.

    Honestly, I doubt that officialdom is that forward thinking. I think its about feelz. You still have to wonder though why left leaning types are so pro immigration for groups that flat out despise them.

    Back to Mark Steyn – He points out that Muhammed probably isn’t going to be thrilled that such a huge chunk of his pay is taxed for some old mighty-whitey’s pension. Then, there is the issue of critical mass – when there are enough of them to vote laws they favor, many of them sharia.

    Yes, it’s all fun and games until your women have to don a bhurka, because, well, it’s just easier that way and they start chunking homos off rooftops.

  4. TechieDude

    There’s a show I’ve been watching on Netflix called “Can’t pay, they’ll take it away”. It follows high court officials has they repossess properties, mostly.

    In the early seasons, nearly everyone they are tossing out are african or middle eastern immigrants. Sure, later on, for good measure, they show the white single mom, or white dude with too much business debt.

    None of them – not one, understand or respect the rule of law, and property ownership, and how contracts work. This is first world stuff, that was birthed in England centuries ago.

    You let them in, they bring the third world with them.

    Good times…Good times..

    • Dave

      Correct Techie. Steyn loves to point out the ridiculous notion that (paraphrasing) Abdul and Muhammad are going to seamlessly transition into engineers at BMW, while Fritz and Hans have a leisurely retirement at the biergarten thanks to the toil and taxes of these newcomers…

      You cant make Germans out of Italians or Greeks, so how on earth does one suppose Arabs or Africans can fill that void?

      It is ludicrous. Anyone in this day and age that does not understand that immigration – especially 3rd world immigration – is invasion. If they are for it, they are by default cheering on the extinction of their own people.

  5. purge187

    “You still have to wonder though why left leaning types are so pro immigration for groups that flat out despise them.”

    Because they’re ethnomasochists who subscribe to, “If they ain’t White, they’re alright.”

  6. George

    At least you’re not Canada. Their government is now allowing in over 800k a year. This includes “Temporary Foreign Workers” and foreign students. None of whom ever leave once they get a foot in the door. White Canadians are a rare sight in the major cities. Vancouver and its suburbs is essentially a Chinese colony.

    • TechieDude

      “White Canadians are a rare sight in the major cities.”

      I’ve always thought Canada the whitest country ever. Every time I’ve been there the cities reminded me of what an american city would be circa 1960. Clean, orderly, full of polite people.

      I was just up in Montreal a few weeks ago, and wow. just wow. Baltimore without character comes to mind. It was dirty, crowded, and very, very few palefaces. The white males I saw stood out because they were painfully french – Small stature, posture like a question mark. Either that or woeful hipsters. It was like an uglier version of the united colors of benetton.

      May have been the neighborhood, but it was a downtown business area. I don’t think I can think of an equivalent US city, at least in the scale of people that are clearly immigrant.

      • George

        Montreal is slightly less enriched than the 2 largest English-speaking cities. Metro Vancouver is now 39% Caucasian. The whites are moving further and further out to exurbia every year. Toronto is much the same.

  7. RS

    Regarding the suggestion that immigration is predicated on providing working bodies to maintain the welfare state, I’ve been saying that for years. In fact, there was a time when the Left openly admitted it.

    I recall a discussion back in the early eighties with a left-of-center acquaintance who saw immigration as a means of eliminating the evident problems with social security, and because there were certain jobs “Americans won’t do.” When I responded, “So, you want to balance your lifestyle on the backs of brown people,” the conversation ended.

    That’s why the Leftist now scream “RASCISM!!!!!” at those who oppose immigration policy. It camouflages their own desire to enslave immigrants to pick their lettuce and pay their retirement.

  8. Dave

    You seriously have to have a screw loose to think doing this to country will leave you untouched and still in power – these white politicians will eventually fall to the non-whites, How would you honestly believe that you can ultimately rule them when their numbers grow large enough that they can target you too in the end?

    Non-whites are hardly going to trust a group of whites who would send their own race to its doom, no white will escape the eventual outcome. At least I can RIP in the future knowing that those who betrayed me also were not spared the outcome.

  9. Mr Black

    This dates back a lot further. The communists were using the “anti-racism” line long ago to empower dark skins against white nations as a means of stirring up internal dissent. Importing them by the boatload was an extension of that policy. We have cut our own throats long ago by extending the privilege of rights and respect to our enemies (both internal and external) and they have used them against us to take control of our civilisation.

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