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Not only is Jordan Peterson not an alpha male, he’s a member of the left intelligentsia.

On the latest episode of The Greasy Pole podcast I discussed with The Great One the claim that Jordan Peterson is an alpha male as claimed in this article – Jordan Peterson is the alpha male that America needs.

Part political commentator, part psychologist, all alpha male — Peterson recently called the author of a New York Books piece on him a “sanctimonious prick” for mislabeling him a “fascist” — he is a veritable trifecta of intellect, political thought, and commentary on the Right.

This is the only part of the piece, (written by a woman), that even remotely attempts to back up the claim of his supposed alphaness. As I said to The Great One, Peterson is at best a situational alpha. Stand him up in front of a captivated crowd of Millennial university students or point him at some dim-witted prog harpy on a TV show catering for people with an IQ in double digits and he will appear to be the great alpha that he is claimed to be. But an actual alpha male?

Not on your life. He fails with the most important core alpha trait – women. He married a woman that he first met when he was 7 years old and whom he “instantly fell in love with” and whom he then pussy worshipped until she finally married him.

He also consistently gives women a free pass. The burden of responsibility according to Peterson must always fall on men. He constantly tells men to “man up” and to take responsibility and become “good men”. Run a search with his name and those key words and a veritable avalanche of links, videos and interviews will pop up. But replace men with women and do a similar search and all you will find are the same links. Peterson is just about the perfect example of putting the pussy on the pedestal.

A great deal of what Peterson says about men is true, but that does not automatically mean that he himself embodies those traits. Peterson is a clinical psychologist and a professor at a university. His job is to observe and analyze and in that regard he is at the top of his profession, (which itself is rather low hanging fruit). But for some reason people, particularly women, assume that his accurate analysis means that in this one instance he himself must be that which he talks about.

It is interesting that Peterson himself does not attempt to disabuse people of this false notion.

I have been an advocate of Peterson for while and he speaks a great deal of truth. But on reflection I am beginning to reappraise my position on him. Did the alt right embrace him so readily because we thought we had finally found someone who taught in progressive universities who wasn’t a foaming at the mouth liberal? Peterson is most certainly not foaming at the mouth; but is it true that he is not a liberal? The assumption has been that but perhaps he is merely a liberal whom we find palatable.

Peterson seems to be the real deal because we desperately want him to be the real deal.

Another thing that I have noticed in his discussions and speeches, and particularly in the Q&A sessions, is that he constantly skirts around the subject of biological reality. Once again the assumption on our part has been that he doesn’t want to go there because it would make his position untenable within the prog system in which he works. But that is a comfortable and convenient  assumption on our part. Perhaps the truth is that he doesn’t go there because he himself is a believer of the magic dirt theory of race.

Most damning of all is that Peterson does not depend on the university system for financial security anymore. He makes a great deal of money from his Youtube videos and his book was a number 1 best seller. Technically he is antifragile in this regard, and yet he still clings to his university position as a convenient get out of jail free card when the topics of discussion veer towards the more unpalatable.

Peterson has set himself up as a force of moral integrity for Millennial men starved of any role models by a society that has become dominated by the left and turned into a matriarchy. He seems to be a breath of fresh air but in essence his message for young men is to become the exact same good and obedient men that the matriarchy demands. The message is the same, only the messenger seems different.

Recently Peterson wrote a piece titled On the so-called Jewish question. There was a good deal of push-back in the comments, but the real push-back he encountered was from Vox Day – The myth of Jordan Peterson’s integrity.

I do not know Jordan Peterson, but his incorrect and deceitful arguments and his unfair, unjustified attacks on his critics show him to be an inept and integrity-challenged coward who lacks commitment to the truth. The combination of his sudden success with his observable intellectual ineptitude suggests that he has been elevated by the mainstream media in order to provide a harmless, toothless, and non-Christian alternative to the failed conservative movement of William F. Buckley and the failed neoconservative movement of Bill Kristol and Ben Shapiro.

As of this time Peterson has not responded to Day’s demolition of his article. A live debate between the two will most probably not eventuate as Day would be too great a risk and the topics at hand are as we know are verboten for Peterson.

Ultimately I believe that Peterson is an elaborate and very clever deception to prevent young men from inadvertently straying off the progressive reservation by using sophisticated messaging via a platform that seems on the surface to be a genuine alternative to the prog reality. The real proof is in the fact that Peterson himself continues to be successful in the extremely insular and political progressive bastion of university education. Not only that but his fiefdom is clinical psychology, itself one of the most perverted fields in a perverted kingdom. You cannot remain in that environment and consider yourself to be apart from it, let alone pure and untainted.


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  1. Name

    You’re absolutely correct. Petersonians (+Pinker, Hoff Sommers, Gad Saad, etc) are Controlled Oposition, Liberals in disguise.
    You see, they accept the science of many things, but this doesn’t make them good or anything – accepting scientific reality (we’re talking about biological differences here) was supposed to be a given, not a plus – but out of this scientific framework (which they avoid to dig too deep, as everyone noticed), their core beliefs and message are purely Leftist and filled with misdirection.
    What the hell is a Postmodernist? Like, fuck off Peterson, the thing is called Cultural Marxism.
    Also, his videos are all the same, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen all.

  2. Bob's my uncle

    I agree. I’ve had similar though’s since Peterson first popped up on my radar. His most virulent supporters come from the Trump supporting neocon think tank propaganda machine. A paid for journalist from the Milo brand is trying very hard to persuade the alt-right back into the social conservative and geopolitical play ground of neoconservatism. Or the brand of Civic pluralist society, or what most people call civic nationalism.

    I know where one of these neocons writes professionally and also hangs out to test her propaganda ideas, before putting her editorials into action. I’ve a knack for a naturally learned psycholinguistics.

    The virulence increased 10 fold on both propaganda fronts I mentioned above after the last Syria fiasco. Basically our side of the alt-right is still winning digitally, being the neo conservatives are still reactionary, towards our views.

    Some of our adversaries are becoming more sly in there manipulations, I find it humorous to watch and track. Fortunate for us they over estimate their own intelligence, being they have a budgetary and technological advantage.

    To them we are the digital guerrilla warriors, the home grown enemy.

    Back to JP, his main anti-fragility comes from his private practise, where he literally teaches feminazis how to become men psychologically so these feminazis can succeed in the business world of the Mr big man. So yeah he’s a white knight wanting to save white men from the alt-right, in the hope they man up and marry those feminazis he loves so much. He pretty much said as much. The youtube and book sales are just cream on top of the cake for him.

    He’s even bragged how he’s turned many men away from the alt-right, as a begging for leniency move to the interviewee he interacts with on TV.

    Yeah he’s deliberately being promoted by the MSM, as a misdirection operation. Pretty cool to see how our main stream manipulators work in action hey.

  3. post

    There are others to critique. JP along with you, Mark Steyn, Capt Cap, Ace and XYZ inform us and our children.

  4. u.k.(us)

    If his goal is to just give people a little kick in the ass, and say “suck it up, buttercup”, he seems to have hit a home run.
    That can’t be all that bad, can it ?

  5. I wasn’t aware he solidified himself as an exclusive conservative. If some of his outlooks align with the left or right so be it, I don’t buy into this MSM misdirect conspiracy.

    A persisting problem with people expressing their views openly has always been the mentality of “If you don’t think how I think 100% of the time, you’re a conspirator”.

    Often it makes pretty good sense to think like this, but the tradeoff is that it’s near impossible to differentiate those that are your enemies masquerading as allies – and your geniune allies.

    Sometimes the simplest solution is the right solution. Put down your pitchforks.

  6. J_sh

    There is the saying “Those who can do but those who can’t teach” so perhaps JBP fits into that slot. Professors of economics are similar, and the discipline of economics resembles that of psychology in many ways.

    JBP never claims himself to be an alpha male. He speaks of dominance hierarchies but hasn’t claimed any specific spot himself. In one video he discussed his taking issue with a media scribbler who categorised him as being of the far right and when the scribbler responded by asking how he would categorise himself as to his socio-political views JBP used the term ‘classical liberal’. In terms of what he says regarding sex differences he has emphasised his main issue is not that differences are being papered over but that government is mandating gender based pronouns, with sanctions applying to those who do not conform, and this state coercion is his main concern, as it would be for any classical liberal. In another interview he acknowledged his public image was riding a wave at the moment (as if being crowd surfed) but also pointed out he understands that the crowd will almost certainty dump him unceremoniously at some point, as any psychologist who is familiar with Jungian concepts would understand.

    • J_sh

      I should just add that he explained why he would be dumped by the crowd. His explanation was that he, like anyone, make mistakes and one of them will trigger the event. I think the article linked to debunking his conclusion has picked up such a mistake.

      Just on that article it judged his mistake to be deceit. Maybe, but giving him the benefit of the doubt he has many many times talked about the Nazi scapegoating of the Jews to express their emotions and is hyper-vigilant about referring to Jews in terms of playing identity politics, even if there might be something to it. By the same token though he also pussyfoots around the problem which Islam and Sharia should be of concern to him as a classical liberal.

  7. MarkT

    I see that improbable conspiracy theories are not limited to the Left.

  8. Perfect being the enemy of good, apparently.

    I am unenthused so far about TGP podcast because it seems that TGO and AP have a goal to find a flaw in each alternative voice and conclude that therefore they should be shunned and ignored. Stefan Molynieux has zero credibility, Jordan Peterson is a deception, it gets boring. How about losing the attacks and addressing individual arguments, regardless of who makes them?

    As far as some chick I’ve never heard of claiming he’s an alpha male, I’m trying to think why I should care what she says at all. To the extent that I have enjoyed the few JP interviews I’ve heard, it certainly wasn’t because of any opinion of mine on his alphaness or lack thereof.

  9. Joe

    ….he constantly skirts around the subject of biological reality….

    What?? There are hundreds of hours of youtube vids where he talks about this very thing.

    Beyond that, he doesn’t refer to himself as alpha…and we all know about guys who talk about what ‘being alpha’ really is.

  10. earl

    ‘Peterson is most certainly not foaming at the mouth; but is it true that he is not a liberal?’

    Oh he’s a liberal…but he’s a liberal that is actually fighting against the fascism the leftists are forcing down everyone’s throat.

    In today’s mixed up world Stalin would probably be considered a conservative.

    • Adam

      Peterson is in opposition to the fascist left because they went too far, not that he disagrees with them. In that sense he is a moderate leftist, the opposite of the Buckley conservatives if you will, hoping against hope that the genie can be put back into the bottle and that we can all go back to the days when leftists believed in free speech and stuff like that.

  11. Peter Whale

    I do not agree with all that JP says but I like the way he says it. That he admits he will get things wrong is quite refreshing as I have never heard that in any other liberal. Our main problem is our individual mindset whereby our concepts and ideas restrict our ability to rationalise in an expansive way. Until a new concept is allowed to enter into our thinking,we are trapped. JP has given us all a breakthrough in engaging new ideas about ourselves.How bad is that?

  12. Gabriel M

    Peterson criticizes men more than women because he is not trying to change the system (at most he is trying to stall further leftward change) he is trying to show people how they can live meaningful and virtuous lives within the system. Since most of his audience are men, most of his advice is directed at men and since people who already have their life in order don’t need his advice, most of his advice takes the form of criticism.

    The fact is that, as bad as liberalism is, it’s possible to lead a good life within it and, not only that, but you will benefit from doing so. Now, you might take a Leninist view that giving people coping skills is bad because it prolongs the system, but that’s rather a cruel view, and probably a stupid one since there doesn’t seem any real prospect of the alt-right gaining any power in any case and, if they did, they would probably just spend most of their time in whoismorealpha holiness spirals and endlessly discussing Jews like they do now. (Vox Day’s ‘demolition’ is idiotic btw)

  13. Constantin

    He responded to this article on Twitter in a manner very typical to a Leftist.

    “Hurr misogynistic right-wing antisemite!”

    Funny, not only did he not disprove anything stated here, he actually ended up proving your point. Massive slip-off from his part.

    If cracks like this continue to appear I don’t believe Peterson will remain relevant past 2018. The Left will just throw him under the bus once they have perceived that he is no longer useful. I enjoyed some of his speeches but this is already the Fourth time I see him act in a suspicious way and not backtrack on what he said. And the people apologizing for him are equally to blame.

    (And by the way, Peterson, “Heavens to Murgatroyd!” was the catchphrase of the cartoon character Snagglepus, not Bugs Bunny. I get that as a busy proffessor you can’t remember everything with 100% accuracy, but maybe you should consider twice before trying to type something clever. Talk about embarrassing yourself twice in the same tweet).

  14. B.

    Day didn’t ‘demolish’ the article.

    He used a bit of rhetorical tricks to call it into question, but he has no answer to the points raised by people like Greg Cochran or La Griffe Du Lion. Indeed he won’ ever debate Greg Cochran on Evolution or anything like that because Cochran would eat him for breakfast and spit out teeth.

    Assuming he’d be willing to debate a person who denies evolution, something that is plainly happening all around us. He should, it’d be entertaining for ‘humiliation match’ levels of entertaining.

    Anyways, here’s the La Griffe’s article. (He’s thought to be some anonymous scientist or engineer)

    Jewish achievment in chess, where you can’t fake it, in an anti-semitic country, mirror what could be expected on the basis of their IQ estimates.

    Day is out of his depth. Like Peterson, he flounders when he’s not on his territory – which I believe includes editing books, driving SJWs to tears and masculinity advice.

    (I’m the same person as Y. on Vox Day’s blog).

    I like those single-letter nicknames for privacy purposes.

    • Adam

      How very brave of you.

      • B.

        Bravery’s got nothing to do with it; I simply hate being easily trackable through searching for nicknames.

        Vox Day has now trotted out an expert witness who probably knows what he’s saying.

        Still though, no one has an explanation for the achievements where they can’t be faked.

        It’s a thorny problem.

  15. Robert Browning

    Fascism is feared by Jews. Fascism is nothing more than the non-Jew uniting and defending itself against Jew predation. Jews criticize this uniting in ones own best interests as something bad, but Jews have always been united in their attacks on the non-Jew and their attacks on non-Jews nations and societies. Jew conduct is the cause of fascism and Jews are the first, last and only ones to complain about fascism, sick?Jews need to stop preying on, and stop seeking to destroy white Christian civilization and there will be no fascism, Jews were given their own country to put an end to fascism. What are they doing here? What are they doing in our lands making trouble for us? Were do these people get the nerve to impose themselves on us?

  16. Bob's my uncle

    Improbable conspiracy theories hmm. I prefer the old definition of conspiracy. Two friends can be conspirators, a group of people, an organisation say a corporation or even a political party.

    Some examples of conspiracy and conspirators. You be the judge.

    10 years ago, according to the governments of the willing, depleted Uranium causing ill health for soldiers, combatants and civilians was a conspiracy theory, as the corporation supplying such munitions had payed for scientific evidence that it was not the case. Now the American VA as of last year accepts the fact depleted Uranium causes disease. This is yet to be the case for Australia’s DVA…

    10 years ago a few veterans from East Timor formed the orange army, to bring to the public’s attention the use of Mefloquine and tafenoquine. Our own soldiers were derided as conspiracy theorists from our own government and media experts. These drugs were used on our own soldiers as medical trials, I personally know men who were ordered to take these drugs or be sent home. 2 years ago after someone in the know whispered into a certain Captain’s ear, he went to the Australian media to remedy the situation. After many suicides, cancers, deaths and war(peace enforcement) widows with children told to go get stuffed by our own government and bureaucratic smarty pants, who only care about the bottom dollar, there job security and promotions, that situation changed. It only changed because three men decided to conspire to change it. That first whisper to a Vietnam veteran advocate who actually cared to listen was my proudest moment. Wonder why the RSL’s are dying? I told my old pals there first, I was derided as a conspiratorial nut.

    Mr Murdoch’s media corporation has it’s own intelligence wing, Goldman Sachs has it’s own intelligence wing. Here’s another little secret, Australia’s main political parties also have there own private intelligence wings. It’s actually a necessity in this world, otherwise you’re dead in the water before arrival. Do you think the Republicans and Democrats have there own intelligence wings?

    So Mr Peterson has built up a reputation, and now Kayne West is being promoted as watching Mr Peterson… It’s politics people, the Republican party has lost the far right white votes, which was the swing vote in the 2016 presidential election, that got Trump elected, literally just pushed across the line. Now the republicans are scrambling to make up for it in the mid terms. African American men are the target voter population to swing the mid terms so Trump doesn’t become a lame Duck president. Simple. It fits with the colour blind populists Civic Nationalists agenda to a tee, and keeps those mass immigration taps flowing. Plus the fact the never Trump media machine is now being dissembled and pro Trump civic cucks are going to be hired. What a coincidence.

    IMO I think it will fail as a strategy, the Republicans will get a slap from race realism, the talented 10th of African American men will not be enough, as far to many of them prefer vengeance against white men and race loyalty. That’s their in-built perception anyway. I doubt very much this ploy will change decades of propaganda.

    I guess civic cucks won’t stop dreaming this dream till their life situation turns into South Africa.

    Trump will be remembered as a cuck. Economically he’s capitulated to the bankers, the deregulation of the Clinton era is back under a different name. This bubble will inflate more rapidly and then explode, bringing with it the great downfall. You know cause all that diversity need those dodgy home loans… or really the banks are just a bunch of greedy irresponsible mother f***ers.

    Conspiracy right… Or just fitting the patterns together…

  17. Fokker TISM

    Looks like Jordan’s noticed this article and gotten salty:

  18. Dave

    Judging by the flak being sent up by Peterson, it looks like you are directly over the target Adam. Those truth bombs must have stung.

    You have done a good service in drawing his true thoughts out clear as day Adam. Many people are now all the wiser for this. Good man.

  19. That Guy, Yeah, That Guy

    “Jordan Peterson is the alpha male that America needs.”

    America needs another Canadian import?

    Is Jordan Peterson the works-for-cheaper version of some American pundit who’s being put out of a job?

    No wonder the Washington Pozzed Press loves the man, he’s their outsourcing wet dream come true, he’s the Canadian margarine to America’s butter, he’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not American Man.

    Never liked the guy — he sounds like a slightly more conservative version of what you’ll find plenty of on CBC.

    • B.

      You don’t get it, because you can’t get it.

      Peterson, the utter total madman, has went out and written what is basically apologetics for christianity on the basis of evolutionary psychology and biology.

      You probably don’t have a passing knowledge of either psychology or biology, but in the case you have you watch his Maps of Meaning series.

      For example, here is he talking about sex selection:

  20. Moritz Kraemer

    On the one hand, any “right-winger” that isn’t immediately attacked and subsequently disappeared by the media (see Milo, Vox etc.) should be regarded with suspicion. There’s a reason Benny Shapiro appears on CNN: they don’t fear him one bit. One the other hand, JBP is a pure academic, not an activist of any kind, and anyone who thinks otherwise is partly to blame for their disappointment. However, JBP will ride the wave as long as it pays. As he said on Rogan: “I’ve found a way to monetize social justice”.

  21. Thank you for writing this. I 100% agree.

    Peterson is an intellectual. And he just happens to be a little smarter and more controversial than the others. Big fucking deal!

    Milo Yiannapolis was for real, IMO, and look what happened to him. He was savaged by almost everyone. As you point out, Peterson is doing quite well.

  22. Miguel

    Sorry, but we need this man, now more than ever. He’s giving many young men consciousness. Yeah, he’s “purple pill” but this makes it all but impossible for the mainstream media to demonize, ostracize and isolate him. Make no mistake, the Left HATES this man.

    Sure, JP doesn’t hold women accountable to the level that they should be. But he’s the only one on BBC or Intelligence Squared who has the temerity to talk about an “out of control woman” and the preponderance of physical domestic violence initiated by women. That is considered crime think and out of bounds in the mainstream press for anyone but JP. JP’s pedigree and superior intellectual argumentation makes it seem more acceptable. Sad but true. This is the reality we live in.

    Consider JP an appetizer, a gateway to the red pill journey. Most folks don’t dive into the deep end with Rollo Tomassi ‘s “Rational Male”‘ right away, they start with David Deida’s “Way of the Superior Man”. And that’s OK, it’s the beginning of an intellectual and life changing journey.

    I for one will take what we can get with JP. We should also do our own part, in our personal lives.
    On my end, I’m volunteering with Junior Achievement to get into our local schools to help the boys out in our relentlessly feminized school system.

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