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A great podcast from The Cynical Libertarian where he explains his hate boner for dope smokers and cannabis feminists.

This quote I particularly liked:

Dope is like the smart phone. It’s a tool used by inferior people to protect themselves from being alone with the person they hate most.

Not Trump. The person they hate most is themselves.

I had exactly this conversation with someone on the weekend, but he refused to believe me. He even got a little bit upset. When someone gets upset you can be very sure that your hammer has hit the nail.


Not only is Jordan Peterson not an alpha male, he's a member of the left intelligentsia.


The exposure of the real Jordan Peterson.


  1. earl

    ‘When someone gets upset you can be very sure that your hammer has hit the nail.’

    Tattoos are another easy one.

  2. Damn you Adam. The link is broken. Of course no one noticed this because none of your millions of readers care about my hate boner.

    I’m gonna light up and blunt a cry myself to sleep.

    For those who do care about my hate boner you can hear it here:

  3. PB

    Are tattoos not the epitome of the physiological screen-saver (with password protection enabled to get to the data just behind?)

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