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Month: April 2018

Life is a race, life is a game, life is a fight.

Reader Dan asked for my opinion on an article about boys by Australian author and chronic leftie Tim Winton. It’s in The Guardian which should already tell you everything you need to know, (don’t you just love their routine begging ploy at the end of every article? ‘Please kind sir, could you please spare a shekel for us poor communists who don’t believe in capitalism?’ No – fuck off and be poor and miserable, you useless dweebs.)

But I digress.

Winton trots out all of the usual progressive vocabulary, just so we all know that he’s a very good prog-tard who would never dare overstep the mark, bow my head, I’m a white guy, I’m on the bottom of the leftie totem pole, scrape scrape, bow bow, you know the drill.

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Podcast #80 – The survivor episode.

Are you a survivor or are you coasting in life on the back of other people’s largesse? Are you making the right choices and pulling your own weight? What do you do if your partner isn’t keeping her side of the bargain?
Also, unconditional love is the ultimate beta male behavior.

Link mentioned: Reader email from Chateau Heartiste, (email #5).

Death of a riverguide.

An old rafting colleague died on the weekend. He was taken ill quite suddenly a few days previously and was placed on life support which was finally removed. 30 years of epic drinking, smoking, taking drugs and chasing chicks finally took its toll. As the old song goes, it’s better to burn out than to fade away.

We worked together in Cairns back in the 90s and then he disappeared overseas. Imagine my surprise when I arrived for the first time in the Italian mountain valley that was to become my home only to discover Maz waiting there in the guide’s apartment. As always he was rolling a joint.

He grinned when he saw me and we immediately went out to one of the small local bars for a long session of cold ones. He had just come straight from a season in Peru. I asked him how he had found South America.

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Blog update – NSFW.

It’s been a very busy week for me. So busy that for the first time since I started the Friday hawt chicks & links I wasn’t able to get it published. The reason that I didn’t get to it was not because I didn’t have time to write it, but that I didn’t have time during the week to find interesting tidbits for you.

In the first month of my new job I managed to keep up my old output, but I now realise that that is just not realistic. So I’m going to reassess how to keep up the output without running down the blog, into which I have put so much effort these last couple of years.

The podcast will stay. The Friday hawt chicks & links will stay, I just have to be more organised. It’s the articles that are proving tricky. I am going to commit to one major article a week, and I will most probably make Monday the day that I get it out.

Other than that if I see something that interests me I will put it up with my own brief thoughts on the subject manner. Something to at least generate some discussion.

I am really enjoying working again. But I am older and I just need to make sure that I get a new routine sorted out. So in the short term blogging will be light, but in the longer term I hope to return to something close to my previous output.

To make up for missing this week’s hawt chicks & links I have a couple of hawt chicks for you below the fold. I wouldn’t open it at your workplace or in front of your mum, however. (In other words, NSFW.)

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Podcast #79 – The magical days episode.

The one where I talk about magical days when events happen spontaneously and you all end up face down in the gutter.
Also, there is no such thing as hangover cures, some real life Thelma and Lousies, and a Beloved festival.

Links mentioned in the cast:

Mystery after lesbian couple’s apparent suicidal plunge off Californian cliff.

Beloved Festival.


Poland for the Poles.

The good wife has been in a home renovation mood for some time now, eagerly devouring magazines and television shows on the subject. For the most part I find the programs completely banal, even ludicrous. But there is one show that I rate and that is Fixer Upper, a little show with a big heart. Chip and Joanna Gaines are a God-faring married couple from Waco, Texas. They have five beautiful children and another on the way, and they renovate homes for their clients. As renovators they seem more than passable, but it is their devotion to family and moral values that really sets them apart.

But one revealing aspect of the show are the house prices in that part of the world; they’re dirt cheap, with large properties with lots of land going for under 300K.

Which might not be so good for Texans in the long run. Californians who have destroyed their own state are now fleeing in large numbers and most of them have Texas firmly in their sights.

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He has risen.

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