Moving house.

Posting will be light this week due to moving house and doing lots of renovation works which I am in the hatreds of. I shall try for the podcast and the hawt chicks but anything else will be just gravy.

America’s racial power imbalance.

My article on the nigger, (nigga?) word has proved prescient, specifically this part:

Furthermore, black people are supposedly allowed to freely utilise the word to their hearts’ content. Even worse, the people with the black skin are the ones telling the people with the white skin that they’re not allowed to use the word because of their white skin color while the ones with the black skin color freely use the word. Not just freely; they rub it in our faces.

Barely a week later and a black rapper purposely humiliated a white fan at one of his concerts in the following manner:

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The delusional conservative media.

The conservative media are an integral part of the media complex, the same media complex that has morphed into an unexpected mutant bastard child as The Z Man explains.

Then there is the overlap between the academy, government and the media. When Obama took office, over 100 media members quit and went to work for the new administration. As the managerial state has grown and matured, it has absorbed the mass media with it. Look at the major chat shows and you often see people who have been in government, media and the academy.

With Trump slowly steamrolling through the American seaboard swamp, the conservative media who sold their collective souls to be a part of the managerial state are beginning to get nervous. How else to explain lunatic articles such as the following?

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Why doesn’t your husband want to have sex with you?

The modern psychoanalysis industry can no longer count on regular Woody Allen movies to bolster its profits and productivity.  Lying on a couch and wallowing in your personal problems to an industry professional who are most likely themselves on some hideous regime of anti-depressants isn’t as popular as it once was. In order to boost its flagging fortunes the industry increasingly relies on pretend studies that are then dutifully circulated by a compliant media and sold as real news.

It is useful to be able to dissect their propaganda efforts and reveal them for the ridiculous deceits that they actually are. Such an article appeared on my feed recently. The title is clickbait worthy of the name: Why doesn’t your husband want to have sex?

If the article was making an effort to be in any way factual the proper title for such a piece would be along the lines of, “Why doesn’t your husband want to have sex with you?”

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